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Recent Acquisitions in BioScience and Natural Resource Library

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Adapting to climate change : issues for South Asia / Fahmida Khatun, Samina Hossain. --
  2. Agrarian dreams : the paradox of organic farming in California / Julie Guthman. --
  3. Alaska's timber harvest and forest products industry, 2005 / Jeff M. Halbrook ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  4. Algae of India / Pratibha Gupta. -- 2012.
  5. Angelo Mosso's Circulation of blood in the human brain / edited, with commentary, by Marcus E. Raichle, Gordon M. Shepherd translation by Christiane Nockels Fabbri. --
  6. An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Santa Cruz County, California / Dylan Neubauer Artwork by Tim Hyland Maps by Ben Pease. --
  7. Aphyllophorales of Himalaya : Auriscalpiaceae-Tremellodendropsis / J.R. Sharma. --
  8. Approaches to forest management : a comparative study of JFM and self-initiated forest management / S. Nagabhushana Rao, P.K. Das. -- 2011.
  9. Area changes in U.S. forests and other major land uses, 1982 to 2002, with projections to 2062 / Ralph J. Alig ... [et al.]. -- [2010]
  10. The Asian Elephant : (Elephas Maximus) of Nagaland : landscape & human-elephant conflict management. --
  11. Aspen biology, community classification, and management in the Blue Mountains / David K. Swanson ... [et al.]. -- [2010]
  12. Assessment of soil disturbance in forests of the interior Columbia River Basin : a critique / Richard E. Miller ... [et al.]. -- [2010]
  13. At home on the range : a cookbook / presented by Elizabeth Gilbert, by her great-grandmother Margaret Yardley Potter. -- c2012.
  14. Bacterial pathogenesis : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine / edited by Pascale Cossart, Pasteur Institute, Stanley Maloy, San Diego State University. --
  15. Benjamin Research Natural Area : guidebook supplement 36 / Reid Schuller and Ron Halvorson. -- [2009]
  16. Biofuels in South Asia : food security challenges and beyond / Kaushik Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Kasturi Das. --
  17. Biographical memoir of Robert Parr Whitfield / by L.P. Gratacap with a bibliography by L. Hussakof. -- [1911]
  18. Biomolecular feedback systems / Domitilla Del Vecchio, Richard M. Murray. --
  19. The book of bamboo / David Farrelly. -- ©1984.
  20. Burning Table Mountain : an environmental history of fire on the Cape Peninsula / Simon Pooley. --
  21. California foraging : 120 wild and flavorful edibles from evergreen huckleberries to wild ginger / Judith Larner Lowry. --
  22. Can cover data be used as a surrogate for seedling counts in regeneration stocking evaluations in northern hardwood forests? / Todd E. Ristau, Susan L. Stout. -- [2014]
  23. Canopy structure on forest lands in western Oregon : differences among forest types and stand ages / Anne C.S. McIntosh, Andrew N. Gray, and Steven L. Garman. -- [2009]
  24. A catalogue of Amphibia in the collection of the Western Ghat Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of India, Calicut, Kerala / C. Radhakrishnan and K.P. Dinesh edited by the director, Zoological Survey of India. --
  25. Catalogue of type specimens (Aves) in the national zoological collection of the Zoological Survey of India / R. Sakthivel, B.B. Dutta & K. Venkataraman. -- 2011.
  26. A century of West Himalayan orchids / H.J. Chowdhery & D.K. Agrawala. --
  27. The choice : evolution or extinction? : a thinking person's guide to global issues / Ervin Laszlo. -- ©1994.
  28. Communication for rural development : sourcebook / prepared by Mario Acunzo, Marzia Pafumi, Cleofe Torres and Maria Stella Tirol in collaboration with College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños. --
  29. The control of nature / John McPhee. -- 1989.
  30. Controversies in science & technology. Volume 4, From sustainability to surveillance / edited by Daniel Lee Kleinman, Karen A. Cloud-Hansen, and Jo Handelsman. --
  31. Cooperative Alaska forest inventory / Thomas Malone, Jingjing Liang, Edmond C. Packee. -- [2009]
  32. Cordwood energy systems for community heating in Alaska : an overview / David Nicholls and Tom Miles. -- [2009]
  33. Daroji : an ecological destination / Samad Kottur, Vijay Mohan Raj, Ganesh H. Shankar. -- 2012.
  34. Data survey and sampling procedures to quantify recreation use of national forests in Alaska / Ginny Fay, Steve Colt, and Eric M. White. -- [2010]
  35. Development of lichen response indexes using a regional gradient modeling approach for large-scale monitoring of forests / Susan Will-Wolf and Peter Neitlich. -- [2010]
  36. Dictionary of commemorative plant generic names / Sudhir Chandra. -- 1992-<2014 >
  37. Ecological foundations for fire management in North American forest and shrubland ecosystems / J.E. Keeley ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  38. The ecology of tropical East Asia / Richard T. Corlett, Director of the Center for Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. --
  39. Edge-glued panels from Alaska hardwoods : retail manager perspectives / David Nicholls, Matthew Bumgardner, and Valerie Barber. -- [2010]
  40. The edge of the sea / by Rachel Carson with illustrations by Bob Hines. -- 1955.
  41. The emergent agriculture : farming, sustainability and the return of the local economy / Gary S. Kleppel foreword by John Ikerd. --
  42. Engaging western landowners in climate change mitigation : a guide to carbon-oriented forest and range management and carbon market opportunities / David D. Diaz, Susan Charnley, and Hannah Gosnell. -- [2009]
  43. Epiphyllous liverworts of Eastern Himalaya / Monalisa Dey & D.K. Singh. --
  44. Estimating volume, biomass, and potential emissions of hand-piled fuels / Clinton S. Wright, Cameron S. Balog, and Jeffrey W. Kelly. -- [2010]
  45. L'évolution du règne végétal: les cryptogames, par G. de Saporta [et] A.-F. Marion. -- 1881.
  46. Exploring National Environmental Policy Act processes across federal land management agencies / Marc J. Stern and Michael J. Mortimer. -- 2009.
  47. Fauna of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve : (Karnataka, India) / Edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata. --
  48. Fauna of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve (Meghalaya) / edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata. --
  49. Fifteenth census of the United States. Census of agriculture. The farm horse. -- 1933.
  50. Fifty foods that changed the course of history / written by Bill Price. --
  51. Flora of Gangotri National Park, Western Himalaya, India / P.K. Pusalkar & D.K. Singh. -- 2012.
  52. Flora of Peninsular Malaysia. Series 2, Seed plants / edited by R. Kiew ... [et al.]. -- 2010-<2013>
  53. Flora of the Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve (India) / Himadri Sekhar Debnath, Goutam Brahma, Soumen Gantait. --
  54. Food & material culture : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2013 / edited by Mark McWilliams. --
  55. Food on the rails : the golden era of railroad dining / Jeri Quinzio. --
  56. Forest Creeks Research Natural Area : guidebook supplement 39 / Reid Schuller and Ron Halvorson. -- [2010]
  57. Forest growth and timber quality : crown models and simulation methods for sustainable forest management : proceedings of an international conference : Portland, OR, USA, August 7-10, 2007 / Dennis P. Dykstra and Robert A. Monserud, technical editors sponsored by USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station [and] International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). -- [2009]
  58. Forest land conversion, ecosystem services, and economic issues for policy : a review / Robert A. Smail and David J. Lewis. -- [2009]
  59. French women don't get fat / Mireille Guiliano. -- 2007.
  60. Fresh fruit, broken bodies : migrant farmworkers in the United States / Seth M. Holmes, PhD, MD with a foreword by Philippe Bourgois. --
  61. Fuelwood characteristics of northwestern conifers and hardwoods (updated) / Pamela L. Wilson, James W. Funck, and Robert B. Avery updated, reformatted, and edited by Daniel J. Parrent ... [et al.]. -- [2010]
  62. Fynbos : ecology, evolution, and conservation of a megadiverse region / edited by Nicky Allsopp, Jonathan F. Colville, G. Anthony Verboom. --
  63. Ghost stories for Darwin : the science of variation and the politics of diversity / Banu Subramaniam. --
  64. Handbook of animal husbandry. --
  65. Hedgehog / Hugh Warwick. --
  66. A history of life in 100 fossils / Paul D. Taylor & Aaron O'Dea. --
  67. House log drying rates in southeast Alaska for covered and uncovered softwood logs / David Nicholls and Allen Brackley. -- [2009]
  68. Human variation : a genetic perspective on diversity, race, and medicine / edited by Aravinda Chakravarti, John Hopkins University School of Medicine. --
  69. Interagency strategy for the Pacific Northwest Natural Areas Network / Todd M. Wilson ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  70. Lab math : a handbook of measurements, calculations, and other quantitative skills for use at the bench / Dany Spencer Adams, the Tufts Center for Regenerative, and Developmental Biology, and Department of Biology, Tufts University. --
  71. Large-scale forest restoration / David Lamb. --
  72. Livelihood augmentation in rainfed areas : a strategy handbook for the practitioner / Astad Pastakia & Sachin Oza. -- 2011.
  73. Living between juniper and palm : nature, culture, and power in the Himalayas / Ben Campbell. --
  74. Making integrated food-energy systems work for people and climate : an overview / Anne Bogdanski, Olivier Dubois, Craig Jamieson, and Rainer Krell. --
  75. Medicinal and aromatic flora of Nagaland / Sapu Changkija, Ajungla L., Rongsensashi, Renchumi Mozhui. --
  76. Microbicides for prevention of HIV infection / Jeremy Nuttall. -- [2014]
  77. Migration : the biology of life on the move / Hugh Dingle, Professor Emeritus of Entomology, University of California at Davis, USA. --
  78. Muskrat farming / [James Louis Edwards] -- 1939.
  79. MYC and the pathway to cancer : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine / edited by Chi V. Dang, Robert N. Eisenman. --
  80. Navigating metabolism / Navdeep S Chandel Illustrations by Peter Jeffs. --
  81. Non timber forest products : conservation, utilization and management / editors, K.R. Dhiman, R. Bawa, K.K. Raina, N.P. Dohroo. --
  82. Orchid flora of the Greater Antilles / taxon coordinator and author James D. Ackerman collaborators Paul M. Brown, Marta A. Díaz, Ed Greenwood, Eric Hágsater, Carlyle A. Luer, Ernesto Mújica Benítez, Mark Nir, Gustavo Romero-González, Victoria Sosa principal illustrator Bobbi Angell. --
  83. Organic chemical toxicology of fishes / edited by Keith B. Tierney (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), Anthony P. Farrell (Department of Zoology, and Faculty of Land and Food Systems, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Colin J. Brauner (Department of Zoology, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). --
  84. Organic livestock farming / Mahesh Chander and B. Subrahmanyeswari. --
  85. Outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska : trends in activity participation / Troy E. Hall, Heather Heaton, and Linda E. Kruger. -- [2009]
  86. Paleobotany and biogeography : a festschrift for Alan Graham in his 80th year / W.D. Stevens, Olga Martha Montiel, and Peter H. Raven (editors). --
  87. Papyrus : the plant that changed the world, from ancient Egypt to today's water wars / John Gaudet. --
  88. Penguins : the ultimate guide / Tui De Roy, Mark Jones, Julie Cornthwaite. --
  89. Phylogeography of California : an introduction / Kristina A. Schierenbeck. --
  90. Plant patterning [electronic resource] : structural and molecular genetic aspects / Esra Galun. -- c2007.
  91. Plant virology / edited by Roger Hull. --
  92. Planting native oak in the Pacific Northwest / Warren D. Devine and Constance A. Harrington. -- [2010]
  93. Precision agriculture for sustainable food production / editors, Y.C. Bhatt, Ghanshyam Tiwari, N.S. Rathore, Deepak Sharma. -- 2013.
  94. The price of thirst : global water inequality and the coming chaos / Karen Piper. --
  95. Private forests, public benefits : increased housing density and other pressures on private forest contributions / Susan M. Stein ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  96. Proceedings of the IIIrd International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions : "Postharvest Technological Initiatives to Improve Food Security and Market Access" : Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, July 1-5, 2013 / Convener: M. Mohammed [editors: M. Mohammed, J.A. Francis]. --
  97. Proceedings of the XIIth Silviculture Conference : 1-3 February 2006 / edited by S.S. Negi [and three others]. --
  98. Proceedings of the Xth international symposium on grapevine breeding and genetics : Geneva, New York, USA, August 1-5, 2010 / convener B. Reisch editors B. Reisch, J. Londo. -- July 2014.
  99. Re think : a new paradigm for Malaysian timber / authors, Lee Chor Wah, Suria Zainal. --
  100. A regional management-study template for learning about postwildfire management / B.T. Bormann ... [et al.]. -- [2008]
  101. Requiem for the Santa Cruz : an environmental history of an Arizona river / Robert H. Webb, Julio L. Betancourt, R. Roy Johnson, and Raymond M. Turner foreword by Bernard L. Fontana. --
  102. Rice : a global history / Renee Marton. --
  103. Sampling and estimation procedures for the vegetation diversity and structure indicator / Bethany K. Schulz, William A. Bechtold, and Stanley J. Zarnoch. -- [2009]
  104. A sensitivity analysis of "Forests on the edge, housing development on America's private forests" / Eric M. White ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  105. Sheep production / S.K. Kaushish. --
  106. SnagPRO : snag and tree sampling and analysis methods for wildlife / Lisa J. Bate... [et al.]. -- [2008]
  107. A survey of sport fish use on the Copper River Delta, Alaska / Dirk W. Lang. -- [2010]
  108. Synthesis of knowledge of hazardous fuels management in loblolly pine forests / Douglas J. Marshall ... [et al.]. -- [2008]
  109. Transcriptional control of lineage differentiation in immune cells / Wilfried Ellmeier, Ichiro Taniuchi, editors. --
  110. Transnational climate change governance / Harriet Bulkeley, Durham University Liliana Andonova, The Graduate University, Geneva Michele M. Betsill, Colorado State University Daniel Compagnon, Sciences Po Bordeaux Thomas Hale, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University Matthew J. Hoffmann , University of Toronto Peter Newell, University of Sussex Matthew Paterson, University of Ottawa Charles Roger, Liu Institute at University of British Columbia Stacy D. VanDeveer, University of New Hampshire. --
  111. Tribals and community forest management / Madhusudan Bandi. --
  112. Trichotaxonomy of species of the families sciuridae, viverridae, mustelidae, herpestidae and tragulidae / Archana Bahuguna edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India. --
  113. The U.S. glulam beam and lamstock market and implications for Alaska lumber / Joseph A. Roos, Allen M. Brackley, and Daisuke Sasatani. -- [2009]
  114. Values, beliefs, and attitudes technical guide for Forest Service land and resource management, planning, and decisionmaking / Stewart D. Allen ... [et al.]. -- [2009]
  115. Vertebrate palaeontology / Michael J. Benton, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK chapter opening illustrations drawn by John Sibbick. --
  116. Washington's forest resources, 2002-2006 : five-year Forest Inventory and Analysis report / [technical editors, Sally Campbell, Karen Waddell, and Andrew Gray contributing authors, Dave Azuma ... et al.]. -- [2010]
  117. Water, climate change, and forests : watershed stewardship for a changing climate / [Michael J. Furniss ... et al.]. -- [2010]
  118. The Western Bark Beetle Research Group : a unique collaboration with forest health protection : proceedings of a symposium at the 2007 Society of American Foresters Conference, October 23-28, 2007, Portland, Oregon / J.L. Hayes and J.E. Lundquist, compilers. -- [2009]
  119. The wild cat book / Fiona Sunquist and Mel Sunquist with photos by Terry Whittaker and others. --
  120. Wood energy in Alaska : case study evaluations of selected facilities / David Nicholls. -- [2009]
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