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Recent Acquisitions in BioScience and Natural Resource Library

Last update: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 03:21:45 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 10th North American Paleontological Convention, Florida Museum of Natural History : abstract book. --
  2. Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription / Vivian H. Heyward, PhD, University of New Mexico, Ann L. Gibson, PhD, University of New Mexico. --
  3. American catch : the fight for our local seafood / Paul Greenberg. --
  4. The amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes / Nicholas P. Money. --
  5. The analysis of biological data / Michael C. Whitlock and Dolph Schluter. --
  6. Animal behavior : how and why animals do the things they do / Ken Yasukawa , editor. --
  7. Applied RNAi : from fundamental research to therapeutic applications / edited by Patrick Arbuthnot and Marc S. Weinberg. -- 2014.
  8. Art forms in nature : the prints of Ernst Haeckel. -- c1998.
  9. Atlas of human anatomy / Frank H. Netter. --
  10. Australian freshwater ecology : processes and management / Andrew J. Boulton [and five others]. --
  11. Barley : chemistry and technology / edited by Peter R. Shewry, Steven E. Ullrich. -- c2014.
  12. Bat evolution, ecology, and conservation / Rick A. Adams, Scott C. Pedersen, editors. --
  13. Bears in the backyard : big animals, sprawling suburbs, and the new urban jungle / Edward R. Ricciuti. --
  14. Biodiversity conservation : an antidote to climate change : a study / C.H. Basappanavar. -- 2010.
  15. Biodiversity of yeast species isolated from soil and fallen leaves in Israel / Dmytro M. Gotman, Solomon P. Wasser and Eviatar Nevo edited by Paul A. Volz. -- 2014.
  16. Biology / Kenneth A. Mason, University of Iowa, Jonathan B. Losos, Harvard University, Susan R. Singer, Carleton College based on the work of Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden George Engelmann Professor of Botany Emeritus, Washington University, George B. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Washington University. --
  17. The broken promise of agricultural progress : an environmental history / Cameron Muir. --
  18. The Burma cookbook : recipes from the land of a million pagodas : from Rangoon Burma to Yangon Myanmar / Robert Carmack & Morrison Polkinghorne. --
  19. Calculus for the life sciences / Sebastian J. Schreiber, University of California, Davis, Karl J. Smith, Professor Emeritus, Santa Rosa Junior College, Wayne M. Getz, University of California, Berkeley. --
  20. Cardiovascular issues in endocrinology / volume editors, Riccarda Granata, Jørgen Isgaard. --
  21. The Coral Triangle : the 2011 Hearst Philippine Biodiversity Expedition / arranged and edited by Gary C. Williams and Terrence M. Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences. --
  22. The cultivation and propagation of British ferns / by James W. Dyce. --
  23. Determining the economic value of water : concepts and methods / Robert A. Young and John B. Loomis. --
  24. Donnye bespozvonochnye v ot︠s︡enke kachestva poverkhnostnykh vod : (na primere klassa Oligochaeta) = Bottom invertebrates (on the example of Oligochaeta class) in the evaluation of jurface water quality / M.A. Baturina. --
  25. Ecology / Michael L. Cain (Bowdoin College), William D. Bowman (University of Colorado), Sally D. Hacker (Oregon State University). --
  26. Ending hunger challenge badge / developed in collaboration with FAO ... [et al.]. -- 2013.
  27. English Wealden fossils / edited by David J. Batten. -- 2011.
  28. Environmental assessment : proposed Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge, Colusa, Glenn, Butte, and Tehama Counties, California / prepared by Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 1, Portland, Oregon author : Cathy T. Osugi. -- 1989.
  29. Environmental markets : a property rights approach / Terry L. Anderson, Property and Environment Research Center, Gary D. Libecap, University of California, Santa Barbara. --
  30. Essentials of conservation biology / Richard B. Primack. --
  31. Evolution : from copying errors to evolvability / Derek Hough. -- 2007.
  32. The evolution of plants / K.J. Willis, Biodiversity Institute, University of Oxford, J.C. McElwain, School of Biology & Environmental Science, University College Dublin. --
  33. L'Existence délivrée de l'existentialisme [par] P. Wintrebert. -- 1965.
  34. Experimental approaches to understanding fossil organisms : lessons from the living / Daniel I. Hembree, Brian F. Platt, Jon J. Smith, editors. --
  35. Exploring bioinformatics : a project-based approach / Caroline St. Clair, Jonathan E. Visick. --
  36. Fauna Palaestina : eine zoologische Reise in Palästina, Arabien und Europa zwischen 1983 - 2006 = a zoological journey in Palestine, Arabia and Europe between 1983- 2006 / Norman Ali Bassam Khalaf-von Jaffa. --
  37. A field guide to ecosystem classification and identification for Haida Gwaii / Allen Banner ... [et al.]. -- 2014.
  38. Field guide to the sedges of the Pacific Northwest / by Barbara L. Wilson, Richard E. Brainerd, Danna Lytjen, Bruce Newhouse & Nick Otting of the Carex Working Group. --
  39. Field guide to the wild flowers of the Algarve / Chris Thorogood, Simon Hiscock. --
  40. Fishing and farming iconic species : cod and salmon and social issues in genomic science / edited by Keith Culver and Kieran O'Doherty. --
  41. Flora briofítica Ibérica / [coordinadores J. Guerra & R.M. Cros]. -- 2006-
  42. Flora de San Juan, República Argentina / director, Roberto Kiesling. -- 1994-
  43. Food security, food prices and climate variability / Molly E. Brown. --
  44. Food systems in an unequal world : pesticides, vegetables, and agrarian capitalism in Costa Rica / Ryan E. Galt. --
  45. The foods of Vietnam / Nicole Routhier photographs by Martin Jacobs foreword by Craig Claiborne. -- ©1989.
  46. Forests in our changing world : new principles for conservation and management / Joe Landsberg and Richard Waring. --
  47. La frontera : forests and ecological conflict in Chile's frontier territory / Thomas Miller Klubock. --
  48. Fundamentals of cognitive neuroscience : a beginner's guide / Bernard Baars, Nicole Gage. -- ©2013.
  49. Gedenkband Walter Carlé / hrsg. von Theo Simon. -- 2013.
  50. Genebank standards for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. -- 2013.
  51. Genetic variation and its maintenance : with particular reference to tropical populations / edited by D.F. Roberts, G.F. De Stefano. -- 1986.
  52. The global environment : institutions, law, and policy / edited by Regina S. Axelrod, Adelphi University Stacy D. VanDeveer, University of New Hampshire. --
  53. The global food system : issues and solutions / William D. Schanbacher, editor. --
  54. Great medical discoveries : an Oxford story / Conrad Keating. --
  55. Guidelines for assessing nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes and practices : KAP manual / by Yvette Fautsch Macías, with Peter Glasauer. -- 2014.
  56. The handbook of global energy policy / edited by Andreas Goldthau. --
  57. Hidden Markov processes : theory and applications to biology / M. Vidyasagar. --
  58. The hidden mechanics of exercise : molecules that move us / Christopher M. Gillen. --
  59. Home bakings. [Drawings by Harold Evans. -- ©1912]
  60. Hoofed mammals of British Columbia / David Shackleton. --
  61. Human anatomy / Elaine N. Marieb, Patricia Brady Wilhelm, Jon Mallatt. -- c2014.
  62. Identification guide to the deep-sea cartilaginous fishes of the Indian Ocean / Ebert, D.A. and Mostarda, E. --
  63. Improving diets and nutrition : food-based approaches / edited by Brian Thompson and Leslie Amoroso. --
  64. Interrelations between essential metal ions and human diseases / Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K.O. Sigel, editors. --
  65. Keeping the wild : against the domestication of earth / edited by George Wuerthner, Eileen Crist, and Tom Butler. --
  66. Key concepts in water resource management : a review and critical evaluation / edited by Jonathan Lautze. --
  67. Key to identification of phytoplankton species in lakes and rivers : guide for laboratory classes and field research / edited by Lubomira Burchardt. -- 2014.
  68. The kid's guide to exploring nature / by the Children's Education Staff at Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Marilyn Smith, Ashley Gamell, and Sara Epstein with Patricia Hulse, Saara Nafici, David William Daly, Becky Beer Laboy, and Niall Dunne Sarah Schmidt, editor Laszlo Veres, illustrator. --
  69. Lebanese cookbook / [by] Dawn, Elaine and Selwa Anthony. -- 1978.
  70. Making a new land : environmental histories of New Zealand / edited by Eric Pawson and Tom Brooking. --
  71. Making markets more inclusive : lessons from CARE and the future of sustainability in agricultural value chain development / Kevin McKague and Muhammad Siddiquee. --
  72. Medicine and slavery : the diseases and health care of Blacks in antebellum Virginia / Todd L. Savitt. -- ©1978.
  73. A message from Martha : the extinction of the passenger pigeon and its relevance today / Mark Avery. --
  74. Misbehaving science : controversy and the development of behavior genetics / Aaron Panofsky. --
  75. Missing microbes : how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues / Dr. Martin Blaser. --
  76. Molecular biology : principles of genome function / Nancy L. Craig [and five others] with end of chapter questions by Deborah Zies and Claire Burns. --
  77. The myth of mirror neurons : the real neuroscience of communication and cognition / Gregory Hickok, PhD. --
  78. Neuroanatomical terminology : a lexicon of classical origins and historical foundations / Larry W. Swanson, PhD, University Professor and appleman Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Sourthern California, Los Angeles. --
  79. New good and easy cook book. / illustrated by Rudi Trautmann. -- ©1962.
  80. Next-generation sequencing : current technologies and applications / edited by Jianping Xu. --
  81. Ocean challenge badge / developed in collaboration with Convention on Biological Diversity... [et al.]. -- 2013.
  82. On a farther shore : the life and legacy of Rachel Carson / William Souder. -- ©2012.
  83. Outlook for outdoor recreation in the northern United States : a technical document supporting the northern forest futures project with projections through 2060 / J. M. Bowker and Ashley E. Askew. --
  84. PAL 3.0 : practice anatomy lab : human cadaver, anatomical models, histology, cat, fetal pig / Ruth E. Heisler [and others]. --
  85. Peanut plant : its cultivation and uses illustrated / by B. W. Jones. --
  86. Physiological aspects of sport training and performance / Jay Hoffman. -- c2014.
  87. Plants of Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba / William J. Cody. -- 1988.
  88. Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region : Mendocino to Monterey / Linda H. Beidleman and Eugene N. Kozloff. -- 2014.
  89. Poplars and willows : trees for society and the environment / edited by J.G. Isebrands and J. Richardson. -- c2014.
  90. The poppy : a cultural history from ancient Egypt to Flanders fields to Afghanistan / Nicholas J. Saunders. --
  91. The power of trees / text by Gretchen C. Daily photographs by Charles J. Katz Jr. -- ©2012.
  92. Primula / John Richards illustrations by Brigid Edwards. -- 2003.
  93. Rebuilding West Africa's food potential : policies and market incentives for smallholder-inclusive food value chains / edited by Aziz Elbehri. --
  94. ReCombinatorics : the algorithmics of ancestral recombination graphs and explicit phylogenetic networks / Dan Gusfield with contributions from Charles H. Langley, Yun S. Song and Yufeng Wu. --
  95. Red list of the endemic plants of the Caucasus : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey / James Solomon, Tatyana Shulkina, and George E. Schatz, editors. --
  96. Reptiles & amphibians of Australia / Harold G. Cogger. --
  97. Ring Mountain, County of Marin, California : environmental assessment / prepared under contract to the County of Marin [by] Environmental Science Associates, Inc. -- 1976.
  98. Seasonal workers in Mediterranean agriculture : the social costs of eating fresh / edited by Jörg Gertel and Sarah Ruth Sippel. --
  99. Signal transduction : principles, pathways, and processes/ edited by Lewis C. Cantley, Harvard Medical School, Tony Hunter, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Richard Sever, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Jeremy Thorner, University of California at Berkeley. --
  100. Social, cultural and economic impacts of wine in New Zealand. / Peter Howland. --
  101. A social strategy : how we profit from social media / Mikolaj Jan Piskorski. --
  102. South of Yosemite / selected writings by John Muir edited and with a foreword by Frederic R. Gunsky with photographs by Philip Hyde sketches by John Muir. -- ©1968.
  103. State of the apes 2013 : extractive industries and ape conservation / editors, Helga Rainer, Alison White and Annette Lanjouw. --
  104. Statistical thermodynamics : with applications to the life sciences / Arieh Ben-Naim, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. --
  105. Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation / edited by Maren Oelbermann. --
  106. Textile metrology (Metrologia włókiennicza). -- 1964-
  107. Towards a theory of development / edited by Alessandro Minelli, Thomas Pradeu. --
  108. Trees / Andreas Feininger. --
  109. Trees of Eastern North America / Gil Nelson, Christopher J. Earle, and Richard Spellenberg illustrations by David More edited by Amy K. Hughes. -- c2014.
  110. Trees of western North America / Richard Spellenberg, Christopher J. Earle, and Gil Nelson illustrations by David More edited by Amy K. Hughes. --
  111. Understanding sustainable development / John Blewitt. --
  112. The unforeseen wilderness an essay on Kentucky's Red River Gorge. Photos. by Gene Meatyard. -- 1971.
  113. Wild orchids of Peninsular Malaysia / Poh Teck Ong, Peter O'Byrne, Wendy Sze Yee Yong and Leng Guan Saw photographs by Poh Teck Ong [and twenty-two others] edited by R. Kiew [and three others]. --
  114. Word of mouth : what we talk about when we talk about food / Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson. --
  115. World livestock 2013 : changing disease landscapes. --
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