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Recent Acquisitions in Anthropology Library

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Afghanistan remembers : gendered narrations of violence and culinary practices / Parin Dossa. --
  2. Annihilating difference : the anthropology of genocide / edited by Alexander Laban Hinton with a foreword by Kenneth Roth. -- ©2002.
  3. Anthropological conversations : talking culture across disciplines / Caroline B. Brettell. --
  4. Anthropological explorations in queer theory / Mark Graham. --
  5. Anthropology and nostalgia / edited by Olivia Angé and David Berliner. --
  6. Approaching monumentality in archaeology / edited by James F. Osborne. --
  7. The archaeology of Anglo-Jewry in England and Wales, 1656-c.1880 / Kenneth Marks. --
  8. Astronomy and ceremony in the prehistoric Southwest, revisited : collaborations in cultural astronomy / edited by Gregory E. Munson, Todd W. Bostwick, and Tony Hull. --
  9. Autoethnography / Tony E. Adams, Stacy Holman Jones, Carolyn Ellis. --
  10. Aztlán and Arcadia : religion, ethnicity, and the creation of place / Roberto Ramón Lint Sagarena. --
  11. Biri︠u︡chʹi︠a︡ Balka 2 : mnogosloĭnyĭ paleoliticheskiĭ pami︠a︡tnik v basseĭne Nizhnego Dona / A.E. Mati︠u︡khin. --
  12. Body art / Nicholas Thomas. --
  13. Caddo connections : cultural interactions within and beyond the Caddo world / Jeffrey S. Girard, Timothy K. Perttula, and Mary Beth Trubitt. --
  14. The call of Bilal : Islam in the African diaspora / Edward E. Curtis IV, The University of North Carolina Press. --
  15. Çatalhöyük excavations : the 2000-2008 seasons / edited by Ian Hodder. --
  16. Central Asia in antiquity : interdisciplinary approaches / edited by Borja Antela-Bernárdez, Jordi Vidal. --
  17. Chasing dichos through Chimayó / Don J. Usner. --
  18. A chosen exile : a history of racial passing in American life / Allyson Hobbs. --
  19. Cities, citadels and sights of the Near East : Francis Bedford's Nineteenth-Century photographs of Egypt, the Levant and constantinople / text by Sophie Gordon and Badr El Hage --
  20. The control of nature / John McPhee. -- 1989.
  21. Creating experience value in tourism / edited by Nina K. Prebensen, University of Tromsø, Norway, Joseph S. Chen, Indiana University at Bloomington, Muzaffer Uysal, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. --
  22. Cultivating the Nile : the everyday politics of water in Egypt / Jessica Barnes. --
  23. Discourse and the construction of society : comparative studies of myth, ritual, and classification / Bruce Lincoln. --
  24. Early farming in Central Anatolia : an archaeobotanical study of crop husbandry, animal diet and land use at Neolithic Çatalhöyük / Dragana Filipović. --
  25. Edible identities : food as cultural heritage / edited by Ronda L. Brulotte, Michael A. Di Giovine. --
  26. The ethnographic state : France and the invention of Moroccan Islam / Edmund Burke III. --
  27. Experimental film and anthropology / edited by Arnd Schneider and Caterina Pasqualino. --
  28. Fetishism and culture : a different theory of modernity / by Hartmut Böhme translated by Anna Galt. --
  29. First Nations, museums, narrations : stories of the 1929 Franklin Motor Expedition to the Canadian prairies / Alison K. Brown. --
  30. Food in zones of conflict : cross-disciplinary perspectives / edited by Paul Collinson and Helen Macbeth. --
  31. Foreign exchange : (or the stories you wouldn't tell a stranger) / Weltkulturen Museum edited by Clementine Deliss & Yvette Mutumba [translations, Carsten Bösel ...]. -- 2014.
  32. Framing cosmologies : the anthropology of worlds / edited by Allen Abramson and Martin Holbraad. -- 2014.
  33. Fresh fruit, broken bodies : migrant farmworkers in the United States / Seth M. Holmes, PhD, MD with a foreword by Philippe Bourgois. --
  34. Gender diversity : crosscultural variations / Serena Nanda. --
  35. Going out in daylight : prt m hrw - the ancient egyptian book of the dead: translations, sources, meanings / Stephen Quirke. -- 2013
  36. The Gresham Ship project : a 16th-century merchantman wrecked in the Princes Channel, Thames Estuary / edited by Jens Auer and Thijs J. Maarleveld with contributions by Massimiliano Ditta, Antony Firth, Nigel Nayling, Delia Ní Chíobháin, Christian Thomsen, and Cate Wagstaffe. --
  37. Guam's hidden gem : archaeological and historical studies at Ritidian / edited by Mike T. Carson. --
  38. Humans and landscapes of Çatalhöyük : reports from the 2000-2008 seasons / edited by Ian Hodder. --
  39. Hunter-gatherers of the Congo Basin : cultures, histories and biology of African Pygmies / Barry S. Hewlett, editor. --
  40. Identity and intercultural exchange in travel and tourism / edited by Anthony David Barker. --
  41. ʻIke ulana lau hala : the vitality and vibrancy of lau hala weaving traditions in Hawaiʻi / edited by Lia O'Neill M.A. Keawe, Marsha MacDowell, and C. Kurt Dewhurst. --
  42. The invisible history of the human race : how DNA and history shape our identities and our futures / Christine Kenneally. --
  43. Irish travellers : the unsettled life / Sharon Bohn Gmelch and George Gmelch. --
  44. (K)information : gamete donation and kinship knowledge in Germany and Britain / Maren Klotz. --
  45. Lieux de culte et parcours cérémoniels dans les fêtes des vingtaines à Mexico - Tenochtitlan / Elena Mazzetto. --
  46. Manifestations of mana : political power and divine inspiration in Polynesia / Paul van der Grijp. --
  47. Mediterranean racisms : connections and complexities in the racialization of the Mediterranean region / Ian Law, School of Sociology and Social Policy and deputy director, Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, University of Leeds, UK with contributions by Anna Jacobs, Oxford University, UK Nisreen Kaj, social researcher, Lebanon Simona Pagano, Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany Bozena Sojka-Koirala, Swansea University, UK. --
  48. Men, masculinities, travel and tourism / edited by Thomas Thurnell-Read and Mark Casey. --
  49. Mestizaje and globalization : transformations of identity and power / edited by Stefanie Wickstrom and Philip D. Young. --
  50. Metals from K2 and Mapungubwe, middle Limpopo Valley : a technological study of early second millennium material culture, with an emphasis on conservation / Farahnaz Koleini. --
  51. Moral laboratories : family peril and the struggle for a good life / Cheryl Mattingly. --
  52. Mummies around the world : an encyclopedia of mummies in history, religion, and popular culture / Matt Cardin, editor. --
  53. Museum as process : translating local and global knowledges / edited by Raymond A. Silverman. --
  54. Mutuality : anthropology's changing terms of engagement / edited by Roger Sanjek. -- c2015.
  55. Muzički žargon mladih i molodezhnyĭ muzykalʹnyĭ sleng : komparativni pogled = Music slang of the youth and molodezhnyĭ muzykalʹnyĭ sleng : a comparative view, Serbian-Russian / Sofija Miloradović urednik, Dragana Radojičić. --
  56. Nature and antiquities : the making of archaeology in the Americas / edited by Philip L. Kohl, Irina Podgorny, and Stefanie Gänger. --
  57. Our sacred maíz is our mother = Nin tonantzin non centeotl : indigeneity and belonging in the Americas / Roberto Cintli Rodríguez with Verónica Castillo Hernández, Maestra Angelbertha Cobb, Luz María de la Torre, Paula Domingo Olivares, Tata Cuaxtle Félix Evodio, María Molina Vai Sevoi, Francisco Pos, Alicia Seyler, and Irma Tzirin Socop. --
  58. Pigmentocracies : ethnicity, race, and color in Latin America / Edward Telles and the Project on Ethnicity and Race in Latin America (PERLA). --
  59. The power of feasts : from prehistory to the present / Brian Hayden. --
  60. Proceedings of the first zooarchaeology conference in Portugal : held at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, 8th-9th March 2012 / edited by Cleia Detry, Rita Dias. --
  61. Proto Utian grammar and dictionary : with notes on Yokuts / by Catherine Callaghan. -- 2014.
  62. The reappeared : Argentine former political prisoners / Rebekah Park. --
  63. Red skin, white masks : rejecting the colonial politics of recognition / Glen Sean Coulthard foreword by Taiaiake Alfred. --
  64. Regarding the dead : human remains in the British Museum / edited by Alexandra Fletcher, Daniel Antoine and J. D. Hill. -- c2014.
  65. Religion, tradition and the popular : transcultural views from Asia and Europe / Judith Schlehe, Evamaria Sandkühler (eds.). --
  66. Roma in Europe : the politics of collective identity formation / Ioana Bunescu. --
  67. Sacred bundles : ritual acts of wrapping and binding in Mesoamerica / Julia Guernsey, F. Kent Reilly, editors. -- 2006.
  68. Savage preservation : the ethnographic origins of modern media technology / Brian Hochman. --
  69. Slow anthropology : negotiating difference with the Iu Mien / Hjorleifur Jonsson. -- 2014.
  70. Sociabilidad y alimentación : estudio de casos en la transición al siglo XIX en el Virreinato del Río de la Plata / María Marschoff. --
  71. A social topography of the commote of Caerwedros in Ceredigion within its regional context during the sixteenth century / G. Lynn Morgan. --
  72. Substantive technologies at Çatalhöyük : reports from the 2000-2008 seasons / edited by Ian Hodder. --
  73. Symbolic dimension : anthropological studies in culture, religion and education / Jarema Drozdowicz. --
  74. Tamil brahmans : the making of a middle-class caste / C. J. Fuller, Haripriya Narasimhan. --
  75. Technology as human social tradition : cultural transmission among hunter-gatherers / Peter Jordan. --
  76. Tourists' behaviors and evaluations / edited by Arch G. Woodside, Metin Kozak. --
  77. Umatilla dictionary : a project of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and Noel Rude. --
  78. Unsettling assumptions : tradition, gender, drag / edited by Pauline Greenhill, Diane Tye. --
  79. Violence and warfare among hunter-gatherers / Mark W. Allen, Terry L. Jones, editors. --
  80. Virtual homelands : Indian immigrants and online cultures in the United States / Madhavi Mallapragada. --
  81. We are amphibians : Julian and Aldous Huxley on the future of our species / R.S. Deese. --
  82. Wealth and complexity : economically specialised sites in Late Iron Age Denmark / edited by Ernst Stidsing, Karen Høilund Nielsen and Reno Fiedel. --
  83. When the tsunami came to shore : culture and disaster in Japan / edited by Roy Starrs. --
  84. A world you do not know : settler societies, indigenous peoples and the attack on cultural diversity / Colin Samson. --
  85. The writing system of Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala, Mexico / Christophe Helmke & Jesper Nielsen. -- 2011.
  86. Written as I remember it : teachings ([glottal stop][schwa]ms ta[glottal stop]aw) from the life of a Sliammon elder / Elsie Paul, in collaboration with Paige Raibmon and Harmony Johnson. --
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