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Recent Acquisitions in Anthropology Library

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Agitating images : photography against history in indigenous Siberia / Craig Campbell. --
  2. Alliance and landscape on Perry Mesa in the fourteenth century / edited by David R. Abbott and Katherine A. Spielmann. --
  3. André Malraux: the Indochina adventure / [by] Walter G. Langlois. -- [1966]
  4. Approaching monumentality in archaeology / edited by James F. Osborne. --
  5. Archaeology, societies and environments in Africa / edited by Luis Oosterbeek, Abdoulaye Camara, Cristina Martins. --
  6. The art of museum exhibitions : how story and imagination create aesthetic experiences / Leslie Bedford. --
  7. Biri︠u︡chʹi︠a︡ Balka 2 : mnogosloĭnyĭ paleoliticheskiĭ pami︠a︡tnik v basseĭne Nizhnego Dona / A.E. Mati︠u︡khin. --
  8. Captain Cook's voyages of discovery. -- [1906]
  9. Caring for place : ecology, ideology, and emotion in traditional landscape management / E. N. Anderson. --
  10. Central Asia in antiquity : interdisciplinary approaches / edited by Borja Antela-Bernárdez, Jordi Vidal. --
  11. Computational approaches to the study of movement in archaeology : theory, practice and interpretation of factors and effects of long term landscape formation and transformation / herausgegeben von Silvia Polla, Philip Verhagen. --
  12. Dead men's eyes : embodied GIS, mixed reality and landscape archaeology / Stuart Eve. --
  13. Diseños geométricos en los mosaicos de Écija (Sevilla) / Sebastián Vargas Vázquez. --
  14. Early farming in Central Anatolia : an archaeobotanical study of crop husbandry, animal diet and land use at Neolithic Çatalhöyük / Dragana Filipović. --
  15. The excavations of Maresha subterranean complex 57 : the 'Heliodorus' cave / edited by Ian Stern with contributions by Bernie Alpert [and ten others]. --
  16. Food in zones of conflict : cross-disciplinary perspectives / edited by Paul Collinson and Helen Macbeth. --
  17. The force of family : repatriation, kinship, and memory on Haida Gwaii / Cara Krmpotich. --
  18. Guam's hidden gem : archaeological and historical studies at Ritidian / edited by Mike T. Carson. --
  19. The human figure in motion / Eadweard Muybridge introduction by Professor Robert Taft, University of Kansas. -- ©1955.
  20. Hunter-gatherers from a high-elevation desert : people of the Salt Puna : Northwest Argentina / edited by Elizabeth Pintar. --
  21. Los lagomorfors del Paleolítico medio en la vertiente mediterránea ibérica : humanos y otros predadores como agentes de aporte y alteración de los restos óseos en yacimientos arqueológicos / Alfred Sanchis Serra. --
  22. Lens, laboratory, landscape : observing modern Spain / Claudia Schaefer. --
  23. Lieux de culte et parcours cérémoniels dans les fêtes des vingtaines à Mexico - Tenochtitlan / Elena Mazzetto. --
  24. Life beside itself : imagining care in the Canadian Arctic / Lisa Stevenson. --
  25. Lithic raw material resources and procurement in pre- and protohistoric times : proceedings of the 5th International Conference of the UISPP Commission on Flint Mining in Pre- and Protohistoric Times (Paris, 10-11 September 2012) / edited by Françoise Bostyn, François Giligny. --
  26. Mediterranean racisms : connections and complexities in the racialization of the Mediterranean region / Ian Law, School of Sociology and Social Policy and deputy director, Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, University of Leeds, UK with contributions by Anna Jacobs, Oxford University, UK Nisreen Kaj, social researcher, Lebanon Simona Pagano, Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany Bozena Sojka-Koirala, Swansea University, UK. --
  27. Metals from K2 and Mapungubwe, middle Limpopo Valley : a technological study of early second millennium material culture, with an emphasis on conservation / Farahnaz Koleini. --
  28. Miscellania : theory, rock art and heritage / edited by Luiz Oosterbook, Cláudia Fidalgo. --
  29. Mobility and transitions in the Holocene / edited by Luiz Oosterbeek, Cláudia Fidalgo. --
  30. Muzički žargon mladih i molodezhnyĭ muzykalʹnyĭ sleng : komparativni pogled = Music slang of the youth and molodezhnyĭ muzykalʹnyĭ sleng : a comparative view, Serbian-Russian / Sofija Miloradović urednik, Dragana Radojičić. --
  31. El Neolítico en el Bajo Vinalopó (Alicante, España) / editado por Francisco Javier Jover Maestre, Palmira Torregrosa Giménez, Gabriel García Atiénzar. --
  32. Obróbka kamienia w kulturach z ostrzami liściowatymi w dorzeczu górnej i srodkowej Odry i Wisły = Processing of lithic materials in leaf-points cultures in the Upper and Middle Oder and Vistula basin / Eugeniusz Foltyn. -- 2008.
  33. Oltre Bering : le colonie russe del Nord Pacifico, 1741-1867 = Jenseits von Bering : die Russischen Kolonien des Nordpazifiks, 1741-1867 = Beyond Bering : the Russian colonies in the North Pacific, 1741-1867 / Jean-Loup Rousselot & Veronika Grahammer. -- 2004.
  34. Proceedings of the first zooarchaeology conference in Portugal : held at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, 8th-9th March 2012 / edited by Cleia Detry, Rita Dias. --
  35. Religion and chieftaincy in Ghana : an explanation of the persistence of a traditional political institution in West Africa / Louise Müller. -- ©2013.
  36. Romanización y producción de cerámicas finas en las áreas periféricas de la provincia Bética : factores de implantación, comercio y desarrollo técnico en el suburbium artesanal de Isturgi Triumphale (Los Villares de Andújar, Jaén) (ss. I-II d.n.e.) / Pablo Ruiz Montes. --
  37. Sacred bundles : ritual acts of wrapping and binding in Mesoamerica / Julia Guernsey, F. Kent Reilly, editors. -- 2006.
  38. Science and sustainability : learning from indigenous wisdom / Joy Hendry. --
  39. A short history of sociology / by Heinz Maus. -- 1962.
  40. Skin for skin : death and life for Inuit and Innu / Gerald M. Sider. --
  41. Sociabilidad y alimentación : estudio de casos en la transición al siglo XIX en el Virreinato del Río de la Plata / María Marschoff. --
  42. A social topography of the commote of Caerwedros in Ceredigion within its regional context during the sixteenth century / G. Lynn Morgan. --
  43. A society of young women : opportunities of place, power, and reform in Saudi Arabia / Amélie Le Renard. --
  44. Tattoo / editor Aude Gros de Beler. --
  45. Technology and experimentation in archaeology / edited by Sara Cura, Jedson Cerezer, Maria Gurova, Boris Santander, Luiz Oosterbeek, Jorge Cristóvão. --
  46. This ain't Chicago : race, class, and regional identity in the post-soul South / Zandria F. Robinson. --
  47. Traceology today : methodological issues in the Old World and the Americas / edited by Maria Estela Mansur, Marcio Alonso Lima, Yolaine Maigrot. --
  48. Transient workspaces : technologies of everyday innovation in Zimbabwe / Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga. --
  49. Transitions : Pleistocene to Holocene in Australia & Papua New Guinea / edited for Antiquity by Jim Allen & James F. O'Connell. -- c1995.
  50. Travel and transformation / [edited by] Garth Lean, Russell Staiff and Emma Waterton. --
  51. Up, down, and sideways : anthropologists trace the pathways of power / edited by Rachael Stryker and Roberto J. González. --
  52. Wczesnośredniowieczna osada produkcyjna w Przeczycach, województwo śląskie / redakcja naukowa: Beata Badura, Dominik Abłamowicz. --
  53. Wild things : nature, culture, and tourism in Ontario, 1790-1914 / Patricia Jasen. -- ©1995.
  54. The writing system of Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala, Mexico / Christophe Helmke & Jesper Nielsen. -- 2011.
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