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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Alliance and landscape on Perry Mesa in the fourteenth century / edited by David R. Abbott and Katherine A. Spielmann. --
  2. Along the Bolivian highway : social mobility and political culture in a new middle class / Miriam Shakow. -- c2014.
  3. Alterglobaliści : antropologia ruchu na rzecz globalnej sprawiedliwości / Adam Pomieciński. --
  4. Anthropology of childhood and youth : international and historical perspectives / Geoffrey Vitale. --
  5. Appropriate narratives : archaeologists, publics and stories / edited by Elisabeth Niklasson and Thomas Meier. -- 2013.
  6. The archaeology of American cities / Nan A. Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall foreword by Michael S. Nassaney. --
  7. Archeologia dell'insediamento protostorico di Mursia (Pantelleria, Italia) : studio dei reperti di fauna marina / Antonella Tolve, Sebastiano Tusa. --
  8. At the limits of Lundenwic : excavations in the north-west of Middle Saxon London at St Martin's Courtyard, 2006-9 / Louise Fowler and Ruth Taylor. --
  9. Auditory archaeology : understanding sound and hearing in the past / by Steve Mills. --
  10. Ayahuasca shamanism in the Amazon and beyond / edited by Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Clancy Cavnar. -- 2014.
  11. Blackways of Kent. -- 1955.
  12. Carnival in Tel Aviv : Purim and the celebration of urban Zionism / Hizky Shoham. -- 2014.
  13. Childhood in a Sri Lankan village : shaping hierarchy and desire / Bambi L. Chapin. --
  14. A composite view to the past : a methodological integration of zooarchaeology and archaeological geophysics at the Magdalenian site of Verberie le Buisson-Campin / Jason Thompson. --
  15. Cultural heritage in transit : intangible rights as human rights / edited by Deborah Kapchan. --
  16. Dam projects and the growth of American archaeology : the River Basin Survey and the Interagency Archeological Salvage Program / edited by Kimball M. Banks and Jon S. Czaplicki. --
  17. Dean Worcester's fantasy islands : photography, film, and the colonial Philippines / Mark Rice. --
  18. Death, mourning, and the afterlife in Korea : from ancient to contemporary times / edited by Charlotte Horlyck and Michael J. Pettid. --
  19. Designs on the contemporary anthropological tests / Paul Rabinow and Anthony Stavrianakis. --
  20. Dignity for the voiceless : Willem Assies' anthropological work in context / edited by Ton Salman, Salvador Martí i Puig, and Gemma van der Haar. --
  21. Dying unneeded : the cultural context of the Russian mortality crisis / Michelle A. Parsons. --
  22. The Ekven settlement : Eskimo beginnings on the Asian shore of Bering Strait / edited by Yvon Csonka. --
  23. The enduring Navaho / by Laura Gilpin. -- [1968]
  24. Far Afield : French anthropology between science and literature / Vincent Debaene translated by Justin Izzo. --
  25. The fire next time / James Baldwin. -- 1963.
  26. Folk stories and personal narratives in Palestinian spoken Arabic : a cultural and linguistic study / Nadia R. Sirhan. --
  27. The force of family : repatriation, kinship, and memory on Haida Gwaii / Cara Krmpotich. --
  28. Friendship, descent, and alliance in Africa : anthropological perspectives / edited by Martine Guichard, Tilo Grätz, and Diallo Youssouf. --
  29. Halfway to freedom : a report on the new India in the words and photographs of Margaret Bourke-White. -- 1949.
  30. Historically Black : imagining community in a Black historic district / Mieka Brand Polanco. --
  31. Histories of Egyptology : interdisciplinary measures / edited by William Carruthers. --
  32. Home, uprooted : oral histories of India's partition / Devika Chawla. --
  33. The inner and outer selves : cosmology, gender, and ecology at the Himalayan borders / Subhadra Mitra Channa. --
  34. Les langues du monde : extrait. Langues de l'Amérique. --
  35. The legacy of Fort William Henry : resurrecting the past / David R. Starbuck. --
  36. Let us start with Africa : foundations of Rastafari scholarship / edited by Jahlani Niaah and Erin MacLeod. --
  37. Living with whales : documents and oral histories of Native New England whaling history / edited by Nancy Shoemaker. --
  38. LRCW 4 : late Roman coarse wares, cooking wares and amphorae in the Mediterranean : archaeology and archaeometry : the Mediterranean : a market without frontiers / edited by Natalia Poulou-Papadimitriou, Eleni Nodarou and Vassilis Kilikoglou. --
  39. Medicine and slavery : the diseases and health care of Blacks in antebellum Virginia / Todd L. Savitt. -- ©1978.
  40. Mesečeva gramatika : identitet i subjektivnost u Dr Faustusu Tomas Mana i Prokletoj avliji Ive Andrića = The moon grammar : identity and subjectivity in Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann and The damned yard by Ivo Andrić / Ivana Bašić urednik Dragana Radojičić. --
  41. Methodological issues for characterisation and provenance studies of obsidian in Northeast Asia / edited by Akira Ono, Michael D. Glascock, Yaroslav V. Kuzmin, Yoshimitsu Suda. --
  42. Native diasporas : indigenous identities and settler colonialism in the Americas / edited by Gregory D. Smithers & Brooke N. Newman. --
  43. On the doorstep of Europe : asylum and citizenship in Greece / Heath Cabot. --
  44. The Oxford handbook of the archaeology of the Levant : c. 8000-332 BCE / edited by Margreet L. Steiner and Ann E. Killebrew. --
  45. Paths towards a new world : Neolithic Sweden / Mats Larsson with Geoffrey Lemdahl and Kerstin Lidén. --
  46. A peculiar people : slave religion and community-culture among the Gullahs / Margaret Washington Creel. -- 1988.
  47. The power of huacas : change and resistance in the Andean world of colonial Peru / by Claudia Brosseder. --
  48. Rhetoric in American anthropology : gender, genre, and science / Risa Applegarth. --
  49. Roles for men and women in Roman epigraphic culture and beyond : gender, social identity and cultural practice in private Latin inscriptions and the literary record / Peter Keegan. --
  50. Rooted in movement : aspects of mobility in Bronze Age Europe / edited by Samantha Reiter ... [et al.] foreword by Helle Vandkilde. -- c2014.
  51. The Roth family, anthropology, and colonial administration / edited by Russell McDougall and Iain Davidson. -- c2008.
  52. The saga of Coe Ridge a study in oral history. -- [1970]
  53. Searching for normal in the wake of the Liberian war / Sharon Alane Abramowitz. -- c2014.
  54. Social networks and regional identity in Bronze Age Italy / Emma Blake. --
  55. Socio-political strategies among the Maya from the Classic Period to the present / edited by Verónica A. Vásquez López, Rogelio Valencia Rivera, Eugenia Gutiérrez González. --
  56. Srbi u Temišvaru = Serbs in Temisoara / Mirjana Pavlović. --
  57. Stone age sailors : Paleolithic seafaring in the Mediterranean / Alan H. Simmons with contributions by Katelyn DiBenedetto. --
  58. Talking to the dead : religion, music, and lived memory among Gullah-Geechee women / LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant. --
  59. Them dark days : slavery in the American rice swamps / William Dusinberre. -- 1996.
  60. Tourism imaginaries : anthropological approaches / edited by Noel B. Salazar and Nelson H. H. Graburn. --
  61. Viewing the ancestors : perceptions of the Anaasází, Mokwĭc, and Hisatsinom Robert S. McPherson. --
  62. The world they made together : Black and white values in eighteenth-century Virginia / Mechal Sobel. -- ©1987.
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