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Recent Acquisitions in Anthropology Library

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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Alterglobaliści : antropologia ruchu na rzecz globalnej sprawiedliwości / Adam Pomieciński. --
  2. Anasazi along the Vermilion Cliffs : an examination of the Talbot Collection / edited by Deborah C. Harris, Jaime L. Davis, and Paul R. Stavast. --
  3. The ancient Red Sea port of Adulis and the Eritrean coastal region : previous investigations and museum collections / Chiara Zazzaro. --
  4. The Anglo-Saxons : the world through their eyes / edited by Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Brian W. Schneider. --
  5. Anishinaabe ways of knowing and being / Lawrence W. Gross. --
  6. Anthropology of childhood and youth : international and historical perspectives / Geoffrey Vitale. --
  7. Archaeological approaches to dance performance / edited by Kathryn Soar, Christina Aamodt. --
  8. The archaeology of American cities / Nan A. Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall foreword by Michael S. Nassaney. --
  9. The archaeology of medieval Spain, 1100-1500 / edited by Magdalena Valor and Avelino Gutiérrez. --
  10. Architecture and material culture from the Earthquake House at Kourion, Cyprus : a late Roman non-elite house destroyed in the 4th century AD / Benjamin Costello IV. --
  11. Artefactos líticos, movilidad y funcionalidad de sitios : problemas y perspectivas = Lithic artefacts, mobility and site functionality : problems and perspectives / edited by Patricia Susana Escola, Salomón Hocsman. --
  12. At the limits of Lundenwic : excavations in the north-west of Middle Saxon London at St Martin's Courtyard, 2006-9 / Louise Fowler and Ruth Taylor. --
  13. Ayahuasca shamanism in the Amazon and beyond / edited by Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Clancy Cavnar. -- 2014.
  14. Aztlán and Arcadia : religion, ethnicity, and the creation of place / Roberto Ramón Lint Sagarena. --
  15. Behind the scenes : daily life in Old Kingdom Egypt / Edited by Ann McFarlane and Anna-Latifa Mourad. -- 2012.
  16. Beyond Ibn Hawqal's Bahr al-Fārs : 10th-13th centuries AD : Sindh and the Kīj-u-Makrān region, hinge of an international network of religious, political, institutional and economic affairs / Valeria Piacentini Fiorani. --
  17. Blackways of Kent. -- 1955.
  18. Childhood in a Sri Lankan village : shaping hierarchy and desire / Bambi L. Chapin. --
  19. The chora of Metaponto 5 : a Greek farmhouse at Ponte Fabrizio / Elisa Lanza Catti and Keith Swift edited by Joseph Coleman Carter. --
  20. Constructing 'commoner' identity in an Ancient Maya village : class, status, and ritual at the Northeast Group, Chan Belize / Chelsea Blackmore. --
  21. Constructing race : the science of bodies and cultures in American anthropology / Tracy Teslow. --
  22. Counterheritage : critical perspectives on heritage conservation in Asia / by Denis Byrne. --
  23. A Cretan landscape through time : Priniatikos Pyrgos and environs / edited by Barry P. C. Molloy, Chloë N. Duckworth. --
  24. Crops, culture, and contact in prehistoric Cyprus / Leilani Lucas. --
  25. Cultural heritage in transit : intangible rights as human rights / edited by Deborah Kapchan. --
  26. Cultural landscapes : metodi, strumenti e analisi del paesaggio fra archeologia, geologia, e storia in contesti di studio del Lazio e della Basilicata (Italia) / acura di Germano Gabrielli, Maurizio Lazzari, Canio Alfieri Sabia, Stefano Del Lungo. --
  27. Curating biocultural collections : a handbook / edited by Jan Salick, Katie Konchar and Mark Nesbitt. --
  28. Dalla villa al monastero : nuovi dati archeologici da S. Maria di Grottaferrata / Francesca Zagari. --
  29. Dam projects and the growth of American archaeology : the River Basin Survey and the Interagency Archeological Salvage Program / edited by Kimball M. Banks and Jon S. Czaplicki. --
  30. Dean Worcester's fantasy islands : photography, film, and the colonial Philippines / Mark Rice. --
  31. Death, mourning, and the afterlife in Korea : from ancient to contemporary times / edited by Charlotte Horlyck and Michael J. Pettid. --
  32. Designs on the contemporary anthropological tests / Paul Rabinow and Anthony Stavrianakis. --
  33. A diachronic study of Sus and Bos exploitation in Britain from the Early Mesolithic to the Late Neolithic / Sarah Viner-Daniels. --
  34. Divergent archaeology / Herbert Hoffmann. -- c2007.
  35. Doing ethnography in teams : a case study of asymmetries in collaborative research / Tenna Clerke, Nick Hopwood. --
  36. Données récentes sur les pratiques funéraires néolithiques de la Plaine du Rhin supérieur / sous la direction de Philippe Lefranc, Anthony Denaire, Christian Jeunesse. --
  37. Dossiers of Ancient Egyptians : the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period addition to Franke's 'Personendaten' -- 2012.
  38. Drawn from the ground : sound, sign and inscription in Central Australian sand stories / Jennifer Green. --
  39. Early burial customs in northern Egypt : evidence from the pre-, proto-, and early dynastic periods / Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin. -- 2013.
  40. Early medieval agriculture, livestock and cereal production in Ireland, AD 400-1100 / Finbar McCormick, Thomas R. Kerr, Meriel McClatchie, Aidan O'Sullivan. --
  41. Embroidered stories : interpreting women's domestic needlework from the Italian diaspora / edited by Edvige Giunta and Joseph Sciorra. --
  42. The enduring Navaho / by Laura Gilpin. -- [1968]
  43. The ethnographic experiment : A.M. Hocart and W.H.R. Rivers in island Melanesia, 1908 / edited by Edvard Hviding and Cato Berg. --
  44. Excavations at Gilund : the artifacts and other studies / edited by Vasant Shinde, Teresa P. Raczek, and Gregory L. Possehl. --
  45. Far Afield : French anthropology between science and literature / Vincent Debaene translated by Justin Izzo. --
  46. Feelings at the margins : dealing with violence, stigma and isolation in Indonesia / Thomas Stodulka, Birgitt Röttger-Rössler (eds.). -- 2014.
  47. Finding their voice : Northeastern villagers and the Thai state / Charles Keyes. --
  48. The flower hunter and the people : William Bartram's writings on the Native American Southeast / edited by Matthew Jennings. --
  49. Formative lifeways in central Tlaxcala / edited by Richard G. Lesure. --
  50. La fortificazione della piazza di Messina e le Martello Tower : il piano difensivo anglo siciliano nel 1810 / edited by Armando Donato, Antonio Teramo. --
  51. Le fortificazioni campali dei colli di Finestre e fattieres : archeologia e storia di un sito militare d'età moderna sulle Alpi Occidentali / Roberto Sconfienza. --
  52. Friendship, descent, and alliance in Africa : anthropological perspectives / edited by Martine Guichard, Tilo Grätz, and Diallo Youssouf. --
  53. La frontera : forests and ecological conflict in Chile's frontier territory / Thomas Miller Klubock. --
  54. Further discoveries about the surveying and planning of Roman roads in northern Britain : a sequel to BAR 492 / John Poulter. --
  55. The gift of the face : portraiture and time in Edward S. Curtis's the North American Indian / Shamoon Zamir. --
  56. Halfway to freedom : a report on the new India in the words and photographs of Margaret Bourke-White. -- 1949.
  57. Historically Black : imagining community in a Black historic district / Mieka Brand Polanco. --
  58. Histories of Egyptology : interdisciplinary measures / edited by William Carruthers. --
  59. Home, uprooted : oral histories of India's partition / Devika Chawla. --
  60. The Hongshan papers : collected studies on the archaeology of Northern China / Sarah M. Nelson with Charlotte Bell, Guo Dashun, Lu Xueming, Anne Martin-Montgomery, Rachel A. Matson, Hung-jen Niu, Yangjin Pak, Rachel M. Roberts, Chris Rock, Robert E. Stencel, Tiffany Tchakirides and Zhu Da. --
  61. In pursuit of the good life : aspiration and suicide in globalizing South India / Jocelyn Lim Chua. --
  62. The inner and outer selves : cosmology, gender, and ecology at the Himalayan borders / Subhadra Mitra Channa. --
  63. Inside-outside : two views of social change in rural India / B.S. Baviskar and D.W. Attwood. --
  64. An integration of the use-wear and residue analysis for the identification of the function of archaeological stone tools : proceedings of the international workshop, Rome, March 5th-7th, 2012 / edited by Cristina Lemorini, Stella Nunziante Cesaro. --
  65. The Japanese family : touch, intimacy and feeling / Diana Adis Tahhan. --
  66. Jewish culture in early modern Europe : essays in honor of David B. Ruderman / edited by Richard I. Cohen, Natalie B. Dohrmann, Adam Shear, and Elchanan Reiner. --
  67. Kao gu xue yu yong xu fa zhan yan jiu / Qiu Sijia, Zang Zhenhua zhu bian = Archaeology and sustainability / edited by Scarlett Chiu, Cheng-hwa Tsang. --
  68. Karystian cipollino marble : its export from Euboea and distribution / Jeanne Sutherland. --
  69. Key themes in the ethnography of education achievements and agendas / Sara Delamont. --
  70. The land between the two rivers : early Israelite identities in central Transjordan / Thomas D. Petter. --
  71. A landscape of travel : the work of tourism in rural ethnic China / Jenny Chio. --
  72. Living with animals : Ojibwe spirit powers / Michael Pomedli. --
  73. The Maya and their Central American neighbors : settlement patterns, architecture, hieroglyphic texts, and ceramics / edited by Geoffrey E. Braswell. -- 2014.
  74. Maya figurines : intersections between state and household / by Christina T. Halperin. --
  75. Medicine and slavery : the diseases and health care of Blacks in antebellum Virginia / Todd L. Savitt. -- ©1978.
  76. Medieval Dublin XIII : proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2011 / Seán Duffy editor. --
  77. Mesečeva gramatika : identitet i subjektivnost u Dr Faustusu Tomas Mana i Prokletoj avliji Ive Andrića = The moon grammar : identity and subjectivity in Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann and The damned yard by Ivo Andrić / Ivana Bašić urednik Dragana Radojičić. --
  78. Il monumento dei Lucilii sulla via Salaria, Roma / Paolo Montanari. --
  79. Moral encounters in tourism / edited by Mary Mostafanezhad, Kevin Hannam. --
  80. Morality and economic growth in rural West Africa : indigenous accumulation in Hausaland / Paul Clough. --
  81. Nemrud Dagi : recent archaeological research and conservation activities in the tomb sanctuary on Mount Nemrud / Herman A.G. Brijder with contributions by Hans Garlich [and nineteen others]. --
  82. Neolithic and Copper age monuments : emergence, function and the social construction of the landscape / edited by Bettina Schulz Paulsonn, Bisserka Gaydarska. --
  83. Nordsibirien : Leben in der Tundra und am Arktischen Ozean / Jean-Loup Rousselot. -- 2009.
  84. L'oppidum de la Carència de Torís i el seu territori / Rosa Albiach Descals (coord.). --
  85. Oppidum Stradonice : keramika ze starších fondů Národního muzea = The Stradonice oppidum : pottery from early collections of the National Museum / Jarmila Valentová s příspěvkem Jana Kysely. --
  86. The Oxford handbook of the archaeology of the Levant : c. 8000-332 BCE / edited by Margreet L. Steiner and Ann E. Killebrew. --
  87. Pacific futures : projects, politics, and interests / edited by Will Rollason. --
  88. Los paisajes culturales de la ciudad de Toledo : los cigarrales : dehesas, espacios irrigados, torres, cigarrales y trincheras / editado por Jesús Carrobles Santos, Jorge Morín de Pablos. --
  89. Paths towards a new world : Neolithic Sweden / Mats Larsson with Geoffrey Lemdahl and Kerstin Lidén. --
  90. A peculiar people : slave religion and community-culture among the Gullahs / Margaret Washington Creel. -- 1988.
  91. Personhood : an examination of the history and use of an anthropological concept / Laura P. Appell-Warren with a foreword by Vanessa L. Fong. -- 2014.
  92. Peruvian archaeology : a critical history / Henry Tantaleán translated by Charles Stanish. --
  93. Philosophy and archaeology / Merrilee H. Salmon. -- 1982.
  94. Pit and groove work among the Olmec-style monuments of the Gulf Coast lowlands / Arnaud F. Lambert. --
  95. Die Privatgräber von Amarna : zum Wandel des Grabgedankens in Zeiten eines religiösen Umbruchs / Marion Hesse. --
  96. Queen for a day : transformistas, beauty queens, and the performance of femininity in Venezuela / Marcia Ochoa. --
  97. Queer women in urban China : an ethnography / Elisabeth L. Engebretsen. --
  98. Red racisms : racism in communist and post-communist contexts / Ian Law. -- 2012.
  99. Relics of the Past : the Collecting and Study of Pre-Columbian Antiquities in Peru and Chile, 1837-1911 / Stefanie Gänger. --
  100. Rendering death : ideological and archaeological narratives from recent prehistory (Iberia), proceedings of the conference held in Abrantes, Portugal, 11 May 2013 / edited by Ana Cruz, Enrique Cerrillo-Cuenca, Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, João Carlos Caninas, Carlos Batata. --
  101. Roman lamps of Scallabis (Santarém, Portugal) / Carlos Pereira. --
  102. Rooted in movement : aspects of mobility in Bronze Age Europe / edited by Samantha Reiter ... [et al.] foreword by Helle Vandkilde. -- c2014.
  103. The Roth family, anthropology, and colonial administration / edited by Russell McDougall and Iain Davidson. -- c2008.
  104. The saga of Coe Ridge a study in oral history. -- [1970]
  105. Searching for normal in the wake of the Liberian war / Sharon Alane Abramowitz. -- c2014.
  106. Social dynamics in south-west England AD 350-1150 : an exploration of maritime oriented identity / Imogen Tompsett. --
  107. Social networks and regional identity in Bronze Age Italy / Emma Blake. --
  108. Sociedad y mundo funerario en el III y II milenio a.C. en la región del Jarama / Raquel Aliaga Almela. --
  109. Space-time perspectives on early colonial Moquegua / Prudence M. Rice. --
  110. Srbi u Temišvaru = Serbs in Temisoara / Mirjana Pavlović. --
  111. Stone age sailors : Paleolithic seafaring in the Mediterranean / Alan H. Simmons with contributions by Katelyn DiBenedetto. --
  112. Talking to the dead : religion, music, and lived memory among Gullah-Geechee women / LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant. --
  113. Them dark days : slavery in the American rice swamps / William Dusinberre. -- 1996.
  114. Theorizing Native studies / edited by Audra Simpson and Andrea Smith. --
  115. They called me number one : secrets and survival at an Indian residential school / Bev Sellars. --
  116. Totempfahl und Potlatch : die Indianer der kanadischen Nordpazifik-Küste / Jean-Loup Rousselot, Dietmar Müller, Walter Larink. -- 2004.
  117. Underwater archaeology, coastal and lakeside / edited by Alexandra Figueiredo, Flavio Calippo, Gilson Rambelli. --
  118. Unmanageable care : an ethnography of health care privatization in Puerto Rico / Jessica M. Mulligan. --
  119. Vehicles : cars, canoes, and other metaphors of moral imagination / edited by David Lipset and Richard Handler. --
  120. Vietnam's new middle classes : gender, career, city / Catherine Earl. --
  121. Water folk : reconstructing an ancient aquatic lifeway in Michoacán, western Mexico / Eduardo Williams. --
  122. Whetstones from Roman Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum), North Hampshire : character, manufacture, provenance and use : 'putting an edge on it' / J. R. L. Allen. --
  123. Winnebago nation : the RV in American culture / James B. Twitchell. -- [2014]
  124. Women redefining the experience of food insecurity : life off the edge of the table / edited by Janet Page-Reeves. --
  125. Working in the field : anthropological experiences across the world / Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew J. Strathern. --
  126. The world they made together : Black and white values in eighteenth-century Virginia / Mechal Sobel. -- ©1987.
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