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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Aboriginal populations : social, demographic, and epidemiological perspectives / edited by Frank Trovato and Anatole Romaniuk. --
  2. Aging and loss : mourning and maturity in contemporary Japan / Jason Danely. --
  3. Ancestors of worthy life : plantation slavery and black heritage at Mount Clare / Teresa S. Moyer foreword by Paul A. Shackel. --
  4. The anthropology of infectious disease / Merrill Singer. --
  5. The archaeology of wak'as : explorations of the sacred in the pre-Columbian Andes / edited by Tamara L. Bray. --
  6. Artistic expressions in Maya architecture : analysis and documentation techniques = Expresiones artísticas en la arquitectura maya : técnicas de análisis y documentación / edited by Cristina Vidal Lorenzo, Gaspar Muñoz Cosme. --
  7. Astronomy and ceremony in the prehistoric Southwest, revisited : collaborations in cultural astronomy / edited by Gregory E. Munson, Todd W. Bostwick, and Tony Hull. --
  8. Babylon : legend, history and the ancient city / Michael Seymour. --
  9. Border medicine : a transcultural history of Mexican American curanderismo / Brett Hendrickson. --
  10. Bridgwater : personality, place and the built environment : from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the 17th century / David Sivier. --
  11. The buried life of things : how objects made history in nineteenth-century Britain / Simon Goldhill. --
  12. Cannibal metaphysics : for a post-structural anthropology / Eduardo Viveiros de Castro translated and edited by Peter Skafish. --
  13. Chasing dichos through Chimayó / Don J. Usner. --
  14. Community and difference : change in late classic Maya villages of the Petexbatun Region / Markus Eberl. --
  15. The conservation of subterranean cultural heritage / editor: Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiologia, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (IRNAS-CSIC), Sevilla, Spain. --
  16. Consuming Ocean Island : stories of people and phosphate from Banaba / Katerina Martina Teaiwa. -- c2015.
  17. Contemporary issues in cultural heritage tourism / edited by Jaime Kaminski, Angela M. Benson and David Arnold. --
  18. The control of nature / John McPhee. -- 1989.
  19. Critical animal geographies : politics, intersections, and hierarchies in a multispecies world / edited by Kathryn Gillespie and Rosemary-Claire Collard. --
  20. Dams and development in China : the moral economy of water and power / Bryan Tilt. --
  21. Dancing tango : passionate encounters in a globalizing world / Kathy Davis. --
  22. Disasters in field research : preparing for and coping with unexpected events / Gillian H. Ice, Darna L. Dufour, and Nancy J. Stevens. --
  23. Discovering the Olmecs : an unconventional history / by David C. Grove. --
  24. Economy and ritual : studies of postsocialist transformations / edited by Stephen Gudeman and Chris Hann. --
  25. Emergence and diversity of modern human behavior in paleolithic Asia / edited by Yousuke Kaifu, Masami Izuho, Ted Goebel, Hiroyuki Sato, and Akira Ono. --
  26. The empty seashell : witchcraft and doubt on an Indonesian island / Nils Bubandt. --
  27. L'etá del bronzo media e recente in Liguria (Italia nord occidentale) : percorsi tecnologici e culturali / Davide Delfino --
  28. The evolution of ceramic production organization in a Maya community / Dean E. Arnold. --
  29. Excavations in the Western Negev Highlands : results of the Negev Emergency Survey 1978-89 / edited by Benjamin A. Saidel, Mordechai Haiman. --
  30. Facets of the past : the challenge of the Balkan neo-eneolithic : proceedings of the international symposium celebrating the 85th birth anniversary of Eugen Comşa : 6-12 October 2008, Bucharest, Romania / responsible editor: Alexandra Comşa editors: Clive Bonsall, Lolita Nikolova. --
  31. The fifth phase of the Iron Age of Liburnia and the cemetery of the hillfort of Dragišić / Dunja Glogović. --
  32. The future / Marc Augé translated by John Howe. --
  33. Genetic geographies : the trouble with ancestry / Catherine Nash. --
  34. The Gresham Ship project : a 16th-century merchantman wrecked in the Princes Channel, Thames Estuary. --
  35. Handbook of methods in cultural anthropology / edited by H. Russell Bernard and Clarence C. Gravlee. --
  36. How Mesopotamian scribes learned to write legal documents : a study of Sumerian model contracts in the Babyloniam Collection at Yale University / Walter R. Bodine with a foreword by William W. Hallo. --
  37. In light of Africa : globalizing blackness in northeast Brazil / Allan Charles Dawson. --
  38. Indigenous education through dance and ceremony : a Mexica palimpsest / Ernesto "Tlahuitollini" Colín. --
  39. Integrating Çatalhöyük : themes from the 2000-2008 seasons / edited by Ian Hodder. --
  40. The invisible citizens of Hong Kong : art and stories of Vietnamese boatpeople / Sophia Suk-mun Law. --
  41. Journal of researches into the natural history and geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle round the world : under the command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R.N. / by Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S... -- 1896.
  42. Landscapes of pilgrimage in Medieval Britain / Martin Locker. --
  43. Lone star Muslims : transnational lives and the South Asian experience in Texas / Ahmed Afzal. --
  44. The maritime archaeology of Alum Bay : two shipwrecks on the north-west coast of the Isle of Wight, England / Julie Satchell, Julian Whitewright with a foreword by Garry Momber and contributions by Nigel Nayling, Peter Northover, Shirley Northover, Nick Cokes, Philippa Naylor, Florencia Malamud, Joe Kelleher, Jon James and Paul Simpson. --
  45. The modern neighbors of Tutankhamun : history, life, and work in the villages of the Theban West Bank / Kees van der Spek. -- 2011.
  46. The murals of Cacaxtla : the power of painting in ancient central Mexico / Claudia Brittenham foreword by Maria Teresa Uriarte Castaneda. --
  47. 'My life is like the summer rose' : Maurizio Tosi e l'archeologia come modo di vivere : papers in honour of Maurizio Tosi for his 70th birthday / editors in chief, C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, B. Genito editor, B. Cerasetti. --
  48. New Guinea tapeworms and Jewish grandmothers : tales of parasites and people / Robert S. Desowitz. -- ©1981.
  49. Of rocks and water : towards an archaeology of place / edited by Ömür Harmanşah. --
  50. Orderly anarchy : sociopolitical evolution in aboriginal California / Robert L. Bettinger. --
  51. Paleoethnobotany on the northern plains : the Tuscany Archaeological Site (EgPn-377), Calgary / Evelyn Siegfried. --
  52. Pathologies of power : health, human rights, and the new war on the poor : with a new preface by the author / Paul Farmer with a foreword by Amartya Sen. -- ©2005.
  53. Patriarchal Africa : the last sunrise : photo-chronicle of the vanishing life / Sergey Yastrzhembskiy. -- 2013.
  54. Prescribing HIV prevention : bringing culture into global health communication / Nicola Bulled. --
  55. Racialized bodies, disabling worlds : storied lives of immigrant Muslim women / Parin Dossa. -- c2009.
  56. Reconstructing human origins : a modern synthesis / Glenn C. Conroy, Herman Pontzer. -- ©2012.
  57. Rethinking colonial pasts through archaeology / edited by Neal Ferris, Rodney Harrison, and Michael V. Wilcox. --
  58. The right spouse : preferential marriages in Tamil Nadu / Isabelle Clark-Decès. --
  59. A Roman military complex and medieval settlement on Church Hill, Calstock, Cornwall : survey and excavation 2007-2010 / Chris Smart with contributions by John Allan [and 22 others]. --
  60. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture : committee study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program / Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. --
  61. The Smithsonian Institution excavation at Tell Jemmeh, Israel,1970-1990 / edited by David Ben-Shlomo and Gus W. Van Beek. --
  62. Social matter(s) : anthropological approaches to materiality / edited by Tryfon Bampilis and Pieter ter Keurs. --
  63. Social-spatial segregation : concepts, processes and outcomes / edited by Christopher D. Lloyd, Ian Shuttleworth, David W.S. Wong. --
  64. Tenahaha and the Wari state : a view of the Middle Horizon from the Cotahuasi Valley / edited by Justin Jennings and Willy Yepez Alvarez. --
  65. Texts from the late Old Babylonian period / by Seth F.C. Richardson. -- ©2010.
  66. Tezcatlipoca : trickster and supreme deity / edited by Elizabeth Baquedano. --
  67. Thinking through sociality : an anthropological interrogation of key concepts / edited by Vered Amit. --
  68. The Tomb of Meryneith at Saqqara / Maarten J. Raven and René van Walsem with contributions by Willem F.M. Beex, Amanda Dunsmore and Ladislava Horáčkova plans by Willem F.M. Beex drawings by Dorothea Schulz and photographs by Peter Jan Bomhof and Anneke J. de Kemp. --
  69. Transforming archaeology : activist practices and prospects / edited by Sonya Atalay, Lee Rains Clauss, Randall H. McGuire and John R. Welch. --
  70. Urban youth and photovoice : visual ethnography in action / Melvin Delgado. --
  71. Violence and civilization : studies of social violence in history and prehistory / edited by Roderick Campbell. --
  72. Von der Dämonologie zum Unbewussten : die Transformation der Anthropologie um 1800 / herausgegeben von Maren Sziede und Helmut Zander. -- 2015.
  73. What Did the Poor Take with Them? : an investigation into Ancient Egyptian Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasty grave assemblages of the non-Elite from Qau, Badari, Matmar and Gurob / Eileen Goulding. --
  74. Why sex matters : a darwinian look at human behavior / Bobbi S. Low. --
  75. Women after all : sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy / Melvin Konner, M.D. --
  76. Woven identities : basketry art of western North America : the collection of the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Santa Fe / by Valerie K. Verzuh photography by Addison Doty and Blair Clark. --
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