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Recent Acquisitions in Anthropology Library

Last update: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 03:33:59 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Aboriginal populations : social, demographic, and epidemiological perspectives / edited by Frank Trovato and Anatole Romaniuk. --
  2. Aging and loss : mourning and maturity in contemporary Japan / Jason Danely. --
  3. Ahlat 2009 : terza campagna di indagini sulle strutture rupestri = third campaign of surveys on the underground structures / a cura di/edited by Roberto Bixio, Andrea De Pascale and Nakış Karamağaralı testi de/texts by Andrea Bixio, Roberto Bixio, Andrea De Pascale, Alessandro Maifredi con il contributo di/with contributions by İrem Yalçın & Elisa Leger. --
  4. Ala di mma in umuohiagu : an Igbo concept of reconciliation and peace : towards an inculturation / Gerald Chukwudi Njoku. --
  5. Ancestors of worthy life : plantation slavery and black heritage at Mount Clare / Teresa S. Moyer foreword by Paul A. Shackel. --
  6. The anthropological field on the margins of Europe, 1945-1991 / Aleksandar Bošković and Chris Hann (eds.). --
  7. The anthropology of infectious disease / Merrill Singer. --
  8. Arapaho stories, songs, and prayers : a bilingual anthology / Andrew Cowell, Alonzo Moss, Sr., and William J. C'Hair. --
  9. The archaeology of smoking and tobacco / Georgia L. Fox foreword by Michael S. Nassaney. --
  10. Archaeomalacology : shells in the archaeological record / edited by Katherine Szabó, Catherine Dupont, Vesna Dimitrijević, Luis Gomez Gastelum, Nathalie Serrand. --
  11. Belonging in Oceania : movement, place-making and multiple identifications / edited by Elfriede Hermann, Wolfgang Kempf and Toon van Meijl. --
  12. The body in language : comparative studies of linguistic embodiment / edited by Matthias Brenzinger and Iwona Kraska-Szlenk. --
  13. Border medicine : a transcultural history of Mexican American curanderismo / Brett Hendrickson. --
  14. Bridgwater : personality, place and the built environment : from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the 17th century / David Sivier. --
  15. The call of the trance / Catherine Clément translated by Chris Turner. -- 2014.
  16. Champions of Buddhism : Weikza cults in contemporary Burma / edited by Bénédicte Brac de La Perrière, Guillaume Rozenberg, and Alicia Turner. --
  17. The character of human institutions : Robin Fox and the rise of biosocial science / Michael Egan, editor. --
  18. Chaupisawakasi y la formación del estado Pukara (400 a.C.-350 d.C.) en la Cuenca norte del Titicaca, Perú / Henry Tantaleán, Carlos Zapata Benites. --
  19. Community and difference : change in late classic Maya villages of the Petexbatun Region / Markus Eberl. --
  20. The conservation of subterranean cultural heritage / editor: Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiologia, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (IRNAS-CSIC), Sevilla, Spain. --
  21. Constructing community : the archaeology of early villages in central New Mexico / Alison E. Rautman. --
  22. The cultural politics of reproduction : migration, health and family making / edited by Maya Unnithan-Kumar and Sunil K. Khanna. --
  23. Dancing tango : passionate encounters in a globalizing world / Kathy Davis. --
  24. A desolate place for a defiant people : the archaeology of maroons, indigenous Americans, and enslaved laborers in the Great Dismal Swamp / Daniel O. Sayers. --
  25. Digital rebellion : the birth of the cyber left / Todd Wolfson. --
  26. Discovering the Olmecs : an unconventional history / by David C. Grove. --
  27. En recuerdo de : the dying art of Mexican cemeteries in the Southwest / Bruce F. Jordan with essays by Martina Will de Chaparro and Tony Mares with an interview by Bryce Milligan. --
  28. Entrepreneurial selves : neoliberal respectability and the making of a Caribbean middle class / Carla Freeman. --
  29. Ethnic and minority cultures as tourist attractions / edited by Anya Diekmann and Melanie Kay Smith. --
  30. Fatal invention : how science, politics, and big business re-create race in the twenty-first century / Dorothy Roberts. -- ©2011.
  31. Female genital cutting in industrialized countries : mutilation or cultural tradition? / Mary Nyangweso. --
  32. The future / Marc Augé translated by John Howe. --
  33. Gay voluntary associations in New York : public sharing and private lives / Moshe Shokeid. -- c2015.
  34. The good life : aspiration, dignity, and the anthropology of wellbeing / Edward F. Fischer. --
  35. Indigenous African knowledge production : food-processing practices among Kenyan rural women / Njoki Nathani Wane. --
  36. Indigenous education through dance and ceremony : a Mexica palimpsest / Ernesto "Tlahuitollini" Colín. --
  37. Integrating Çatalhöyük : themes from the 2000-2008 seasons / edited by Ian Hodder. --
  38. The invisible citizens of Hong Kong : art and stories of Vietnamese boatpeople / Sophia Suk-mun Law. --
  39. Key concepts in race and ethnicity / Nasar Meer. --
  40. Landscape archaeology of the Western Nile Delta / by Joshua R. Trampier. --
  41. License to play : the ludic in Japanese culture / Michal Daliot-Bul. --
  42. Lithic production strategies at the early pleistocene site of Bizat Ruhama, Israel / Yossi Zaidner. --
  43. Living in a landscape of scarcity : materiality and cosmology in West Africa / Laurence Douny. --
  44. Lone star Muslims : transnational lives and the South Asian experience in Texas / Ahmed Afzal. --
  45. Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews : ancient Jewish folk literature reconsidered / edited by Galit Hasan-Rokem and Ithamar Gruenwald. --
  46. The modern neighbors of Tutankhamun : history, life, and work in the villages of the Theban West Bank / Kees van der Spek. -- 2011.
  47. My soul is in Haiti : Protestantism in the Haitian diaspora of the Bahamas / Bertin M. Louis, Jr. --
  48. New insights into the Iron Age archaeology of Edom, southern Jordan : surveys, excavations, and research from the University of California, San Diego - Department of Antiquities of Jordan, Edom Lowlands Regional Archaeology Project (ELRAP) / Thomas E. Levy, Mohammad Najjar, and Erez Ben-Yosef with contributions by Neil G. Smith, Marc A. Beherec, Adolfo Muniz, Thomas Higham, Kyle A. Knabb, Yoav Arbel, Aaron D. Gidding, Ian W.N. Jones, Daniel Frese, Yuval Goren, Stefan Münger, Craig Smitheram, and Christopher A. Rollston. --
  49. Northwest Coast Indian art : an analysis of form / Bill Holm. --
  50. The Old Kingdom cemetery at Tehna / by Elizabeth Thompson, with contributions by E. Alexakis, G. Hayes, B. Ockinga, N. Victor and S. Winlaw. --
  51. Opting for elsewhere : lifestyle migration in the American middle class / Brian A. Hoey. --
  52. The origins of religion in the Paleolithic / Gregory J. Wightman. --
  53. Patterns in the landscape : evaluating characterisation of the historic landscape in the South Pennines / Nigel Smith. --
  54. Pilgrimage tourism of diaspora Africans to Ghana / Ann Reed. --
  55. Political trust and disenchantment with politics : international perspectives / edited by Christina Eder, Ingvill C. Mochmann, Markus Quandt. --
  56. Protests, land rights and riots : postcolonial struggles in Australia in the 1980s / Barry Morris. --
  57. Queer Beirut / by Sofian Merabet. --
  58. Racialized bodies, disabling worlds : storied lives of immigrant Muslim women / Parin Dossa. -- c2009.
  59. Religion, space, and the environment / Sigurd Bergmann. --
  60. Rethinking Asian tourism : culture, encounters and local response / edited by Ploysri Porananond and Victor T. King. --
  61. The right spouse : preferential marriages in Tamil Nadu / Isabelle Clark-Decès. --
  62. Ritual Bones or Common Waste : a Study of Early Medieval Bone Deposits in Northern Europe / J. Thilderkvist. --
  63. A Roman military complex and medieval settlement on Church Hill, Calstock, Cornwall : survey and excavation 2007-2010 / Chris Smart with contributions by John Allan [and 22 others]. --
  64. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture : committee study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program / Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. --
  65. The Smithsonian Institution excavation at Tell Jemmeh, Israel,1970-1990 / edited by David Ben-Shlomo and Gus W. Van Beek. --
  66. Smithsonian stories : chronicle of a golden age, 1964-1984 / Wilton S. Dillon with an introduction by Robert D. Sullivan. --
  67. Social dimensions of medieval disease and disability / edited by Sally Crawford, Christina Lee. --
  68. Social dynamics of ceramic analysis : new techniques and interpretations : papers in honour of Charles C. Kolb / edited by Sandra L. López Varela. --
  69. Social-spatial segregation : concepts, processes and outcomes / edited by Christopher D. Lloyd, Ian Shuttleworth, David W.S. Wong. --
  70. Tenahaha and the Wari state : a view of the Middle Horizon from the Cotahuasi Valley / edited by Justin Jennings and Willy Yepez Alvarez. --
  71. Thebes in the first millennium BC / edited by Elena Pischikova, Julia Budka and Kenneth Griffin. --
  72. The Tomb of Meryneith at Saqqara / Maarten J. Raven and René van Walsem with contributions by Willem F.M. Beex, Amanda Dunsmore and Ladislava Horáčkova plans by Willem F.M. Beex drawings by Dorothea Schulz and photographs by Peter Jan Bomhof and Anneke J. de Kemp. --
  73. Tourism and the power of otherness : seductions of difference / edited by David Picard and Michael A. Di Giovine. --
  74. Toward an anthropology of nation building and unbuilding in Israel / edited and with an introduction by Fran Markowitz, Stephen Sharot, and Moshe Shokeid afterword by Alex Weingrod. --
  75. Transnational LGBT activism : working for sexual rights worldwide / Ryan R. Thoreson. --
  76. Treasures from Native California : the legacy of Russian exploration / Travis Hudson and Craig D. Bates edited by Thomas Blackburn and John R. Johnson foreword by Stephen Watrous afterword by Glenn Farris. --
  77. Twins talk : what twins tell us about person, self, and society / Dona Lee Davis. --
  78. Upper Perené Arawak narratives of history, landscape, and ritual / Elena Mihas with Gregorio Santos Pérez and Delia Rosas Rodríguez. --
  79. Urban youth and photovoice : visual ethnography in action / Melvin Delgado. --
  80. Use-wear and residue analysis in archaeology / João Manuel Marreiros, Juan F. Gibaja Bao, Nuno Ferreira Bicho, editors. --
  81. Victims of progress / John H. Bodley. --
  82. Violence and civilization : studies of social violence in history and prehistory / edited by Roderick Campbell. --
  83. Volunteer tourism : popular humanitarianism in neoliberal times / by Mary Mostafanezhad. --
  84. Von der Dämonologie zum Unbewussten : die Transformation der Anthropologie um 1800 / herausgegeben von Maren Sziede und Helmut Zander. -- 2015.
  85. What Did the Poor Take with Them? : an investigation into Ancient Egyptian Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasty grave assemblages of the non-Elite from Qau, Badari, Matmar and Gurob / Eileen Goulding. --
  86. Why sex matters : a darwinian look at human behavior / Bobbi S. Low. --
  87. Woven identities : basketry art of western North America : the collection of the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Santa Fe / by Valerie K. Verzuh photography by Addison Doty and Blair Clark. --
  88. Yoruba art and language : seeking the African in African art / Rowland Abiodun, Amherst College. --
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