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Find Directories

UC Berkeley Faculty, Staff, and Students: CalNet Directory Services.
University of California Directories.

Electronic Resource Finder: Directories.

Directories that are in print are listed in OskiCat:
All directories have subject terms attached to them, depending on the directory. It is possible to locate directories by profession by using the following subject search: Subject= (profession) Directories. e.g. Subject= Physicists Directories. You may limit OskiCat searches by library on the Berkeley Campus. Link to OskiCat.

Many of our bibliographic databases will have contact information for authors. Do an author search for the person in a relevant database. The full record may include contact information. Link to bibliographic databases.

College and university directories: If you know which college or university a person works, you can usually find them in a directory on their college or university web site. The following links are to directories of Colleges and Universities. Link to World of Learning | Link to Yahoo! Directory, US Colleges and Universities.

Company directories are integrated in The Long Business Library research guide to finding information about companies: Link to Research Guide #4 Company Information.

California government directories are included in the Institute of Government Studies research guide to finding California Local Government Information. Link to California Local Government Information Website.

Federal Government directories are integrated in the Doe/Moffitt Library Website. Link to Government Information.

Links to directories are also available on many of the UC Berkeley subject specialty library web pages. Link to list of libraries and collections.

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