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Stack Carrel Regulations

Assignment of carrels

  • Applicants must be registered graduate students in good standing, with no outstanding blocks or bills. 
  • All carrel assignments expire at the end of the academic year (end of Summer Session), unless they are renewed with the Privileges Desk by the user.
  • If not renewed, carrels must be cleared of all Library materials and personal property by the date of expiration. Dates for renewal of carrels will be posted at the Privileges Desk in advance of the expiration date.
  • Use of books in carrels

    Only Main, Moffitt and NRLF books may be kept in carrels and all must be charged out at the Main Circulation desk. Carrel flags will be inserted in Main Circulation books by the Circulation attendant and must remain in the books. Identification must be shown in order to remove books with flags from the stacks. If a properly completed carrel flag is not in the book, the book will be removed from the carrel by Library staff. Branch library books and personal items cannot be charged to carrels, and thusly cannot be left in assigned carrels.

    NOTE: When returning charged books, place them in the book return bin by the Main Circulation desk on Level A of the stacks so the item may be cleared from your record. Do not place charged books on the tables in the stacks or reshelve them.

    Library use only/uncharged books

    Library Use books may not be kept in carrels. Uncharged books will be cleared from carrels on a daily basis and reshelved so that other users may find them.

    Personal books and books from branch libraries

    Personal books and books from branch libraries cannot be left in carrels. No carrel flags will be issued for these books and no identification will be required of people removing such books from the stacks. Any non-Main, Moffitt and/or NRLF items will be collected in daily sweeps of the carrels.