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Course Reserve Instructions for the Doe & Moffitt Library

Lists are processed in the order they are received

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Submit your undergradute and graduate course reserve requests to The Library as soon as possible to allow adequate time for processing.

Lists are processed in order of receipt. Because of staffing levels and the current volume of reserves, we ask that you limit your lists to 40 titles. Processing time is reduced if we can work directly from the lists you submit. You can assist us in this by observing the guidelines outlined below. We are happy to use your personal copies of books or other items, such as course readers, if you choose to place them on reserve. NOTE: Personal copies and readers must circulate on two-hour reserve. Course readers must be submitted in bound form. Articles in binders or folders will not be accepted. Personal copies and readers will be security tagged to prevent theft. The library will take every precaution to protect personal copies. The library cannot take responsibility for damaged or lost items. You may also want to consider posting articles for your course through bSpace :Electronic Course Reserves (bSpace).

The copyright Law of the United States governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. In accepting photocopies for reserves The Library assumes that the copy or copies have been made in compliance with the fair use provisions of section 107. The reserve units of The Library will not make multiple copies for reserve.

Shelving space is provided for informal reserves. Informal reserves refers to materials faculty may wish to make easily and quickly available for their classes without going through the formal reserve process, e.g. photocopies or a reading assignment. The Library does not provide records or any maintenance of materials on these shelves. The undergraduate informal reserves shelves are located behind the Information Gateway on the third floor of Moffitt Library. The graduate informal reserves shelves are located in Graduate Services, 208 Doe Library.

Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Author's complete name.
  2. UC Berkeley Call number.
  3. Complete title.
  4. Edition/ISBN # -please specify if you need a specific edition
  5. Loan periods: 2-hour or one-day. If no preference is indicated, items will be given 2-hour circulation.

Please go to the Doe/Moffitt Library:
    Undergraduate Course Reserves Application
    Graduate Course Reserves Application

If you have questions about placing materials on course reserve, or if you wish to check the status of your course reserve list, please contact the following:

For undergraduate reserves:  The Reserve Unit - 350D Moffitt Library, behind the Moffitt Library Reference Desk in the Information Gateway, weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm at (510)643-5613, or e-mail

For graduate reserves:  Scott Peterson, Graduate Services - 208 Doe Library, weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm at (510)642-4481, or e-mail