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Collection Description

The Reference Center includes a 20,000 volume humanities, social science, and government document reference collection, a microfiche reference collection, a CD-ROM reference collection and the current periodicals collection. The Reference Center is a non-circulating collection.

The reference collection is a starting point for research in the humanities and social sciences. Several subject areas in the humanities and social sciences are best served by their respective libraries, for example the Hargrove Music Library, or the Thomas J. Long Business and Economics Library. However, the collection includes basic reference sources in all areas of knowledge and scholarship. The research collection is housed in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks (north underground addition), accessible via the circulation area of Doe Library.

Special Shelving Areas in The Reference Center

The basic Doe Reference collection is shelved along the walls of the North Reading Room. The North Reading Room also contains special shelving areas for Dictionaries, Periodical Indexes, Folios, Maps, and Atlases on cases in the middle of the room. The microfiche reference collection is located in Newspapers and Microforms, 40 Doe Library.

The Reference Hall contains current introductory humanities and social science reference sources such as subject encyclopedias, chronologies, and guides to the literature.

The Heyns Reading Room, along with the Rosberg Reading Room, houses the Current Periodicals collection. All the latest unbound issues of journals received for the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks collection are kept here. Earlier issues are bound and located in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks. The latest issues of select journal titles are kept in the Browsing section adjacent to the lounge area at the middle of the Heyns Reading Room.

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