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Public Access Policy
Gardner (MAIN) Stacks and Moffitt Library

Gardner (MAIN) Stacks contains Doe Library's research collections and is reserved as a primary study area for UC Berkeley students and faculty. The Stacks are open to those with a current UC ID, UC Berkeley Library Card or Stanford ID. The general public may be permitted into the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks for research purposes only. Requests for access can be made at the Doe Reference Desk (Doe Library, Floor 2) or via the request access form. Permission for Stacks access is not automatic. Moffitt Library is reserved for the campus community and is open to those with a current UC ID or UC Berkeley Library Card.

Members of the general public who are California residents may gain access by purchasing a UC Berkeley Library Card which also confers borrowing privileges. Apply for a library card at the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, Floor 1). Current government-issued ID and proof of residence are required at the time of application.

General public access is not permitted:

  • to Gardner (MAIN) Stacks for tours, casual visits, or studying with someone else who has access,
  • to Moffitt Library, which is restricted to those with UC ID or a UC Berkeley Library Card
  • for access to Gardner Stacks by visitors under the age of 18 years.

Access to Federal, State and International government documents is guaranteed by law.

For further information contact Mark Marrow (), or Lynn Jones ().