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The Newspapers & Microforms collection includes newsprint, microfilm, microfiche, and micro-opaque. The active newsprint collection numbers over 100 newspaper subscriptions. Titles are regularly archived on microfilm. Several daily newspapers are subscribed to and available on the issue date.


Several daily papers are available for perusing usually on the issue date. These newspapers are for room use only. Included are the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Daily Californian, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Newspapers & Microforms subscribes to over 100 newspapers that are received in newsprint within 1 to 8 weeks after publication. These newspapers are for room use only.


The Newsfilm collection includes international, national and local newspapers, archival and current. Current titles are usually received about 3 months after publication. This collection is arranged geographically in two distinct sections:

  • United States alphabetically by state, then by city, then by title
  • International by country, city and title

General Microfilm

The colleciton contains over 800,000 microfilm reels of books, manuscripts, serials and government documents.

Other Monographs and Serials

Included are the English Short Title Catalog (STC), 1475-1641 and 1641-1745, selected National Archives and Records Administration sets, and various rare collections of international and domestic books and documents, generally in the humanities. In micro-opaque are the Fours Centuries of Spanish Drama, Three Centuries of Early American Plays, and many other special collections.

General Microfiche

Items in the General Microfiche collection are filed by microfiche number.

Government Document Microfiche

U.S. and Foreign governmental documents including patents, the Federal Register, the United Nations microfiche are filed by microfiche number.

Indexes and Microform Guides

Print newspaper indexes for selected newspapers are available, and there is a substantial collection of printed guides to individual microfilm/fiche/opaque sets.

Newspapers & Microforms
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