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Reservation Requests

Morrison Library may be scheduled by groups directly affiliated with UC for evening and public events that support the Library's mission and initiatives. Morrison Library can accommodate events for 50-200 people depending on the type of seating. Preference is given to events open to the campus community and the public. Requests may be denied for a number of reasons such as timing in academic year, availability of staff, scope of event, security concerns, and facilities limitations. Respecting the Morrison Library’s primary role as a library space and collection, requests to schedule Morrison Library during its regular public service hours will not be considered.

A room rental fee is charged. These fees may change and will be confirmed before final agreement with both parties. Additional fees may be charged by other groups providing related services.

Requests for use of Morrison Library must be submitted via the reservation request form, well in advance of the requested date. If the request includes filming or photography other than web casting, learn more about the policies and procedures for filming in the Library.

Morrison Library
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