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Morrison Library Reservation Request

The Morrison Library’s primary role is as a library space and collection.  Individuals and groups directly affiliated with UC may request use of the Morrison Library for a fee for events after regular public service hours, listed on the Library Hours website.  Preference is given to events open to the campus community and the public.  Requests may be denied for reasons such as timing in the academic year, scope of event, security concerns, and facilities limitations. The fee covers the use of the room and will be confirmed before final agreement with both parties. Additional fees charged by other groups providing related services are the responsibility of the event planner.  Fees are subject to change.  The Morrison Library can be closed one hour before the event for setup. Events must be finished by 9 p.m.

* Items with an asterisk are required.
* Event Name: 

* Event Type:

* Campus Department sponsoring event :  

* Anticipated Number of Attendees:  

* Is this event open to the public?   Yes   No

* Date Requested:

* Day of week:  

* Event start time :

* Event end time :

(no earlier than 5pm)
(no later than 9pm, with clean-up by 10pm)

* Is this a catered event?

If yes, please give caterer’s name and phone number:
Does this caterer have experience catering on campus? In the Morrison Library?

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* Will alcohol be provided? Yes   No
The UCPD Alcohol Form must be received by the Library, approved by the Library, faxed to UCPD and approval received by the UL office one week before the event takes place.
Equipment Requested :

Podium and one microphone
Projection screen

Folding chairs
(You can rent AV equipment through Educational Technical Services (ETS) on campus if you need additional items.)

* Will this event be filmed or webcast?
If yes, who is providing this service?:

Yes   No

* I acknowledge room rental fees may apply ($750).

* Method of payment:

BFS Chart String
Check made payable to the UC Regents
Chart String:


By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Conditions and Policies for Use and, if the request is approved, will deliver the rental fees via chart string or by check payable to the UC Regents to the University Librarian Office at least one week prior to the date of the event.

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Additional Forms needed for reservation to be confirmed:
Morrison Library Conditions and Policies for Use Agreement
UCPD Alcohol Permit
Morrison Library
Berkeley CA 94609