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About the Moffitt Undergraduate Collection

A core collection of "best books" in the liberal arts, Moffitt serves a broad campus readership of both undergraduates and non-specialists. Strong in the area of contemporary issues, the collection not only supports the undergraduate curriculum of UC Berkeley but also encourages students to educate themselves about the world outside the classroom and beyond the scope of their disciplines. Access to Moffitt Library is restricted to the campus community and is open to those with a current UC ID or UC Berkeley Library card.

Moffitt/Gardner (MAIN) Stacks Collection Integration

The planning process for the Moffitt Renovation project revealed that while an undergraduate collection does serve some students’ needs, user patterns of students and access policies to the Gardner (MAIN) stacks have changed substantially over the years, minimizing the need for a discrete undergraduate collection. Prior to the Moffitt Library closing for renovation, the Moffitt Collection is undergoing a review to determine the disposition of the books on the fifth floor. Most of these items will move into the Gardner stacks.

When Moffitt Library reopens (currently planned for 2014) the portal to the Gardner Stacks will be much more obvious and inviting and a “Reading Lounge” located on the entry level floor of Moffitt will prominently feature new books for the Doe/Moffitt Libraries.

More information about the Gardner Integration project can be found under “Moffitt Collection Review” on the Moffitt Project Wiki.

Course Reserves

Moffitt also houses reserve readings for most undergraduate courses in the humanities and social sciences, and for selected courses in the sciences and professional fields. Faculty may choose to place materials on reserve for specific courses. Students can check the library catalog to find reserve materials for courses in which they are enrolled.

Loan Periods

Books from the Moffitt Library now circulate to undergraduates and fee-card library users for one month, to graduate students for three months, and to UC Berkeley faculty for one year. Open Reserves, shelved with the regular collection on the 5th floor, can be checked out overnight and are always due back by 4:00 p.m. the following day. Closed Reserves, shelved at the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor (the entry floor), have a 2 hour loan period. See the borrowing books page for more information about renewals, recalls, and searches.

New Acquisitions

Moffitt Undergraduate Collection

Regular Collection & Open Reserves:
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