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Collection Description

Graduate Services houses approximately 25,000 volumes. Except for course reserves, materials are non-circulating.

The Core Collection is a research collection supporting graduate programs in the humanities and history. This collection, largely duplicative of Main stack material, comprises standard editions of core texts, works of major theorists, titles on Masters exams reading lists, and other materials heavily used by graduate students.

The Modern Authors Collection (XMAC) includes the works of major twentieth century English, American, and Anglophone literary authors. See the list of authors selected by the English Dept for this collection. The XMAC collection is shelved separately using its own call number scheme.

Graduate Services also houses a small collection of English and foreign language dictionaries.

Recommendations for additions to the collection by users of Graduate Services are welcome. Please use the Book Purchase Recommendation Form or fill out a card at the desk.

New Acquisitions

Monthly lists of new acquisitions can be found on the Graduate Services blog.

Course Reserves

Reserve materials for many graduate humanities and social sciences courses are located in Graduate Services. All reserve books are kept behind the Graduate Services Circulation Desk. To find out which materials are on reserve for a particular course, choose the "Course Reserves" tab in OskiCat.

Reserve materials may be checked out for the designated circulation period and should only be returned to Graduate Services when they are due. Reserve materials in Graduate Services are not renewable, and patrons who return reserve materials late may be subject to late fees. For more information, see Course Reserves.

Faculty wishing to place print materials on reserve should follow the procedures outlined in Placing Materials on Reserve in Graduate Services. Questions about reserves can be directed to

Shelving space is also provided for informal reserves for graduate classes and study groups. Informal reserves refers to non-Library materials that faculty may wish to make easily and quickly available for their classes without going through the formal reserve process. The Library does not provide records or any maintenance of materials on these shelves.

Purchase Recommendation Form

If you'd like to recommend an item to be added to the collection, please use the Purchase Recommendation Form. Add a note in the Comments section, "For Graduate Services."

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