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Selected California Data and Statistics

General Statistics | Population & Demography | Statistical Databases | Special Subject Statistics

Selected General Statistical Sources

California Budget Documents
Information includes the budget, budget summary, highlights, May revision and Salaries & Wages supplement.
California County Profiles (Dept of Finance)
Annual compilation of selected economic, social, & demographic data for California and its 58 counties
California Economic Indicators ( Dept of Finance)
Bimonthly summary of economic trends and data relating to the State of California.
California Statistical Abstract (Dept. of Finance)
A compilation of data on social, economic, and physical aspects of the State (Dec. 2002 ed.)
Economic Report of the Governor
Statistical appendix for 2002 & 2001 Economic Report; entire 2000 report.
California Quicklinks (U.S. Census Bureau)
Business Quicklinks to: 1997 Economic Census, County Business Patterns, Statistics of U.S. Businesses, Nonemployer statistics, Consolidated Federal Fund Report for all California and its counties, etc.
Counting California (Calif. Digital Library)
California data by subject, agency, and geography
Labor Market Information (Employment Development Dept.)
Information on careers & occupations, unemployment rates, & data by industry/business.
Latest California Economic Data (Dept. of Finance)
Data: employment, income, prices, trade, forecasts, construction and miscellaneous. economic data

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Population and Demographics

California Demographic Research Unit (Dept. of Finance)

California Latino Demographic Databook (UC Data Center)
Most complete social, economic and demographic profile of California Latinos.
California Quicklinks (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
People Quicklinks to 1990 & 2000 census (population, demographics, & housing); 2001 population estimates.

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Statistical Databases

Rand California - UC Berkeley Only
Statistics include: business & economics; population and demographics; education; community; health & socioeconomic; government finance; census; politics & public opinion
DataQuest (Calif. Dept of Education) - Facts about California schools and districts – enrollments, API, dropouts, and more
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California Agricultural Statistics Service (CSS)
Data available online since 1999. Include s: California Agricultural Statistics, 1992-2001, Farm Statistics by County and District 1997, crop production, and more
Crime Statistics (Dept. of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center)
Crime and Delinquency in California; Homicide in California; Hate Crime in California, etc.
Statistical Resources (Calif. Dept. of Health Services) - Vital Statistics, AIDS, medical care and more.
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