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Specialized Treaty Sources

Arms Control and Disarmament and Rules of War| Atomic and Nuclear Energy| Environment| Human Rights| Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patents, etc.| Miscellaneous| National Sources| National Yearbooks of International Law| Native American Indian Sources| Refugees| Regional Organization Sources| Tax and Commerce

Listed below are some treaty collections and finding aids for particular subject areas. The advantage of the subject specific sources listed below is that they gather together the treaties, agreements etc... for a particular topic in one source. They may also contain documents that are not published in the more general treaty research sources. This list is not exhaustive but represents many of the sources available on this campus. There is another Government Information Research Guide, Treaties and International Agreements, which provides more general information on international treaties.

Arms Control and Disarmament and Rules of War

Rules of Warfare; Arms Control  (From the Multilaterals Project, Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University)

Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements: texts and histories of negotiations.
JX1974.A1.U52 1996 GREF and Main
International Treaties Relating to Nuclear Control and Disarmament.
KJ645.I5 v.9 Law Library
Multilateral Agreements. (International Atomic Energy Agency).
KJ645.I5 v.1 Law Library
A Collection of Neutrality Laws, Regulations and Treaties of Various Countries.
JX5355.D4 Main Stacks
Transnational Terrorism: conventions and commentary: a compilation of treaties, agreements and declarations of especial interest to the United States.
KJ801.T73 1992 Law Library
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Atomic and Nuclear Energy

Conventions and Agreements Under IAEA Auspices(International Atomic Energy Agency)

Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Agreements Relating to Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Safety.
KJ645.I5 v.15 Law Library
International Conventions on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage.
K101.L7I571 Law Library
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Environmental Legal Instruments (United Nations Environment Programme)

Register of international treaties and other agreements in the field of the environment. (United Nations Environment Programme), [1991]
HC79.E5.R4342 1991 Main
International Protection of the Environment: treaties and related documents.
Law Library:  K3583.I585 (1975-1982) and K3583.I585 1990 (1990-1995)
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Human Rights

International Human Rights Instruments  (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Human Rights Documents and Materials (Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota)  

Human Rights Documents: compilation of documents pertaining to human rights...
K3238.H853 1983 GREF

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Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Patents

Treaties and Contract Parties (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Copyright Laws and Treaties of the World. (UNESCO & WIPO).
Z552.U53 Main Stacks
Laws and Treaties of the World on the Protection of Performers and Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organisations.
K89.L3 Law Library
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International Labour Conventions and Recommendations, 1919-1981: arranged by subject-matter.
HD7801.I581 1982 Main Stacks; also at Public Health Library as K1702.I5.I562 1982 (includes 1982-1983 supplement)
UNESCO's Standard-Setting Instruments.
JX171.U45 1981 GREF
International Narcotics Control: a source book of conventions, protocols and multilateral agreements 1909-1971.
f HV5801.L53 Alcove, Public Health Library
Design Laws and Treaties of the World.
T215.B64 Main Stacks [In storage at NRLF v. 1 #B 4 261 095, v. 2 #B 4 261 096

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National Sources
Treaty Series. (Canada)
JX355.9.A3 Main Stacks
Treaty Series. (United Kingdom)
This series is part of the Command Papers. Use the annual indexes to the Parliamentary Papers to locate the "Index to the Treaty Series" and "General Index to the Treaty Series" (3-4 year cumulative indexes). These indexes give both the Treaty Series and Command Paper numbers needed to locate a treaty.
Agreements of the Peoples Republic of China.
JX926.1981.C48 GREF
A Calendar of Soviet Treaties.
Law Library: KJ192.S7.S48 (1917-1957); KJ192.S7.S48 1981 (1958-1973);KJ192.S7.S48 1987 (1974-1980).
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National Yearbooks of International Law

Annuaire Francais de Droit International.
Law Lib. KJ7.A53.
Japanese Annual of International Law.
 Law Lib. KJ7.J36.
Chinese Yearbook of International Law
Law Lib. JX7.C48 and East Asia Lib. JX18.C46.
Soviet Yearbook of International Law.
 Law Lib. KJ7.S729 and Main Stacks JX21.S68.
Subject search in Pathfinder:
Use the name of the country and the word "treaties" as search terms. e.g. f su Philippines treaties.

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Native American Indian Sources

Avalon Project, Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Indian Affairs,Laws and Treaties by Charles J. Kappler.
E93.U6995 1904 GREF
List of Indian treaties..., House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs.
J65a.I55 88th Main Stacks.
United States Statutes at Large.
Electronic format: On the Web, treaties that appeared in the Statutes at Large from 1789-1873 are available full text at the Library of Congress's Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation.
Print format: KA10.A2 GREF. (Indian treaties are included through vol. 16).
Microfilm 3542j Newspaper/Microforms Room
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Regional Organization Sources

European Treaty Series. (Council of Europe).
JN18.E89 Main Stacks
European Conventions and Agreements. (Council of Europe).
JX626.C681.1993 GREF
Directory of Community Legislation in Force and Other Acts of the Community Institutions.
JN30.A2.R4 GREF and Microfiche 11040. GREF (latest),
continues: Register of Current Community Legal Instruments.

 Treaties Establishing the European Communities.

JN30.E8T63 1987 GREF.
Basic Documents of African Regional Organizations.
JX1582.A2.S64 GREF.
Treaty Series.(Organization of American States).
Law Lib. KJ112 Ser.A/B
continues: Treaty Series. (Pan American Union) JX4169.P25 Main Stacks.
The Inter-American System: Treaties, Conventions and Other Documents.
Law Lib. KJ112 Ser.A/B Z I45 United Nations Room.
Basic Documents of Asian Regional Organizations.
JX1569.A2.H331 GREF.
Instruments of Economic Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Law Lib. KJ111.A7I57 1975
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Tax and Commerce
Tax Treaties.(CCH).
KF6306.T38 Law Library
Instruments and Selected Documents. (GATT).
HF1721.C65 Main Stacks and Supplement HF1721.C65 Suppl. GREF (latest)
Status of Legal Instruments. (GATT).
HF1721.C6 1971 GREF
Bilateral Investment Treaties. (U.N. Centre on Transnational Corporations).
K3830.4.B551 1988 Main Stacks [In storage at NRLF: #C 3 080 351]

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