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International Trade and Financial Institutions

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This guide serves as a research tool for International Trade and Financial Institutions (IFIs). Please also see the library research guides on the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, International Statistics, and Development Information.

Article Databases

The following are article databases that discuss the role of IFIs within a political, development, or economic context.

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online) (UCB Access Only). International affairs database, with conference proceedings, working papers, and books, journal abstracts, and links to international affairs web sites.

EconLit (UCB Access Only). Comprehensive index to scholarly journal articles in Economics. It also lists books and dissertations, and indexes articles within collective works. Coverage from1969 to the present.

Geography (UCB Access Only). Covers the international literature in international development issues. Coverage frpm 1990 to the present.

IDEAS. Largest bibliographic database on economics on the Internet, this site offers citations to thousands of full-text economics working papers and articles from peer-reviewed economics journals.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (UCB Access Only). Multidisciplinary database indexing journals, books, chapters, and reviews in economics, political science, and sociology, from more than 100 countries.

PAIS International (UC Access Only). International database for materials in public affairs. Topics include agriculture, banking, demographics, the environment, finance, government, law, and political science. Coverage from 1972 to the present.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (UCB Access Only). Provides citations, abstracts in political science, international relations, law, and public administration, from 1984 to present.

The World Bank

The following are some basic research sources for the World Bank. See also the UC Berkeley World Bank Research Guide for more information.

The World Bank is often thought of as a single entity, but in fact the World Bank Group is an association of five closely linked institutions dedicated to fighting poverty and improving living standards worldwide. These institutions include:

Doing Business Database
. Provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement with indicators across 155 economies. Part of the World Bank's rapid response private sector site.

Global Development Finance (UCB Only). Detailed statistical data on government debt for 138 countries reporting to the World Bank.

Global Economic Prospects. Published by the World Bank Development Prospects Group annually. Include forecasts for the global economy and long-term global scenarios.

Joint World Bank/IMF Library. Joint library of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Includes two online catalogs: the JOLIS and Global JOLIS catalogs.

Public Information Centers (PICs). See especially the listing of Project Documents by Type for an informative categorization of World Bank operations: environmental assessments, resettlement plans, sector reports, etc.

Private Sector Development Homepage. Interesting site billed as a "knowledge service specializing in policy advice on business environment reform and privatization policy in developing countries."

World Bank Country Information. Web portal of World Bank publications by country. See also the World Bank Country Study series of reports.  In the online catalogs do a series search for world bank country study

World Bank E-library (UCB Access Only). Database for hundreds of full-text World Bank publications. Topics covered include economics, public policy, education, international development, gender, the environment, and more.

World Development Indicators (UCB Only). Time series data from 1960 for 207 countries in the areas of population, labour, education, economics, the environment and much more. First choice for many statistical indicators.

World Development Sources. Enormous portal of World Bank documents, including working papers, country information, evaluation reports, working papers, and project appraisals.

World Development Report. World Bank flagship publication, hailed by the bank as "an invaluable guide to the economic, social and environmental life of the world today." Different topical focus for each issue.

International Monetary Fund

See also the UC Berkeley library's Guide to Researching the IMF.

Article IV Staff Reports. Country "surveillance reports" conducted by IMF missions teams on an ongoing basis for all member states, and reports made in response to states' requests to borrow funds. Not all reports are made public.

Country Policy Intention Documents. Documents prepared by countries outlining policy intentions for use of Fund resources or staff-monitored programs. Includes several subseries: policy framework papers, poverty reduction strategy papers, etc.

Country Reports. Rich source of information by country: see especially the statistical appendices.

Financial Statistics

IMF Staff Papers
. Economic journal issued three times a year focusing on theoretical and empirical analysis of macroeconomic issues.

IMF Working Papers. Large series of papers dating from 1997 on a wide range of topics: balance of payments, monetary and fiscal issues, global liquidity etc.

World Economic Outlook. IMF survey usually published twice a year, presenting IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Includes an extensive statistical appendix.

World Trade Organization (WTO) & the GATT

Below are some basic sources for research on the GATT and WTO. There are many research guides to the WTO, usually written with a legal emphasis. The UC Berkeley libraries offer a basic WTO Research Guide. Others including the LLRX Guide and NYU Law Library Guide are more comprehensive.

Basic Instruments and Selected Documents. GREF/Main.  K4602.G46. Key WTO/GATT reference tool, containing the texts of legal instruments, decisions, declarations, resolutions, dispute reports, and selected other documents.

GATT Documents/WTO Documents. Microfiche set containing documents from 1984 to 1996 de-restricted by GATT. The fiche set includes committee reports, press releases, speeches, etc. Documents are arranged by fiche number. These documents can be accessed through the List and Index of Documents Issued. Recent documents can be found on the WTO web site

GATT Digital Library. Online library of more than 30,000 GATT documents from 1947 to 1994 is a joint project of the WTO and Stanford University.

International Trade Statistics. WTO statistics on merchandise trade and commercial services by country, region, product group, and service categories.

Trade Policy Review Series. Country series examining the trade policies and practices of the WTO Member nations. Each country is reviewed every few years. The series is also available in print at the UCB libraries.

WTO Documents Online. Central portal for WTO documents online. Includes the following:

WTO Analytical Index: Guide to WTO Law and Practice
. GREF K4602.2.2003. Guide to decisions of WTO panels and bodies. Organized by subject and by WTO Agreement/Article. Preceded by Analytical Index: Guide to GATT Law and Practice GREF K4603 1947 A44.G85 1995 .

United Nations Regional Commissions and Other Bodies

United Nations Economic and Social Council. The United Nations Economic and Social Council is the UN principal organ for coordination of economic work of the five regional economic commissions, listed below.

United Nations and Business Web site. Provides information on partnerships and alliances between the UN and the private sector to help further the UN Millennium Devleopment Goals.

United Nations and Civil Society. Interesting site detailing with new UN focus on partnering with NGOs and the business community.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). United Nations commission with a general mandate to further the harmonization of international trade law.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). United Nations body promoting the integration of developing countries into the world economy. See also the UNCTAD/UNDP Global Programme on Globalization and the UNCTAD/WTO International Trade Center.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). United Nations agency mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation.

Regional Development Banks

African Development Bank
. Regional developmentinstitution engaged in mobilising resources towards the economic and social progress of its member countries.

Asian Development Bank. Multilateral development institution focused on economic development in the Asian region.

Caribbean Development Bank. Regional financial and economic development institution for the Caribbean. Includes Caribbean and selected industrial nations.

Central Banks Web. Comprehensive listing of Central Banks, from the Bank for International Settlements

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Development bank founded in 1991 to provide project financing for Easterm Europe and Cental Asia.

European Central Bank. Central Bank for the currency of the European Union (the euro).

InterAmerican Development Bank. Regional development bank focusing on economic development and technical cooperation projects for Latin America.