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International & Foreign Documents Collections at UC Berkeley

Introduction | Depository Arrangements | Purchase Agreements & Standing Orders | Exchange Agreements | LC Acquisitions Programs | Collection Development Profile


The UC Berkeley libraries participate in selective and full depository programs, exchange agreements, and purchasing plans to build its foreign and international government documents collections. The collections serve the entire campus community, the general public, and non-campus users. The UC Berkeley libraries also participate in a Latin American Research Library Cooperative Program with the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University.

Depository Arrangements

The Library acquires government publications through a variety of depository programs. As a depository library, the Library automatically receives many publications issued by the participating agencies.

Gift & Exchange Arrangements

The library participates in numerous gift and exchange agreements with government agencies worldwide. The following are examples of current gift and exchange agreements for major international and foreign government publications.

Purchase Arrangements & Standing Orders

The Library also purchases a wide range of international government publications not available on deposit or exhange. The following is a list of some of the more important acquisition arrangements:

Library of Congress Acquisition Programs (Selective)

The Library acquires government publications through selected Library of Congress Acquisition Programs (formerly PL-480). The following is a list of most documents received via these programs. For more detailed information about the LC Acquistions program, visit the Library of Congress Overseas Office and Copperative Acquistions web site.

Collection Development Profile

UC Berkeley collects Foreign and International Government Documents & Publications in the following subjects areas: