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European Union Research Guide

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The University of California, Berkeley has received EU publications since 1952 and has been an official depository since 1964. This guide is intended to assist in locating information on the activities and policies of the EU with an emphasis on historical print publications and reference sources. See also the European Union Internet Resources Guide for more current information and databases.


1. The Documentation of the European Communities: A Guide.
JN15 A12 T47 1989 GREF
An explanation of the functions and publications of the EU bodies. Information is updated in European Access.
2. EC 1992 and Beyond: Access to Information.
JN15 A12 T47 1992 GREF
A good description of all aspects of the EU including: principle organs, legislative process and publications, statistics etc. Annotated with UCB call numbers.
3. Dinan, Desmond (ed.) Encyclopedia of the European Union. Boulder : Lynne Reinner Publishers, 1998.
JN30.E52 1998 GREF
A good basic reference work with many cross references, and many entries have bibliographies for further research. Some entries are signed.
4. European community law : an introduction. Edinburgh : Butterworths : Law Society of Scotland, 1991.
KJE949.E39 1991 GREF
Written in short, well-indexed and referenced paragraphs, this book provides a legal perspective, but explains concepts well, if briefly.
5. Working Together: the institutions of the European Community.
HC241.2 N64 1997 GREF
Explains EC institutional bodies and how they work.
6. Jacobs, Francis, et al. The European Parliament. London: Cartermill Publications, 1995
JN36.J33 1995 GREF
7. Westlake, Martin, The Council of the European Union. Rev. ed. London : John Harper, 1999.
JN15.W47 1999 GREF


8. Who's who in the European Union? : interinstitutional directory, 1994- .
JN30.A7 I5 Main, latest in GREF
Web version gives only current directory information. For historic information, please use the print directories listed here.
9. List of members of the Bureau, Parliament, political groups, committees and interparliamentary delegations, 1986- .
JN95.A1.M4 Main, latest in GREF
10. Directory of the European Commission. 1964- .
JN30.A7.D55 Main, latest in GREF
11. Members of the European Parliament . Clickable online map for MEP's by country, also listed by name and political party.


12. Press releases and Newspapers
The Library has access press releases and current awareness-type material from EU Offices or has access via the internet. Some are subscription based and therefore limited to UCB Students only.
13. Europe. Washington D.C., Delegation of the EU, 1979-
HC240 A15 E88 Main
Europe focuses on activities in the EU. Published 10x/year, Europe has been indexed in PAIS Bulletin [available through MELVYL to UC] since its inception, and in Business Periodicals Index since 89/90.
14. Bulletin of the European Union. 1968- .
HC241 E885.B8 Main, latest 10 years in GREF Indexes Covers all institutions of the EU. Reports on proposals issued, meetings, and decisions taken. References pertinent points in earlier issues. The best place to go for "legislative history" information. Good index.
15. General Report on the Activities of the Community. 1967-
JN30 A7G4 Main, latest in GREF
EU's annual comprehensive source of legislative information. Footnotes decisions published in the Official Journal, and references the Bulletin of the European Union, and other related topics in the General Report and earlier General Reports.
16. National implementing measures Internal market. 1991- .
HC241.2.N38 Main, latest in GREF
This report details EU member states legislation which pertains to the white paper.


17. ECLAS - European Communities Libraries Catalogue.
Beginning with 1983. this indexes information from and about the EU including:
A- Main European Union documents (e.g. the Official Journal, COM docs);
B- Official Publications of EU institutions;
C- Articles from approximately 2000 periodicals world-wide which relate to the EU; and
D- Statements from industry.
Each citation has the letter (A-D) designation indicating the type of material. Articles indexed may be in any of the EU Official Languanges, A and B series are indexed in English.
18. European Access. 1989- .
HC241.2 E72 GREF Indexes
Bimonthly publication with current awareness tools such as a chronology and topical "bibliographic essay," indexed at CU Boulder but the main use is as a bibliographic point-of-entry to publications on recent events and issues in the EU. The largest section is "Recent Information" which uses subject divisions to classify information from the EU and other sources. Published in the U.K., items indexed include not only the official documentation of the EU, but also includes the (London) Financial Times, The Economist, and The Journal of Common Market Studies, etc.
19. Documents of the European Communities, or Documents Catalogue.
HC241 A12 D6a GREF (1983-4, 1987- )
HC241 A12 E76 GREF (1985-6) pt B
Indexes COM Documents of the Commission of the EU, the Reports and working papers of the European Parliament, and the Opinions and Reports of the Economic and Social Committee. Documents of the European Communities is divided into three parts: a classified index, an alphabetical (key word) index, and a numerical index.
20. Publications of the European Communities.
HC241 A12 D62 GREF (1987- )
HC241 A12 E76 GREF (1952-86)
Indexes monographs and series publications from the institutions of the EU as well as the periodicals. Publications of the European Communities is divided into three parts: a classified list, list of periodicals, and an index of titles and series. The Office for Official Publications also has an online catalog available for searching.


21. Treaties establishing the European Communities. 1987-1988.
JN30.E8.T63 1987 v.1-2 GREF
22. Treaty on European Union. 1992.
JN30.E8.T631 1992 GREF
Also known as the "Maastricht Treaty."
23.Treaty of Amsterdam amending the Treaty on European Union, the treaties establishing the European Communities and certain related acts.
KJE4443.51997 .T74 1997 GREF
24. The Rome, Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties : the Treaty on Europeaan Union (the Treaty of Rome) and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (the Treaty of Maastricht) amended by the Treaty of Amsterdam : comparative texts. 1st ed. [Genval, Belgium] : Euroconfidentiel, 1999.
KJE4442.3 .T27513 1999 GREF Identifies amendments brought by the Amsterday Treaty to the Treaty on European Union (resulting from the Maastricht Treaty) and to the Treaty establishing the European Inion (the Treaty of Rome amended by the Single Act and the Maastricht Treaty).


25. Official Journal of the European Communities.
A. L & C series. [computer file] (Cumulates annually)
KJE908.O34 compu/d GREF, (1998- )
B. Legislation.
JN30 A2 J63 MAIN (1968-1985)
Microfiche 10853 GREF (1986-1999)
Cited as OJ L, the "L" series of the Official Journal consists of the texts of enacted legislation.
C. Information and Notices.
JN30 A2J62 MAIN (1968-1985)
Cited as OJ C, the "C" series of the OJ consists of a diverse range of information from the various EU institutions. The contents of each issue are broken into the sections "information" and "preparatory acts."
D. Journal officiel des Communautes europeennes.
JN30 A2J6 MAIN (1958-67)
E. Journal officiel de la Communaute europeenne du charbon et de l'acier.
JN30 E8 J6 MAIN (1952-58)
26. Index to the Official Journal of the European Communities.
A. Alphabetical Index.
JN30 A2 J661 GREF (1980-1999); monthly issues: microfiche 10481 GREF (1986-1999)
Since 1983 the Alphabetic Index has been compiled using the Eurovoc (JN30 A2 A663 GREF) multilingual thesaurus. As the Index frequently does not use standard terms, this is a very difficult tool to use successfully.
B. Methodological Table.
JN30 A2 J662 GREF (1980-1999); microfiche 10480 GREF (1986-1999)
The Methodological Tables list and give the OJ reference to all of the legislative acts in numerical order. Two sequences are used: 'Acts whose publication is obligatory,' and 'Acts whose publication is not obligatory.' They have different ways of citing the legislation so it is important to be in the correct section.
C. Index to the Official Journal of the European Community.
JN30 A2 J66 MAIN (1978-79)
D. Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities: Annual Alphabetical and Methodological Index.
JN30 A2 J66 MAIN (1973-77)
E. Journal Officiel. Table annuelle: Analytique et methodologique.
JN30 A2 J66 MAIN (1968-1972)
F. Journal Officiel des Communautes Europeennes. Supplement.
JN 30 A2 J6 MAIN (1958-67)
Bound with the Official Journal.
G. Journal Officiel de la Communaute Europeenne du Charbon et de l'acier. Supplement.
JN30 E8 J6 MAIN (1952-58)
27. Directory of Community Legislation in Force and Other Acts of the Community Institutions.
JN30 A2 R4 GREF (latest);
Microfiche 11040 GREF (1986- )
The Directory gives subject access to OJL. Under broad subject headings (section 1 ) one can find legislation in chronological order (section 2). Each reference gives the full title of the regulation or directive, modifications/amendments, and the Official Journal citation. There is a numerical listing of directives and regulations with cross references to the page of the Directory.
28. Collection of consolidated texts.
JN30.A2.C66 CONSLEG Main
Each issue receives separate cataloging and consists of the consolidated text of a directive, decision or regulation, incorporating all amendments, in each of the official languages of the European Union.

Policy Background Documents

29. COM Documents. Commission of the EU. 1983-
Microfiche 5001 GREF
COM Documents include: proposals for legislation, broad policy documents, and reports on the implementation of policy. Cited as "COM Doc," these are indexed in the Documents Catalog, in European Access (selectively) and in the SCAD Bibliography since 1983. Since 1987 the COM Documents are filed in numerical order. Prior to 1987 it is necessary to find the microfiche sheet number using the Numerical Index in the Documents Catalogue. Many of the earlier COM Docs are found in the European Parliament Reports.
30. CES Opinions and Reports. Economic & Social Committee of the EU. 1984-
Microfiche 6766 GREF
Most of the items in this series are the texts of Opinions of the ESC. A small minority are more substantial reports. CES Opinions and Reports are cited as "CES," and are indexed in the Documents Catalog, in European Access (selectively) and in the SCAD Bibliography. Some years may not be filmed in numerical order. To find the microfiche sheet number with the document it is necessary to consult the Numerical Index in the Documents Catalogue.
31. Reports . European Parliament.
JN32 W6 MAIN (1961-86),
Microfiche 8674 GREF (1985-1998)
These are the documents the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) use in carrying out the business of the European Parliament. They consist of reports from the different committees of the EP. Cited as "PE Doc," these documents and working papers of the European Parliament are indexed in these are indexed in the Documents Catalog, in European Access (selectively) and in the SCAD Bibliography. To find the microfiche sheet number it is necessary to consult the Numerical Index in the Documents Catalogue. Beginning with 1999 these are available only via the WWW.
32. Official Journal of the European Communities: Debates of the European Parliament.
JN30 A3 D4 MAIN(1973-85)
Microfiche 8650 GREF (1986- )
Each issue contains the full text of the debates held during a plenary session of the EP and oral questions submitted. Minutes of plenary sessions are contained in the OJC.
33. COR Opinions and Reports (Committee of the Regions)
KJE10.C66 Main (1996:54- )
A collection of opinions and reports of the Committee of the Regions. All are reprinted in the OJ C.


34. Fact Sheets on the European Union, 1979- .
JN33.F3 GREF (latest) previous volumes in MAIN
Previously entitled Fact sheets on the European Parliament.
35. Accessing European Parliament documentation.
JN36.A27 1996 GREF
36. Texts adopted by the European Parliament.
Microfiche 8673 GREF (1985-1986, 1987:1-13, 16-19); JN36 E92 (1988:11- )
Reprints from the Official Journal of the texts adopted by the EP.
37. EP News or European Parliament News
fJN36.E9 Main, unbound issues in News/Peri


38. Annual Report. 1976-
HC241.2 E2921b MAIN (Unbound in Periodical Room)
Concise reports on the plenary debates of the ESC and its other activities, arranged by subject. Does not cite CES opinions except in the "List of opinions, studies and information reports issued."
39. Bulletin. 1976-
HC241.2 E2921c MAIN (Unbound in Periodical Room)
The Bulletin gives a summary of the debates in each ESC plenary session and other ESC activities. Each issue covers one plenary session and gives a list of COM Documents on the agenda for future meetings. More in-depth than the ESC Annual Report.


The citation looks like: The document can be found in:
OJ C309 19.11.87 p.3 Official Journal C (Information and Notices)
OJ l86 17.3.87 p.5 Official Journal L (Legislation)
COM (87)685 COM (Commission of the EU) Documents
CES (88)745 CES (Economic and Social Committee) Opinions and Reports
PE Doc A2-74/88 EP Reports (European Parliament reports) a.k.a. Working Papers
3.388/196 Debates of the European Parliament
85/870/EEC or 1220/88 A Decision, Directive, Regulation or Agreement - Consult the OJ Index, for the OJ L number