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International Organizations, Education & Culture

This guide serves as a basic research tool for resources in education and culture from international organizations. For additional publications consult Pathfinder (the catalog of the UC Berkeley library) and Melvyl (the catalog for all the UC campuses and other research collections in the state).

International Organizations | Bibliographic Catalogs | Education | Libraries & Archives | Literature & Culture | Statistics

International Organizations

European Union -- EU portal on education resources, which includes:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) United Nations specialized agency working in the fields of education, the arts, the natural and social sciences, communication and information, and culture.

International Labour Organization (ILO) Education Sector. ILO education sector web site. Includes links to ILO publications and news on education.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Girls Education. Includes UNICEF publications on education, especially basic education and gender equality.

United Nations Girls Education Initiative. Launched at the World Education Forum in 2000. Goal is to ensure by 2015 all children complete primary schooling, with girls and boys having equal access to all levels of education.

United Nations University (UNU). Mission is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve pressing global problems. Includes a network of 13 training centres and programs ranging from fisheries training in Iceland to biotechnology education in Latin America.

United Nations Portal on Education. Comprehensive UN portal on education with links to dozens of sites from International Organizations.

United Nations University for Peace. United Nations institution of higher education for peace, based in Costa Rica.

World Bank and Education. World Bank portal on education and development. Includes links to key publications.

UNESCO Bibliographic Catalogs

The following catalogs for UNESCO libraries worldwide contain holdings for books, articles, and other information sources in the fields of education, science, culture and technology. Additional sources may be found on the UNESCO Information Services Site (please not many links are not working).

Asia-Pacific Literacy Database. Publications, best practices, materials on literacy in this region.

Bangkok General Collection. Materials on education science, culture, communication, informatics and the social sciences.

Beijing Bibliographic Catalogue. Sections on education, natural sciences, culture, communications, the social sciences and more.

Havana Bibliographic Catalogue (Informacion Cultural).

Higher Education Bibliography (HEDBIB). UNESCO and International Association of Universities database on all aspects of higher education.

IBE Bibliographic catalogue (IBEDOCS). From the International Bureau on Education.

IIEP periodicals series catalogue (EPIREV). From the International Institute for Educational Planning.

IITE Catalogue. From the Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

Kathmandu Bibliographic Catalogue. List of publications and documentation from the UNESCO office in Nepal.

Nairobi Bibliographic Catalogue (UNESB). Bibliographic records from the UNESCO library in Nairobi.

New Delhi Bibliographic Catalogue.

Santiago Bibliographic Catalogue (BIB).

UIE Online Catalogue. From the UNESCO Institute for Education.

Education Resources

Most of the following databases are taken and annotated from the UNESCO portal on education page. See this for additional databases and directories.

Bangkok ICT in Education databases. Information and communications technologies database for UNESCO Bangkok.

CDS/ISIS Database. The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education. Includes materials on planning, policies, management and development issues.

Educational Facilities (EDFAC). Database on educational facilities and school construction.

EMAP - E-Network on Educational Planning & Management. Requires registration. Directory and database for exchange of expertise and research in educational planning and management.

EPIDOC. References of books, reports and articles in the fields of educational planning, policy, management and development.

Ethics and corruption in education (IIEP). Database from the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP).

Grey literature in Education (GRIDOC). From the UNESCO Education database portal.

RelatED. Good practices for school-based initiatives from around the world. From the NESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE)

UIE Special Literacy Collection. Learning materials on literacy and post-literacy.

Libraries, Archives, & Information Science

Information Technology Observatory Portal. "Monitoring the Development of the Information Society towards Knowledge Societies."

IBE Archives Inventory (IBEARCH). Archives for the International Bureau of Education - work in progress.

UNESCO Documents / Publications (UNESDOC/UNESBIB). The central bibliographic and full-text database for UNESCO documents and publications.

UNESCO Archives Portal. "International gateway to information for archivists and archives users."

UNESCO Libraries Portal. "International gateway to information for librarians and library users."

UNESCO Thesaurus. Structured list of terms used in analysis and retrieval of documents and publications in fields covered by UNESCO.

Literature and Culture

Bibliography of ICOM Publications. From the UNESCO international council of museums (ICOM).

Cities for Peace Database. Municipal projects presented by cities in the context of the UNESCO "Cities for Peace" Prize.

Cultural Heritage Laws. Database of country cultural heritage laws, grouped by region and country.

Index Translationum. International bibliography of translations provided by UNESCO. Includes  books translated in about one hundred UNESCO Member States since 1979.

UNESCO Catalogue of Representative Works. Literature works translated with UNESCO support. The majority have been published in the framework of the UNESCO Catalogue of Representative Works.


Edstats. Education statistics from the World Bank, in collaboration with OECD and UNESCO.

EPA Global Monitoring Report. Nice database offering comparable world education statistics in early childhood, primary and secondary education, and education finance.

International Literacy Explorer. Education statistical comparisons for countries worldwide. From the University of Pennsylvania/Graduate School of Education.

PISA 2003 Educational Database. Internationally standardised educational assessment administered to high school students in 41 countries (OECD).

TIMSS & PIRLS Lighthouse. Datasets from international surveys on student achievement scores in mathematics, science, and reading.

UNESCO Institute of Statistics. Data from over 200 countries in education, science and technology, culture and communication.

USAID Global Education Database (GED). Data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics: primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels, literacy and socio-economic data, since 1970.