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International Organizations, Food & Agriculture

This guide serves as a basic research tool the role of on international organizations in food and agriculture. The UC Berkeley libraries also obtain books and other publications on the issue which can be located by searching in the Pathfinder or Melvyl catalogs.

Digital Libraries & Databases | International Organizations | Statistics

Digital Libraries and Databases

Please also see the FAO Listing of Databases and Information Systems for additional databases and information systems.

AGRIPPA. FAO database of agricultural documents produced by independent authors drawn from the agricultural and development world.

AQUASTAT. FAO's global information system of water and agriculture, providing information on the state of agricultural water management with an emphasis on developing countries.

CAB Abstracts (UCB Access Only). Indexes journals, monographs, conferences, books, annual reports, and other sources from the agricultural literature from more than 100 countries.

Current Agricultural Research Information System (CARIS). Identifies projects dealing with all aspects of agriculture that are being carried out in or on behalf of developing countries.

FAO Corporate Document Depository. FAO documents and publications, as well as selected non-FAO publications, in electronic format. Includes links to major FAO publications like the State of Food and Agriculture and more.

FAO Document Depository. From the New Zealand Digital Library. Digital archive of English, French and Spanish documents from the FAO, as of January 2001.

FAOLEX. Full-text copies of international treaties, laws and regulations related to food, agriculture and renewable natural resources.

FIGIS. FAO fisheries global information system. Network of integrated fisheries information that includes aquaculture, marine species, geographic information and much more.

Food and Nutrition Digital Library. From the New Zealand Digital Library. Publications in the fields of food, nutrition, food policy and nutrition research. Includes publications of the United Nations University, United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN), and the World Food Program.

International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS). Database of more than 2.7 million references identifying world literature dealing with all aspects of agriculture.

International Organizations

Agricultural Development Banks. From the FAO. A comprehensive inventory of Agricultural Development Banks worldwide.

European Commission Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development. EU directorate responsible for the implementation of agriculture and rural development policy.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The major international organization for food and agriculture. Includes datasets, catalogs and information systems on food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries worldwide.

International Cotton Advisory Council. International organization serving as a forum for cotton matters of international significance. Also provides statistics on world cotton and technical information on cotton and textiles.

International Fund for Agricultural Development. Specialized agency of the United Nations financing agricultural development projects in developing countries. Good source of online publications.

International Cocoa Organization. International organization administering International Cocoa Agreements under the auspices of the United Nations.

International Coffee Organization. Main intergovernmental organization for coffee. Site includes detailed coffee statistics.

International Olive Oil Council. Intergovernmental organization in charge of administering the International Olive Oil Agreement.

International Pepper Community. Intergovernmental organization of pepper producing countries.

International Sugar Organization. Intergovernmental body dedicated to improving conditions on the world sugar market through debate, research, and statistics.

World Bank Program in Rural Development Research. World Bank section devoted to agriculture and rural development, including agricultural trade, fisheries, forestry, land policy, etc.

World Food Programme. World's largest humanitarian agency and food aid branch of the United Nations.

World Trade Organization. WTO section on Agriculture. Includes links to agricultural agreement documents and dispute settlements.


AMAD (Agricultural MarketAccess Database). Agricultural tariff & trade data for over 50 countries downloadable as zipped Microsoft Access files. Sources include the FAO, UN, OECD.

Commodity Trade Statistics Database (COMTRADE). (UCB Access Only). Trade data from 130 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country. For many countries, data goes back to 1962. (Please note: Some reported problems using this database with Firefox.)

Country Pasture Profiles. Basic information about the pasture and forage resources of countries worldwide.

Eurostat. Agricultural, fisheries, & food and forestry data from the European Union. (NOTE: Logon permits enhanced downloads for UCB patrons only. Ask at the Doe Reference Desk or contact the International Documents Librarian).

FAOStat. (UCB Access Only). Core agricultural statistics database from the FAO. Provides time series data on food production, prices, detailed agricultural trade, consumption, fisheries, forestry, and more. Access is limited to workstations in Doe Library Data Lab and the Giannini Library (Giannini Hall). For assistance contact the international documents librarian.

FAO Corporate Document Depository. Includes links to major FAO statistical publications like the State of Food and Agriculture, the State of Food Insecurity and much more.

FAS online: Foreign Agricultural Service (US Dept. of Agriculture) US trade data by partner countries including world commodity surveys. 

FIGIS Fishery Statistics. Portal of fishery statistics from the FAO, with links to databases on production, consumption, captures, aquaculture, trade statistics, fishing fleets, and fisheries. Links out in some cases to FAOSTAT (see above).

InfoComm: Market information in the commodities area. From the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

SoureOECD. Includes data sets on agricultural policies in emerging economies, and agricultural outlook forecasts for OECD countries as well as other agricultural and economic data.

Terrastat. Databases containing information on major soil constraints, soil in deserts, population distribution, steeplands analysis, land degradation severity and human-induced land degradation due to agricultural activities.

World Development Indicators. (UCB Access Only). Time series data from the World Bank, annually form 1960. Includes a section on land use and agriculture production.