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Government Information Email Reference

The Government Information IM reference service can no longer be supported via Google talk. While we are investigating a solution, please use the email addresses below to get in touch with a government specialists in International, US, and State government and statistical information.

When the specialist you need is not available, please use our Ask a Government Information Librarian web form. If your research need is more general, please use the Ask a UC Librarian chat service.

Email a Specialist

Librarian Subject Area Phone Number Email
Jim Church United States, International and Foreign Documents (510)768-7611 Send an email
Harrison Dekker Numeric Data (see the Data Lab) (510)423-3282 email: data@library  
Tim Dennis Numeric Data (see the Data Lab) (510)423-3282 email: data@library  
Glenn Gillespie Government Information (510) 642-6830 Send an email
Jim Ronningen California & State Government (510) 642-4400 Send an email

TXT a Librarian

Txt (510) 394-4683 or (510) 394-GOV3 About QR Codes

Privacy Information

The librarian might save the transcript of your chat session for training and research purposes.