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General Foreign Government Resources

Comprehensive Sites | Sites Organized by Region or Affiliation | Elections and Current Events | Rulers | Legislative Bodies | Constitutions, Laws & Treaties | Diplomacy | Reference Sources

Comprehensive Sites

Governments on the WWW. Comprehensive database of governmental institutions, including parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, & multi-governmental institutions (Gunnar Anzinger).

Foreign Governments. Comprehensive directory of foreign government offices, including key ministries and departments. (Northwestern University).

Political Science Resources. Gateway to significant resources in political science, including area studies & government websites. (Richard Kimber, University of Keele).

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Sites Organized by Region or Affiliation

African Country-Specific Pages. Excellent directory of African government sites. Each link leads to a separate page featuring online resources for the country. (African Studies Center, Univ. of Pennsylvania).

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Provides access to scholarly documents, resources and information systems concerned with or relevant to Asian Studies. (Australian National University).

Canadian Government Information on the Internet. Access to major Canadian government sites, government information by subject, municipal information, discussion lists & more. (Mount Allison University & Canadian Depository Services Program).

The Commonwealth. Official website of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, an association of independent sovereign states based on the former colonies of the United Kingdom.

European Governments On-line. Portal for European Union member states, usually including links to the Head of State, the Government, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Via Europa, official website of the European Union).

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LANIC). Extensive collection of resources for countries in Latin America & the Caribbean, including academic research and government sites, political parties, sustainable development and more. (Via University of Texas at Austin).

Russian and East European Resources by Country (REENIC). Similar to LANIC for Russia & Eastern European Countries, with general categories for the Balkans, Central Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, & the Baltics. (Via Univ. of Texas at Austin).

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Elections and Current Events

Election Data Resources on the Internet. Links to Internet sites around the world which provide detailed national and local election statistics, as well as other election resources. (University of Pittsburgh).

Election World. Huge portal of national elections information, including election calendars, electoral news, and election statistics.

Global Newsbank. Comprehensive full text coverage of news summaries, broadcasts and transcripts from hundreds of international sources, all in English. (UCB Only).

Interparliamentary Union (IPU). International organization of Parliaments of sovereign states. Includes two key databases: PARLINE, a database of parliamentary elections information and statistics, and PARLIT, a bibliographic database of parliamentary law and practice.

Liphart Elections Archive. Research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries, including the results at the level of the individual election districts in which votes are converted into seats. (University of California, San Diego).

Psephos: Adam Carr's Election Archives. Comprehensive and up-to-date archive of election statistics in the world, with statistics from 157 countries.

World News Connection. Full text of transcriptions and summaries of radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, and periodicals from nearly every country in the world. Material is selected and translated by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service to serve the needs of United States agencies, so it is especially strong in political, economic and military affairs. (UCB Only).

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Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. Include most governments of the world, some not officially recognized by the United States. Regimes with which the United States has no diplomatic exchanges are indicated by the initials NDE. (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency).

Zárate's Political Collections. World political leaders from 1945 - present, women political leaders, and regional political leaders (Roberto Ortíz de Zárate).

Rulers. Contains lists of heads of state and heads of government, or in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases. World Statesmen. Encyclopedia of nations, colonies, international and religious organizations, and other polities, including Country facts, maps, anthems, flags, links, and multiple indexes.

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Legislative Bodies

Governments on the Web. Includes comprehensive as well as regional directories of world governments, as well as law courts, foreign representatives and international organizations.

Web Sites of National Parliaments. Alphabetical list of the world's parliaments and Congress (Inter-Parliamentary Union).

Web Sites on National Parliaments. Alphabetical list, with additional links to regional parliamentary institutions. (Washington University in St. Louis).

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Constitutions Laws & Treaties

Constitution Finder. Index to constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents. Nations of the world are listed alphabetically. (University of Richmond).

Foreign Government Constitutions, Laws and Treaties. Links to foreign governments, laws and treaty sites (University of Michigan).

Foreign and International Law Resources on the Internet: Annotated. Huge site that allows the user to browse by foreign, international, and federal law, as well as topical guides (Cornell Law Library).

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases. Very nice guide with annotations for foreign legal databases, as well as information about international law, environmental law, human rights, and many other topics (NYU Law Library).

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U.S. Embassies and Other Diplomatic Missions. Embassy contact information for the United States Government, with links to selected missions to international organizations (U.S. State Dept).

Diplomatic List. Contains the names of members of the diplomatic staff of all U.S. missions and their spouses having diplomatic rank. (U.S. State Dept).

Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts. Full contact information with names, addresses & phone numbers of Key United States diplomatic officers serving abroad (U.S. State Dept)

Permanent Missions to the United Nations. Links to homepages of UN Permanent Missions around the world (United Nations).

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Reference Sources

Amnesty International Documents Library. Contains an archive of most Amnesty International reports, news releases and actions published from 1996 to date. Browsable by country, region and theme.

Background Notes. Basic political, economic, historical and cultural information for countries around the world (U.S. State Dept).

Country Studies. Excellent collection of reference books for 102 countries, primarily in the developing world. Each volume contains extensive information on history, politics, economics, culture, and the military (U.S. Library of Congress).

Ethnologue. Catalog of languages and their geographic distribution. (Summer Institute of Linguistics).

Search Engine Colossus. Links to search engines from 195 countries and 38 territories around the world. Multiple search engines are listed for most countries. (International Directory of Search Engines).

World Factbook. Key reference book put out by the United States government. Includes extensive information on the people, government, geography, economy and military of countries around the world (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency).

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