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Canadian Government Information

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Collections Overview

The University of California Berkeley has been a selective Canadian Depository Library since November 1959, and received on deposit a substantial amount of Canadian research monographs, legislative information, statistical data, and annual reports from government agencies. The depository library program supports the University's Canadian Studies Program, one of the leaders of Canadian Studies in the United States.

Library Catalogs

Canadian government documents can be located using the Library's catalogs: Pathfinder (the catalog of materials in UC Berkeley library collections) and Melvyl (the catalog of materials available from the libraries at the ten UC campuses and other research collections in the state). Publications held at other institutions can also be found using the WorldCat or RLIN databases.

Laws & Parliamentary Information

Canada's Parliament. Includes Senate and House directories and the following legislative resources. Most of these are full text back to the first session of the 35th Parliament (1994) (see the Parliament Archives for earliest sessions).

Consolidated Statutes & Regulations. Includes links to the Consolidated Statutes, a Table of Public Statutes, annual statutes issued since the latest consolidation, and Constitutional Laws of Canada.

For information on how to find and use Canadian legislative information, you may wish to consult the following resources:

Finding and Using Canadian Parliamentary Information
. Guide to debates, journals, sessional papers, and committee reports (York University).

Seneca Guide to Canadian Federal Bills, Statutes & Regulations . Lists selected sources of information concerning the creation of statutory law in Canada, including bills, statues & regulations. (Seneca Library).

About the Canada Gazette. Information about the Canada Gazette: the official publication of all legally binding decisions of the Government of Canada, its various boards, agencies, commissions and corporations

Tutorial on the Records of Parliament Online. Excellent tutorial for House of Commons Debates, Journals, bills, and other records of the Parliament of Canada, especially in the online environment. (From University of Saskatchewan Library).

Government Agencies

Official Canadian Home Page. Information about Canada and the government of Canada. Includes a section specially for Non-Canadians.

Departments and Agencies. This comprehensive list provides direct links to the primary websites of Government of Canada, departments and agencies, as well as links to sites maintained by quasi-governmental organizations.

Canadian Government Information on the Internet. An index to Canadian federal provincial, and municipal web sites. See especially the Federal Information link: an extensive subject index to Canadian government sites.

Canadian Information by Subject. An information service developed by the National Library of Canada to provide links to information about Canada from Internet resources around the world.

Industry Canada (Strategis). Impressive site featuring import/export data by country and province, market research reports, company directories, and much more. Trade Data Online includes Canadian and U.S Trade by product and industry, down to the state and provincial level.

Provinces and Territories. Links to Canadian Provincial and Territorial web pages, along with capitals and flags.

Statistics Canada. Statistical agency for the government of Canada. Includes links to a number of free economic and demographic indicators on-line, as well as the Canadian Census.

National Libraries and Depositories

Canadian Depository Home Page. Includes the Weekly Checklist, links to documents online, a catalog of canadian documents, a directory of Canadian Depository Libraries and more.

Canadian Library Gateway (National Library of Canada). Includes links to Canadian library web servers, special collections, and national union catalogs, including AMICUS, the National Library of Canada's Union Catalogue.

Depository Services Program E-Collection.  Links to full-text electronic publications currently available on the Depository Services Program server. Browse by title, subject, or author.

Library of Parliament. From the Canadian Parliamentary Research Branch, the Canadian equivalent of the US Congressional Research Service. Online legislative summaries, backgrounders, modular documents, and other research studies providing background and analysis of legislative issues.

National Library of Canada. Includes links to the National Union Catalogue, a growing digital collection, and many other research tools.

Research Guides

How Canadians Govern Themselves. Presents an introduction to the Government of Canada and how it works. Also includes some of historical information such as a list of Canada's Prime Ministers from 1867 to date.

How Government Works: A Primer. Interactive primer on who does what to whom and why inside the federal government of Canada. From the Canadian Public Service Commission and Institute on Governance.

Structure of the Canadian Government. Digest of the government, it's components, and how it works. Both a directory and an overview of how the government is organized and how to find specific information.