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Foreign Relations & the Department of State

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When researching foreign relations it is important to remember who all the players are. Please refer also to the guide to Congress, the Presidency, and Treaties to take advantage of all of the resources.

Unless otherwise noted, the publications listed are issued by the U.S. Dept. of State.


1. U.S. Dept. of State. Library. Dictionary of international relations terms. 3rd ed. [Washington, D.C.] : Dept. of State Library, 1987.
JX1226 .D521 1987 GREF
2. Bemis, Samuel Flagg, and Griffin, Grace Gardner. Guide to the diplomatic history of the United States, 1775-1921. Washington, U.S. Govt. Print Off., 1935; Gloucester, Mass.: P. Smith, 1959
JX1404.B4 GREF
3. Brune, Lester H. Chronological history of United States foreign relations, 1776 to January 20, 1981. New York : Garland
E183.7.B745 1985 GREF v.1-3
[v.1-2 covers 1776 to January 20, 1981, v. 3 covers January 12, 1981 to January 20, 1989, the Reagan years.]
4. Findling, John E. Dictionary of American diplomatic history. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. New York : Greenwood Press, c1989.
E183.7.F5 1989 Doe Reference
5. Encyclopedia of American foreign policy New York : Scribner c2002
JX1407 .E53 2002 Doe Reference
6. Nolan, Cathal J. Greenwood encyclopedia of international relations Westport, CT : Greenwood Pub., 2002
JZ1160 .N65 2002 Doe Reference
7. Guide to American foreign relations since 1700. Edited by Richard Dean Burns. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio, [1983]
E183.7.A12.G84 GREF & Doe Reference
8. Handlin, Oscar. Harvard guide to American history. Cambridge, Mass., Belknap Press, 1963 [c1953]
E4.H27 GREF 1974 ed: Doe Reference E178.A12.F74
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8. Department Organization of the Department of State.
Archival: July 2000
9. Diplomatic list. (2001 to present)
JX1705.A22 Doe Reference / Directories (latest)
Prior Years in Main Stacks: Oct 1928-1982, May 1983-Aug 1989, 1990-May 1992, Nov 1993-summer 2000, fall 2001-
10. Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts. (Current).
  • Archive: 1994-1995
    tJX1705.A255 Main
    1974-June 1998 [NRLF: 1974-80, Jan 1981, May 1981, Sept. 1981, 1982-83, May-Sept 1984, 1985-1993, spring 1994, fall 1994]
    11. Foreign consular offices in the United States. (Note: Changes occur daily)
    JX1705.A28 Doe Reference Directories (latest).
    Prior Years in Main Stacks: 1921-1923, 1932-1948, 1950-1951, 1954-1969, 1971-1999, spring/summer 2000, spring/summer 2001-fall/winter 2003-
    12. The Biographic register. Washington, U.S. G.P.O.
    JK851.A3 MAIN
    1869/70, 1872, Mar 1874-Oct 1874, 1876, 1884-1888, 1892-1895, 1897-1898, 1903, 1907, Aug 1907-1918, 1922, 1924-1946, 1948-11951, 1954-1964,1966-1974
    13. List of U.S. diplomatic officers, 1789-1939.
    Guide: CD3022.A2x no. M586 GREF
    Microfilm: 78261 News/Micro Library has: v.1-3
    14. List of U.S. consular officers, 1789-1939.
    Guide: CD3022.A2x no.M587 GREF
    Microfilm: 78260 News/Micro
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    Major Publications

    15. Department of State Bulletin.
    Continued by: US Department of State dispatch.
    JX232.A28 MAIN (July 1939)-89:2153 (December 1989)
    Published weekly (July 1939-1989), includes information on current developments in the American foreign relations and the work of the Department of State and Foreign Service. It replaces the Department's weekly Press Releases [JX232.A3; 1(1)(Oct 1929)-20(508)(June 1939)] and monthly Treaty Information Bulletin [JX232 .A35; 1(Oct 1929)-117(June 1939)]. It includes press releases, official statements of policy, texts of important documents, the United States position in the United Nations, articles by department officials, and information on treaties.
    16. U.S. Department of State Dispatch.
    Continues: Department of State bulletin.
    JX232.A281 MAIN 1(1990)-10 (1999)
  • Archive via DOSFAN (1993-1996)
  • Archive via U.S. Department of State (1997-1999)
    Dispatch published by the Office of Public Communication's Bureau of Public Affairs provides the major speeches and congressional testimony from the State Department.
    17. Foreign policy bulletin (Washington, D.C.). Washington, D.C. : Paul E. Auerswald
    JX232.F67 MAIN Latest 2 years in GREF 1(1990-91)-
    "...the documentary record of United States foreign policy.... A private publication, using the same format as the discontinued Department of State Bulletin and maintaining continuity with that publication while offering additional materials as well."
    18. Foreign relations of the United States. Washington, U.S. G.P.O.
    JX233.A3 MAIN (Some indexes shelved in GREF) (1861- )
  • List of All Volumes via U.S. Department of State
  • FRUS Volumes, Summaries and Press Releases via DOSFAN
  • Foreign Relations of the United States via the University of Wisconsin Libraries (1863 forward)
  • Department of State, Office of the Historian includes description and listing of online volumes beginning with Truman Administration.
    This series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian, the series began in 1861 and now comprises more than 350 volumes. The volumes published since 1980 increasingly contain declassified records from all the foreign affairs agencies.
    19. U.S. Bureau of Manufactures (Dept. of Commerce and Labor). Monthly Consular and Trade Reports.
    REPORTS: Main HC1.A23 1-357, 1880-1910 Shelved off campus: v. 1-357
    Main Stack HC1.A23 Index, no.1-59 (v. 1-17) (1880-1885)
    Main HC1.A23 Index, no.60-111 (vols. 18 to 31) 1886-1889.
    Main HC1.A23 Index, no.112-151 (vols. 32 to 41)
    Main HC1.A23 Index, no.152-203 (vols. 42 to 54).
    Main HC1.A23 Index, no.204-239 (vols. 55 to 63).
    20. U.S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries.
    HF105.A25 MAIN Library has: 1-66, 1855/56-1912.
    21. Current policy.
    Excerpts of key statements found in: Current policy digest.
    JX232.A26 MAIN (2-1076, 1078-1148, 1150-1153, 1155-1176, 1181-1182, 1184-1185, 1187, 1189-1193, 1195, 1197-1206, 1208-1214, 1216-1219, 1221, 1223-1225, 1227-1232, 1235-1239, 1241-1247, 1249, 1251-1269, 1271-1272, 1274-1275, 1279, 1281-1283, 1286-1292, 1295-1296, 1299, 1301-1303, 1305-1309 [1990])
    22. Current policy digest. Washington, D.C. :Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs.
    Contains "exerpts of key statements from selected Current policy texts".
    JX232.A261 MAIN BOUND 15(Apr 1986)-30(Aug 1987)
    23. Background notes.
    Facts on the country's land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and its relations with other countries and the United States. In addition to the Background Note for each country listed below, each country has a "country page" containing additional information about the country.
    24. Annual Reports to Congress:

  • Country reports on economic policy and trade practices.(1993 to present)
  • HC59.C735 Latest year in Doe Reference Govt/Stat
    Prior Years in Main Stacks: 1989-
  • Annual report, international religious freedom. (1999 to present)
  • BV741 .U55 Latest year in Doe Reference Govt/Stat
    Prior Years in Main Stacks: 1998/99-
  • Patterns of Global Terrorism (1996 to present)
  • HV6431.U53 Latest year in Doe Reference Govt/Stat
    Prior Years in Main Stacks: 1989/90-
  • Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking in Persons Report (2001 to present)
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    Oral Histories

    24. Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Frontline diplomacy: the U.S. Foreign Affairs oral history collection. Edited by Marilyn Bentley and Marie Warner. Arlington, Virginia : , c2000.
    Doe Reference Desk
    E747.F7 2000 compu/d DREF
    Contains transcripts of interviews with 893 diplomats spanning the major diplomatic crises and issues that faced the U.S. during the second half of the twentieth century.
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    Declassified Documents

    There are different ways of locating declassified documents in The Library. The library owns many microfilm sets of declassified CIA and FBI documents. There are also several WWW resources available that UCB subscribes to.

    25. Declassified Documents Reference System (DDRS) Primary Source Media, a division of Gale Group UC only
    Executive Order 11652 revised regulations governing the handling of classified U.S. security information. Thousands of post-WWII government documents which were formerly classified as TOP SECRET, SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL have since been declassified under mandatory review provisions of the order.

    The material in the Declassified Documents collections originated primarily in the CIA, the State Dept., and various components of the Dept. of Defense. There are, however, numerous documents from other government author organizations, such as the National Security Council, the White House, and the FBI. The documents range in size and scope from telegrams, correspodence and unevaluated field reports to lengthy background studies and detailed minutes of cabinet level meetings.

    26. Digital National Security Archive, The National Security Archive. UC only
    The Digital National Security Archive contains the most comprehensive collection of primary documents available: The database contains more than 35,000 of the most important, declassified documents that led to the policy decisions. The Collections: The Digital National Security Archive contains twelve complete collections, Afghanistan, Berlin Crisis 1958-1962, Cuban Missile Crisis, El Salvador, Iran-Contra Affair, Intelligence Community, Iran Revolution, Military Uses of Space, Nicaragua, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Philippines, and South Africa.

    27. Declassified State Department & Other Agency Documents via State Department
    Collection consists of releasable documents on subjects which have been frequently requested by the public through Freedom of Information Act requests. Topics range from Amelia Earhart to State Chile and El Salvador.

    28. National Security Archive via George Washington University
    Provides online access to critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, and intelligence policy. While it does not include all the resources in the Digital National Security Archive(#26), the Electronic Briefing Books are comprehensive.
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    Records of the Department of State

    There are a number of series that UCB has purchased from the National Archives collections of State Department records. (e.g. Despatches from United States consuls in Antung, Manchuria, China, 1904-1906). Titles to search include:

    diplomatic instructions (as key word)
    despatches from u.s. consul#
    records of the department of state relating to internal affairs of ...
    records of the department of state relating to political relations between ...
    There are also guides of these resources relating to areas of the world (not all have been updated recently, so be sure to check the catalogs for new acquisitions.)
    Microform Collections Relating to Eastern Europe
    Microform Collections Relating to Latin America
    Microform Collections Relating to Subsaharan Africa
    Microform Collections Relating to the Middle East and North Africa
    29. Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States
    Web version of the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States is based on a paper version with the same title compiled by Robert B. Matchette et al in 1995 [CD3026 1995 Doe Reference Govt/Stat]. This version incorporates descriptive information about federal records acquired by the National Archives after the 1995 paper edition went to press, and it is regularly updated to reflect new acquisitions of federal records. See: General Records of the Department of State (Record Group 59)

    30. Microfilm Publications Catalog
    Web version of United States. National Archives and Records Administration. Microfilm resources for research : a comprehensive catalog. Washington, D.C. : Published for the National Archives and Records Administration by the National Archives Trust Fund Board, 1996. [CD3026 1996 Doe Reference]

    31. Haines, Gerald K. A Reference Guide to United States Department of State Special Files Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1985.
    CD3031 1985 GREF

    Selected Internet Resources

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