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Congressional Coverage and Policy Synopsis

Published Daily
CongressDail, Washington, D.C., National Journal Group Inc. (Feb 1997-present). UC Access Only
CongressDaily, focuses on time-sensitive stories about legislative and campaign activity on Capitol Hill and at the White House. Coverage includes daily updates on happenings at committee hearings, bill markups, and on the floor of the House and Senate, as well as schedules of upcoming events. CongressDaily is a good starting point in any research involving current public policy issues.

The Hotline, Washington, D.C., National Journal Group Inc. (May 1987-present). UC Access Only
The Hotline "covers the coverage" on political news from hundreds of newspapers, magazines, online sources, press releases, and radio and TV news shows.

Washington Post (1977 to present) via Lexis/Nexis Congressional's Inside Washington UC Access Only
One of The Post's greatest strengths is its national political coverage and investigative reporting of federal government and Washington metropolitan affairs. A special team of investigative reporters delves into government policies and operations in Washington and abroad.

See also the Washington Post's on Politics: In Congress and the Administration.

Published Bi-Weekly/Weekly

Congressional quarterly weekly report. Washington D.C., Congressional Quarterly, Inc. (1983 to present) UC Access Only
JK1.C15 Main (1956- ), Latest 5 years in GREF
Weekly update for current legislation and what's happening in Congress. CQ often has articles about a particular piece of legislation, or various pieces of legislation on a particular topic and will talk about the various factors at work on the bill.

The Hill Capitol Hill Publishing Corp. (1995 - present) via Lexis/Nexis Congressional's Inside Washington. UC Access Only
Published weekly, The Hill is the newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress. The Hill reports and analyzes the actions of Congress, and how they are influenced by constituents, congressional leaders, the administration, lobbyists and the news media.
Current and archives (June 1999 to present) of The Hill via the internet.

National Journal, Washington, D.C., National Journal Group Inc. (Jan 19, 1977-present) UC Access Only
JK1.N28 Main (1969-), Latest 5 years in GREF
National Journal is a weekly magazine covering federal government policy making with an emphasis on politics, policy and government. Use articles in the National Journal to begin research on legislative actions and to evaluate the factors affecting the actions of the executive and legislative branches. National Journal identifies and tracks emerging issues and prepares detailed reports of federal government activities.

Roll Call (1989-present) via Lexis/Nexis Congressional's Inside Washington UC Access Only
Published Monday through Thursday while Congress is in session (Mondays only during recess), Roll Call provides up-to-the-minute news of the legislative and political maneuvers that happen every day on Capitol Hill. News about Members and their staffs; campaign news, finance and race-by-race analysis; issue briefs; analyses of House and Senate legislative activity and upcoming events; lobbying information; and general news about "Capitol Hill."


Congressional quarterly almanac. Washington, D.C. : Congressional Quarterly News Features.
JK1.C64 Main (1949- ), Latest 10 years in GREF
The Almanac has stories tracking legislation that received action at the full committee, floor, or conference level. It pulls together all recorded votes in the House and Senate, important presidential statements and responses from members of Congress, and public laws. It includes the CQ Vote Studies.

Major studies & issue briefs of the Congressional Research Service. Bibliography & indexes. Bethesda, Md. : UPA.

Index: JK1108 M353 GREF Indexes
Microfiche set: 19151 Periodicals
JK1108 M35 1989 GREF Indexes
Microfilm - the microfilm for 1969-1989 is owned by several UC Campuses. Please ask at Doe Reference Desk for loan information.

The CRS Studies and Issues Briefs are a compilation of studies done by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress for Members of Congress. These include nonpartisan research and analysis on issues ranging from cigarette advertising, food labelling, to teen pregnancy, trade with South Korea or Vietnam, immigration, and much more.