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About the Federal Documents Collection at UCB
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The UC Berkeley Library houses one of the most comprehensive United States government documents collections in the country. The Library has been a depository for federal government publications since 1884 but the collection dates back to the founding of the nation. In 2009, the Library celebrates the 125th anniversary of Federal Depository Library designation with an exhibit . Currently, the Library selects over 80 percent of the materials offered to depositories. The collection includes Congressional publications, Presidential papers, Census materials, statistical reports, and reports published by many federal agencies and departments. The Library is one of over a thousand Federal Depository Libraries accross the United States. Click here to see a map of Federal Depository Libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Access to United States government documents in a federal depository library is guarenteed by law. Doe Library houses the principle collection of United States (federal) documents. Collection strengths include the administration and legislative organization of the government, compilations of social and economic statistics, and other categories in the social sciences including economic history and conditions, trade and commerce, political science, and social and public welfare. Federal documents on specific subjects may also be found in the many subject libraries on campus. For questions on UC Berkeley's government documents collections, please feel free to contact us via our web form.