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Computers in Doe/Moffitt
Doe & Moffitt Libraries

Computers in the Doe & Moffitt Libraries

Computers with access to library resources and the Internet are available in various locations. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff doing research are given priority for use. Information about use privileges and responsibilities is available from the UC Berkeley Library Computer Use Policy and the UC Berkeley Computer Use Policy.

  • Computers require a CalNet ID for unrestricted Internet access (the 3rd floor of Moffitt requires a CalNet ID for any computer access)
  • Research access to the internet is available to all users (with exception of Moffitt Library's 3rd floor where use requires a CalNet ID; details regarding research access]
  • For information on the campus' wireless network, see Wi-Fi section of this page

Workstations are equipped for sound. You are encouraged to bring headphones (mini plug type) if you require audio. Moffitt's Circulation Desk has sets for local use and also loans power strips and phone chargers (equipment loans limited to students, faculty and staff). For information on assistive technology or support, see guide to Library Resources for Persons with Disabilities.

Resources by location | Printing, scanning, downloading and USB drives | Word processing and desktop applications, Wi-Fi | Off-campus access

Resources by location

* Some computers have special resources/conditions of use *

Doe Library, Basement (rm. 40)

Newspapers & Microforms
  • Several workstations, print station (b/w), scanner, AirBears/Airbears2

Doe Library, Floor 1

190 Doe (adjacent to the North Entrance of Doe)
  • Many workstations; one wheelchair accessible, print station (b/w), AirBears/Airbears2
South/Southeast Asia Library
  • Several workstations, scanner, AirBears/Airbears2

Doe Library, Floor 2

Doe Reference Hall
  • Many workstations; 3 wheelchair accessible, print stations (b/w, color), scanner, AirBears/Airbears2
Heyns Reading Room
  • 10+ workstations, scanner, AirBears/Airbears2
Graduate Services
  • Several workstations, scanner, AirBears/Airbears2
  • UCB Graduate or Faculty ID required for entrance
Rosberg Reading Room
  • Several workstations, AirBears/Airbears2

Moffitt Library, Floor 3 (entry level)

  • Many workstations; one wheelchair accessible, print stations (b/w, color), scanners, AirBears/Airbears2
  • MUSILAN (Music Reserves) [ browse to ]
  • CalNet ID required for computer use
  • UC ID required for building entrance
  • Site upgrade in progress - temporary disruption to equipment/services may occur

Gardner (MAIN) Stacks

  • Many workstations (most on levels C & D), printers (b/w), scanners, AirBears/Airbears2
  • UC ID required for building entrance

Printing, Scanning, Downloading and USB drives

Printing and Scanning are available from library computers and from bookscan stations, respectively. Printing requires payment via the Cal 1 Card system; scanning is free. For details see the Library printing and scanning page.

  • The Moffitt Library houses a full service Copy Center, which provides expanded copy services and alternate payment options

Downloading is possible to USB flash drives. Users who need to aquire a drive, can do so at the Moffitt Copy Center (Moffitt Library, Third Floor, Room 321 | 510/643-7427)

USB drives can be accessed via the USB Drive icon on computer desktops

  • read only mode, allows printing and verification of data saved
  • use Eject USB Device icon on desktop to disconnect drive before removal
  • Moffitt Library 3rd floor computers allow users to open files for editing (CalNet ID required; access and disconnect drive via the standard computing practice for the operating system chosen)

Word processing, standard desktop applications

Word Processing and other desktop applications are available on the 3rd floor of the Moffitt Library and at the Moffitt Microcomputer Facility (1st floor Moffitt Library: printers, scanners, and various assistive technology available). Both locations require CalNet ID, both offer a choice of Mac or Windows environments. Those without a CalNet ID requiring general computer use are advised to visit a commercial service near campus.



The AirBears wireless network is available throughout the Doe & Moffitt Libraries and the Gardner Stacks. Use requires a CalNet ID. [AirBears setup instructions]

  • The Library does not provide CalNet IDs or AirBears guest accounts
  • Official visiting scholars and campus affiliates may request CalNet IDs or AirBears guest accounts from their sponsoring department
  • The Cal Alumni Association provides temporary AirBears accounts for members (contact Alumni House for details)


AirBears2 is a campus wireless network that provides simplified authentication and improved confidentiality for data transfer (requires a CalNet ID, no guest accounts, coverage is similar to AirBears). In order to use AirBears2, users must first generate an AirBears2 key.

Technical support for AirBears and AirBears2 is available from the Student Computer Consulting Service (walk-in basis or by appointment).

  • Faculty and staff can also contact Campus Shared Services (phone: 510-664-9000 > select 1 for IT support > select 1 for telephone and network support > select 2 for data and netwok support)
  • Campus posting of known network disruptions/outages

Off-campus access to resources

Off-campus access is available to most online library resources, such as library catalogs and article databases (requires CalNet ID). The Library guide, Connecting from Off Campus, discusses setup options.

Library-wide information on computing resources is available via the guide to Computers in the Libraries.