Instructions for Application and Reimbursement

Instructions for Application and Reimbursement

Follow these three steps to participate in the Berkeley Research Impact Initiative. If you have any questions throughout the process, send an e-mail to "openaccess" at lists dot berkeley dot edu.

  1. Apply for approval.

    PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT accepting new applications for BRII funding at this time. If you have already been approved for funding you may still submit your reimbursement request. - 3/12/2014

    Complete the Application for Funding form and submit it online. Inquiries about approval can be made before or upon submission, or at the point of acceptance. As of January 2014, due to the popularity of the BRII program, we are only able to fund one application per calendar year.

    If article is accepted and BRII request is approved:

  2. Pay publisher directly.

    Some authors will pay open access fees to their publisher using a personal check or credit card. Other authors may have campus funds to use. Be sure to keep proof of payment, since this is required by campus for any sort of reimbursement. An acceptable proof of payment has the following components:

    1. Name of Payee - Who did you pay for the goods or services.
    2. Amount of the Charge - How much did you pay for the goods or services.
    3. Transaction Date - When did you buy the goods or services.
    4. Form of Payment - What form of payment was used to purchase those goods or services.
    5. Description of the goods or services purchased - An invoice may be provided to show this.

  3. Apply for reimbursement from BRII.

    Please be sure you have applied for BRII funding and been approved before you fill out this form.

    For Authors: Select either Payment Request Form or Interdepartmental Order Form reimbursement depending on source of original payment. Send forms and proof of payment as indicated on the forms. Reimbursement requests must be received within 6 months of the article publication date (or date of invoice from the publisher.)

    • Payment Request Form (PDF): use this form if personal funds were used to pay the publisher's fees for open access. Be sure to attach proof of payment.

      Be prepared to provide proof of payment:

      • If a personal check was used for payment, the canceled check is required. In lieu of the original check, a copy of the check will be accepted if front and back is presented with bank endorsement. Original and/or copies of credit card receipts are also acceptable.

      • Original receipts are required by the campus.

    • Interdepartmental Order Form (Author application) (PDF): use this form if campus funds were used to pay the publisher's fees for open access. We suggest you ask your departmental accountant to complete this form. Be sure to attach proof of payment, which consists of the following:
      1. A copy of the invoice, and
      2. A copy of the voucher from BearBuy or BFS.

    For Publishers: Fill out the Interdepartmental Order Form (Publisher application). Fill out forms completely and send in forms.

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