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Fulltext Tests & Measures

PsycTESTS from APA -- primarily unpublished tests, most (but not all) records include the actual test instrument. Also provides information about psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments including descriptive information about the test and its development and administration. This can be a bit tricky to use, here's a quick guide on how to use it with Screenshots on searching PsycTESTS via SlideShare.

eBooks and books with full-text scales:

  • IQ and psychometric test workbook (ebook). Full-text tests for personality, aptitude and intelligence.
  • Measuring Race and Ethnicity (print and ebook). Measures racial attitudes.
  • Test Bibliographies with Full-text Tests. Identifies books containing full-text tests. Books are located within the EDP Library Reference Collection.
  • Assessing Common Mental Health and Addiction Issues with Free-Access Instruments (EdPsych RC473 P78 S26 2013)
  • Online searchable sites with full-text scales:

  • Center for AIDS Prevention. UCSF. Full-text instruments by topic.
  • Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services. Full-text assessment instruments by topic.
  • Generalized Perceived Self-Efficacy Scale (Ralf Schwarzer). Full-text scale included.
  • Geriatric Depression Scale. Full-text scale included. Aging Clinical Research Center--Stanford.
  • Network for Research on Experimental Psychotherapies. Full-text instruments.
  • Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory with full-text scale. Richard Tolman--University of Michigan.
  • Relationship Questionnaires and Scales. Full-text scales included. Trent University.

    General Resources for Tests

    Sites with test information:

  • APA's Statement on Psychological Tests. The Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA) statement on the use of psychological tests by graduate and undergraduate students.
  • APA on finding tests.
  • UT Austin Tests and Assessments Research Guide.
  • Western Psychological Services. Publisher of tests and assessments for psychologists.
  • Tests & Scales

    Tests, Scales and Measurements

    Finding complete instruments (tests or scales) can be challenging. Test publishers do not allow libraries to buy buy copyrighted tests and circulate them like we do books. In general, they want to sell them to researchers on an individual basis. Sometimes the full text of a test can be found in a journal or in the appendix of a dissertation, and a few instruments or tests are in the public domain and are easy to find in books or even on the internet.  PsycTESTS from the APA provides primarily unpublished tests, most (but not all) records include the actual test instrument.

    Other tests can be identified (and sometimes found full text), by using research databases. PsycInfo has a particularly helpful search feature which allows you to find research based on a particular test or measure. Other helpful databases include Social Services AbstractsSociological Abstracts and Social Work Abstracts.  Online indexes, like Buros Mental Measurements,  identify instruments available for purchase.

    For more on specific educational tests, see EDP Tests.

    The library reference collection contains several print and a few digital book compilations of full-text tests available in the public domain. See Test Bibliographies for more information.

    Finding Tests

    Online indexes to find tests and measures in print:

  • Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Test locator for reviews of tests in print. See also print version of Mental Measurements Yearbooks and Test-in-Print in the EDP Library reference collection. Index only. 
  • Buros Institute of Mental Measurements Yearbook Indexes. Index only. Maintained by University of Nebraska.
  • Inventory of Instruments Assessing Violent Behavior and Related Constructs in Children and Adolescents. Bibliography only.
  • Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences. University of Texas, Arlington. Use Refworks link to connect to UCB books via Oskicat containing full-text tests.
  • Tests in Books. University of South Florida Test and Measures Collection-database of tests found in monographs. Search Oskicat, Melvyl or WorldCat for monographs.
  • San Diego State University Test Finder.
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