Other Resources

Atlasas and Maps: 

Biographical Resources: 

Neue Deutsche Biographie – Two comprehensive German biographical references (coverage from 1875-present).


  • PONS – English-German dictionaries from PONS (via Xipolis).
  • LEO – Online German-English dictionary from the Technische Universität München.
  • Deutsches Wörterbuch – Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's classic, started in 1838.
  • Wörterbuch der hochdeutschen Mundart – Digitized images of Johann Christoph Adelung's 1808 reference work for German (browsable, but not full-text searchable).
  • YourDictionary – Online German-English dictionary, plus links to German translation dictionaries in many languages.
  • Das Wörterbuch-net - Listing of specialty dictionaries.

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