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Information on dance as a performing art in the 20th Century.

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International Encyclopedia of Dance.
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Covers classical ballet and modern dance with articles on dance development. Also available as an e-resource 

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    Indexes over fifty books for plots, illustrations, criticism and other information about ballets.
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    Bibliography covering many areas of dance.
  • Guide to Dance Periodicals.
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    Library has: Bound 1(1931-1935), 3(1941)-10 (1962)
    Author and subject indexes to several dance journals. UCB is restarting its subscription with 2002.
  • Index to Dance Periodicals.
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    Prepared by the Dance Division of New York Public Library, this index covers current dance periodicals.



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    Most useful for research in dance history. Good index.
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    Culled from the New York Public Library collections, this bibliography lists books, journals and periodicals and gives short annotations.
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In addition to the resource listed below,  see also Online Biographical resources and those paper resources available in the Doe Reference Collection and the Main Stacks.

Cohen-Stratyner, Barbara Naomi. Biographical Dictionary of Dance. New York: Schirmer Books; London: Collier Macmillan, 1982.
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Short sketches of nearly 2,900 people from Europe and the Americas over the last four centuries.


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