Economics Articles & Working Papers

Use the fopllowing databases to find journal articles working papers, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings in economics and related disciplines.  Highlighted items in bold are particularly recommended.

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online). Indexes journals, books, policy briefs, working papers, and conference proceedings from research institutes worldwide related to international affairs analysis and advocacy materials. Also includes links to international affairs Internet sources.

Conference Board. Provides full text research reports on the latest issues in business management and US and global economics. Proprietary, nonbiased research includes studies of Fortune 500 companies on business trends, leadership decisions, performance excellence, ethics and corporate governance, HR, and forcasts of regional, national, and international economic conditions. 1995-present.

EconLitThe most comprehensive index to scholarly journal articles in economics. It also lists books and dissertations, and indexes articles within 'collective works' (books consisting of collections of essays or individual papers). Most citations include a searchable abstract. (You may also search all Social Sciences databases.)

Elsevier GeographyIndexes over 2000 journals, monographs, books, conference proceedings, and theses covering the international literature in physical and human geography, as well as international development issues.

Google Scholar. Lists journal articles, books, preprints, and technical reports in many subject areas. Some listings include links to related articles and to other sources that cite the item. Includes content from free resources as well as subscription resources (such as electronic journals from selected publishers). Use the UC-eLinks option, when available, to find the UCB access to a publication.

IDEAS: Economics and Finance Research. A free bibliographic database on economics. Offering citations to thousands of full-text working papers, books and book chapters, and articles from peer-reviewed journals.

JSTOR. Includes over 1000 scholarly journals with access to more than 2 million articles. JSTOR is an archive which means that current issues (generally the most recent 3-5 years) of the journals are not yet available.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)Provides access to NBER research results through the working paper series.The NBER is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Their research is conducted by more than 600 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields. NBER Data and Data links provide access to government economic information such as business cycle data.

PAIS International and PAIS Archive. Indexes books, journals, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference reports, and web sources related to public policy, politics, economics, and social issues worldwide. Includes publications from over 120 countries. Some of the indexed materials are published in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The Archive covers English-language material only. (You may also search all Social Sciences databases.)

PolicyFile. Index to public policy in the areas of economics, politics, the environment, and social issues, taken from reports from a wide range of thinks tanks, Non-governmental organizations, international governmental organizations, and other institutions worldwide.

Rand Research Publications.  Think tank supplying analyses for policy development in a wide variety of areas, including economics, education, environment and energy, health, international public policy, labor markets, population and regional studies, science and technology, social welfare, transportation, military studies, and global security. The database is also searchable by author, title word, or words in the abstract.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) eLibrary.  Association of virtual research networks, including one in Economics(ERN). Includes a database of working papers as well as professional announcements, job openings, and a professional directory with contact information for authors available on the web site.

Web of Science
Indexes and provides article citation links over 8,000 of the leading journals in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, providing searching of footnoted citations.

World Banking AbstractsAbstracts of articles published internationally in over 400 banking and finance publications. Contains abstracts of published information in all areas of finance. The abstracts are drawn from journals, magazines, and research reports such as those from the US Federal Reserve Banks, the EC research institutes and universities throughout the world.

Ebooks in Economics

The UCB libraries have purchased several packages of ebooks from commercial vendors and university presses.  Ebooks may be located by searching in Oskicat and/or Melvyl but there may be delays loading ebook records into these catalogs. You may therfore wish to browse or search the following ebook packages, which  many contain ebooks in economics and finance.

ebrary. Our largest e-book collection, with over 50,000 titles on a wide range of subjects. Find them in OskiCat (keyword: ebrary) or search the ebrary website directly. Some advanced ebrary features require downloading reader software.

Goldsmith's-Kress Library of Economic Literature. Collection of e-books from 1460-1850, and 466 pre-1906 serials. Focuses on economics and includes collections on banking, finance, and manufacturing. Combines the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London, and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, along with materials from the Seligman Collection at Columbia University and libraries at Yale.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)  The National Bureua of Economic Research (NBER) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Research is conducted by more than 600 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields. This database includes historical ebooks dating from the 1990s, but most current ebooks are not available.

OECD iLibrary. Full-text publications and data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), including country studies, forecasting publications, reports, socioeconomic datasets, and an interactive Health data database. The statistics sections include data in international trade, telecommunications, foreign aid, migration, and many other categories. From 1983 to the present.

Oxford Scholarship Online. Cross-searchable library containing the full text of books in many subjects, including economics and finance from 2008 to present.

Palgrave Connect: Economics and Finance Collections.  Contains Palgrave ebooks in economics and finance as well as business and management from 2006 to present. Palgrave is one of the premier commercial book publishers in economics.

Springer Electronic Book Package. Thousands of e-books the commerical publisher Springer. in several of the social sciences, including Business and Economics as well as  Mathematics and Statistics and more. These e-books are also listed in Melvyl.

UC Press E-Books Collection (eScholarship Editions). Online titles from the University of California Press - about 30% of the UC Press books, both in print and out-of-print are represented in this collection. Click on By Subject, for a title list by subject. Titles are viewable online but cannot be downloaded. Date coverage is from 1999 - 2004.

Wiley Online Library Ebook Collection. Books from 2011 to present, including selected books in economics and finance.  Like Springer (see above) this ebook portal also offers access to Wiley electronic journals.

World Bank e-Library. Full-text World Bank publications from mid 1990's to present. Topics covered include: economics and finance, public policy, education, international development, technology, poverty, gender, and more.

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