ESPM 10: Environmental Issues

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Consider the relationship between society and the environment; case studies of ecosystem maintenance and disruption. Issues of economic development, population, energy, resources, technology, and alternative systems.

  • Write your research topic as a question, subject idea or thesis statement.

    Example: What are the environmental impacts related to climate change?

  • List the main concepts.
    Climate, Environment, Global Warming, Human Health problems, Economy

  • List key words, phrases, synonyms, & alternative terms to search: - Be Creative.
    El nino, tsunami, snowfall, draught, tropics, hurricanes, carbon footprint, co2 emissions, decline in polar bears, acification of oceans, Coral bleaching, threat to human health, air quality

  • Remember to include other collections and disciplines:
  • Bioscience
    Chemistry Ecology
    Environmental Design
    Public Health
  • Sample searches:
    climate change or ocean or sea or planet
    climate change and coral
    climate change and (forest fire)