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Articles - Global health

  • BIOSIS Previews
    Indexes over 6,000 journals, books, and conference proceedings are indexed on a wide variety of biological and biomedical topics. An electronic version to the print counterparts, Biological Abstracts and Biological Abstracts/RRM.
  • CAB Abstracts
    Indexes journals, monographs, conferences, books, annual reports, and other sources from the agricultural literature and from more than 100 countries. Covers topics such as biodiversity, biotechnology, pest control,environmental pollution, animal science, nutrition and food technology, crop production, natural resources, forestry, environmental policy, and rural development. A new archive of literature from 1910-1972 has just been added, combining 17 printed abstracts into a single database. (The material previously accessible through TREECD is now included in the CAB Abstracts Archive.)
  • Global Health
    Indexes journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, patents, theses, and electronic only publications. Topics include environmental and occupational health, food safety and hygiene, infectious diseases, medical microbiology,nutrition, public health, toxicology, zoonoses, and more. Limited free full text is available for some hard-to-find journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, and research articles from smaller, society and non-English publishers. Note: The header says "CABI: CAB Abstracts and Global Health" but only Global Health is checked in the Current Limits.
  • PubMed
    Access to citations from MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, other journals in the field of medicine and life sciences, and links to NCBI's integrated molecular biology databases including nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, 3-D protein structure data, population study data sets, and assemblies of complete genomes in an integrated system.
  • Web of Science
    Indexes over 8,000 of the leading journals in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, providing searching of footnoted citations. Includes the Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Science Citation Index, and Social Sciences Citation Index.
  • PubMed Bookshelf
    Contains over 30 biomedical texts
  • World Development Indicators (WDI)
    Provides time series development indicators data (1960-present) for 210 countries. Includes tables for population, labor and employment, education, health, energy, urbanization, national accounts, purchasing power, trade, government finance, monetary, balance of payments, external debt, investment risk, taxes, prices and exchange rates, transport and communication, and information and technology. To access, click "Data from World dataBank" under Formats Available.
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