Bio 1B Library Guide

Get articles online

Article databases may contain citations to articles, but not the full text.
To access the article's full text, click the UC-eLinks button button.

From all Bioscience Library article databases, click the UC-eLinks button to find:
1. A direct link to the full text of the journal article, if UCB has an online subscription to the journal.
2. A link to information about the journal in Melvyl, to find the location & call number of the print journal.
3. A Request link for obtaining the article from another library, if it is not owned by UCB.
4. A link for importing the article's citation into your Refworks or endnote account. What?
5. Getting help: links to "Ask a Librarian" (live chat with a librarian), the UC-eLinks FAQ, and a form for reporting problems with UC-eLinks.

You can also browse the Bioscience Library's list of electronic journals to see if we have online access to a specific journal.


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