Endnote X7

Create new libraries and groups

Endnote allows you to save citations, pdfs, links, images, and other document resources.  You can download automatically, import and enter references into your own libraries.
The following exercises will get you familiar with using endnote.

Step 1: Open your endnote program (for downloading a trial or purchasing)
• To Create a new library....or group
• Under File - select New
• Name & SAVE your new library. Make sure the Save in: box shows the EndNote folder

Add citations or references to your library

There are several methods that you can use to add references or citations to your Endnote Library

1. DIRECT EXPORT to download citations from the indexes.
Web of Knowledge (BIOSIS Previews, Web of Science & INSPEC), Compendex, JSTOR, Melvyl, OskiCat, Academic Search Complete & Google Scholar allow exporting directly from the database into Endnote.
Use Tips: for Importing, Downloading or Entering Citations & References from Top Databases. 

• Web of Science, BIOSIS Previews - OPEN
• Search title or keywords: "supersymmetry"
• Select records you want to export. Click on Save to Endnote, Procite.....
• Click on Export / Citing (top menu bar).
• Endnote will open & download your citations in the imported citations folder or use your default library.

Agricola  - Open (Proquest includes GeoRef and others)
• Search keywords: "carbon ecosystem"
• Save the records you want to export.
• Click on download & Select "RIS, Endnote..." (includes a BibTeX choice)
• Click on Download to export your marked records to Endnote or Refworks.
• Endnote will open, you may have to select the library or use your default library.

2. ONLINE Search from Endnote.

• Go to Tools >Select online search (or use the menu bar on the left).
• Use U Calif Berkeley connection for OskiCat.
• Enter your terms in the search box: 'dark energy'
• Download selected items into the selected library.
• You can right click the citation and select 'find full text' to get your pdfs.

3.  IMPORT TEXT files into your Endnote Library. Use a matching filter. PubMed and MathSciNet allow IMPORT only from the database into Endnote on your computer.
For a list of indexes go to: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/BIOS/biodbs.html.

• PubMed - OPEN.
• Keyword search: "sick building syndrome"
• Save citations
• Under Display Settings > select MEDLINE. (your file will display as .txt)
• Under File > Save Page As: [your name].txt

Open ENDNOTE & your library.
• File > Import. Browse to the .txt file that you saved.
• Import Option - select PubMed (NLM) filter. [Ignore the text Translation box.]
• Click the Import button.
• Under References use "Show All" to see your entire library.

4. ENTER references manually

5. EndNote WEB (new)

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