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Armenian News Sources


Leading daily Armenian newspaper, published in Armenian, Russian and English.

Armenian Times

In Armenian and English.

Armenian Weekly

Armenian-American newspaper published in Massachusetts. In Armenian and English.


The site for the Armenpress news agency, the oldest and largest in Armenia.


Popular daily newspaper published Armenia. Azg publishes in Armenian, Turkish, English & Russian Languages.

Golos Armenii

In Russian.


In Armenian, English and Russian.

Novoe Vremia.

In Armenian and Russian.


“Oratert” is a regional news and analytic center, which is aimed to monitor the famous media resources of the diaspora, region, as well as of the world and also the news and analysis of regional or Armenian importance, translated in seven languages (Armenian, English, Russian, Persian, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish).


Leading newspaper published in Russian and Armenian.

Zhamanak Daily.

In Armenian and English. Armenian-American Political Daily.

168 Hours

In Armenian


Selected Armenian Newspapers from California


Asbarez Newspaper began publication in August 1908 in Fresno as a weekly. After several successful decades the offices and publishing headquarters moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s.Asbarez mainly serves the more than 500,000-strong Armenian-American community in the Western US. It is a bilingual daily newspaper, which is published five times a week from 16 to 28 pages Tuesday through Friday and 40 to 48 pages on Saturday.


The official publication of the Armenian Youth Federation of the Western United States. In English.

Hye Sharzoom

Hye Sharzhoom is a supplement of the campus newspaper The Collegian and is the newspaper of the Fresno State Armenian Students Organization and the Armenian Studies Program.

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