Molecular and Cell Biology

Resources in Molecular & Cell Biology

Bioscience Library website

Molecular and Cell Biology Resources: A selection of books, databases, websites and tutorials for biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell & developmental biology, molecular biology, microbiology, the neurosciences, and more.

Molecular Biology Web Resources: Informational and analytical tools and resources on gene and protein sequences and structures.

Proteome: A database of information on the structure and function of proteins expressed in mammalian species, model organisms, and human fungal pathogens. Content covers diseases, drugs, gene regulation, pathways, and fully annotated genomes.

Online Encyclopedias in Life Sciences (most restricted to UCB users)

Digital Images in MCB, Microbiology, Medicine

Biological Animations and Video Lectures

Biodiversity and Taxonomic Databases (most freely available on the web)

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