Cite Your Sources, Manage your Documents

Format Bibliographies

A. Copy formatted method
EndNote > select Output Style (Edit/Output Styles).
Select references from your reference library. From the Edit > Copy Formatted (Ctrl+K).
Open a Word document; place the cursor where you want the reference(s) to appear.
From Edit > Paste (Ctrl+V).

B. Export References
EndNote, select Output Style.
Sort the library (references are exported in the order that they show in the window).

Select the references you wish to export. From File > Export.
Select file name, file type and destination (“Save in :”) for your bibliography.

Open the text file you have just created in a word processor to edit or print.

Drag-and-drop (not all word processing programs support this method)

In EndNote, select an Output Style.

Select citations from your reference library.

Hold Ctrl key and drag the references from the library to your word processing document.

When using drag-and-drop you can Tile your windows: Click the right mouse button in the gray space on the Task bar (the bar with the Start button). Choose Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically.

C. Create a subject bibliography
Library > Tools, choose Subject Bibliography. Keywords. OK.

Subject Terms/ Keywords search box corresponds to keywords in the keyword fields of references in your library.

Select subject terms to use as subject headings in your bibliography. OK. The bibliography is formatted on the screen.

Click Layout button to modify the layout and style of your bibliography.

Click on the tabs, References, Terms, Page Layout and Bibliography Layout.

Verify or change the settings.

Once your bibliography is set up, display with Print Preview, print, or save. Close.

From Groups, choose Create Group. Use Custom to Name your Group.

Click on All References under groups to be sure all your references are showing.

Click on the reference to put in your group. Hold down the shift or control key for more than one.

Drag the selected reference to the new group. Also choose Add Reference to on the Groups menu.

You can create up to 500 Custom and Smart groups. Smart Groups use search criteria to update dynamically as existing references are edited or new references are added to the library.

Insert References


• In EndNote - Select the style for your bibliography using the favorites menu.
• Select references in your library. Click Preview to see the current selected style.
• Open Word; open a new document. Begin writing. Add a footnote or endnote in word.
• Click on Insert a citation: Tools > EndNote / Go to EndNote.
• Select the citation(s) to insert. Use Shift to select a range of citations; or use Ctrl to select several.
• From Tools / Cite While You Write - Insert Selected Citation(s). The bibliography is created as you write in the selected style. – OR select format bibliography from tools.

You can insert citations while working in Word, if you have references in EndNote. Choose Insert Selected Citation(s) from the Tools/EndNote X menu in Word.

• Create a NOTE using Tools > Insert Note.
• In your Word document, Tools > Endnote X4/ Find Citation(s).
• Type Berenbaum in the Find box. Search. Select the citation(s), and use the Insert button.

• Insert an IMAGE.
• From Tools > Endnote / Find Figure(s). Use the search window to find the reference with the image.
• In Find, type Osorio. Use the Insert button.
• Select Where in the paper you would like the images & files to appear.
• In the Find box, type Milkirk.
• From Tools > Endnote / Format Bibliography.
• Change the style of your bibliography using the drop-down menu in With output style:
• Use the OK button to re-format your bibliography

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