Cite Your Sources, Manage your Documents


MANAGERS – allow you to ADD & EDIT > Output Styles, Import Filters, Connection Files.
Allow you to create lists of favorites displayed in the drop down menu.

Output Styles = bibliographic formats.

Import Filters = citations into Endnote. Must match the file that you are importing. Under: Library Catalogs - add U California

Connection Files – allow you to connect to online indexes and library catalogs. Add U Calif-Berkeley.


PREFERENCES: Modify the display and the program to suit your needs
1. Set DEFAULT Library – to open when the program starts
    • EDIT > Preferences.
    • Select Libraries in left column. Select: Open the specified libraries from the menu.
    • Click Add Open Libraries. You may choose to delete the other libraries from the list. Apply

2. Change DISPLAY FIELDS in the library window.
    • Choose Display fields in the Preferences list.
    • Next to Column 1, choose Author from the drop-down menu.
    • Next to Column 2, choose Year.
    • Next to column 3, choose Title-- Apply.

    • Select Reference Types in the left column.
    • Click the Modify Reference Types Button
    • Scroll to Custom 1. Add field name -- Apply to all or not.

4. Enable UC-eLinks. > Choose URLs & Links. OPTIONAL
    • Under URL arguments: replace “WOS” with “EndNote”
    • change this exact text in the argument below.
?sid=ISI:EndNote&aufirst=AUFIRST&aulast=AULAST&issn=ISSN&isbn=ISBN&atitle=ATITLE &title=TITLE&volume=VOLUME&issue=ISSUE&date=DATE&spage=SPAGE&epage=EPAGE

   • Select apply and OK.
   • To check UC eLinks: Under References - Choose URL/OpenURL
   • UC-eLinks window will open with your citation and full text retrieval options.

    • Enter the OpenURL Path Field:
    • Select apply and OK.
    • Using UC-eLinks: choose openURL/OPENURL. UC-eLinks Window will open with your citation & full text retrieval options

6. Find FULL TEXT.
    • Check the OpenURL box.
    • Select Apply and Okay.

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