EWMBA 298S-2: Seminar in International Business: Turkey

Industry and market data

Business Monitor Online

Offers in-depth market research reports on 175 countries (with an emphasis on emerging markets); reports on nearly 20 industries; profiles of multinational companies and their subsidiaries; macroeconomic data across global markets; country risk analysis and forecasts; coverage of current economic and political developments; and 3, 6, and 12-month currency forecasts for selected countries. Some reports date back to 2000; most of the macroeconomic data go back to 1999.


Euromonitor Passport GMID

Market research reports for about 20+ consumer products and industries worldwide. Includes economic indicators, demographic data, foreign trade statistics, as well as "strategy briefings," which are in-depth, forward-looking analyses of global trends predicted to influence consumer markets in the future. More than 80 countries are represented.


ISI Emerging Markets

Provides company, industry, macroeconomic, and stock market information for dozens of developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Full-text news and reports are available in English and local languages. Also includes financial data for foreign public companies.

Tip: For easy access to content about Turkey, select Turkey from the yellow EMIS LOGIN sidebar on the right of the welcome screen (it's listed under Southeast Europe).

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