EWMBA 298S-2: Seminar in International Business: Turkey

Macroeconomic and financial data

Global Financial Database

Contains very long historical runs of macroeconomic data for many countries, including Turkey. Data series include commodities, economics, equities, fixed income, government and debt, international trade, national accounts, and securities.

Tip:  Select "GFD Universe" from the main screen to navigate to a menu that allows you to select Turkey as the country of interest. 

CEIC Global

Provides detailed macroeconomic data, sourced from international organizations and national statistics offices, with more than one million time series for 121 countries. Some examples of available data are: national accounts; production; construction; demographics; domestic trade; inflation; foreign trade; banking; prices; energy; and tourism.


World Development Indicators

Statistics from the World Bank for almost 600 development indicators for 207 countries. Data date back as far as 1960.  Includes tables for population, labor and employment, energy, urbanization, government finance, investment risk, prices and exhange rates, and more.


International Financial Statistics

Financial, trade, and national accounts statistics by country. Historical data are available back to 1948 and are reported in various time frequencies, including monthly and annual.  Data are updated monthly.


OECD iLibrary

A collection of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's economic and governmental studies and reports on the major economies of the world. Topics covered include labor, trade, government spending, financial market trends, and national accounts. Also includes many data sets.

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