Japanese Studies

Library Catalogs

For books and e-books offered by the UC Berkeley Library, consult the Library's Find Books and E-Books page first. In the U.S.-based catalogs such as OskiCat, Japanese language materials can be searched either using original Japanese scripts (ひらがな, カタカナ, 漢字) or the modified Hepburn Romanization (transliteration) system. LC (Library of Congress) and ALA (American Library Association) Romanization Table for Japanese offers detailed explanation of the guidelines that most U.S. libraries follow when romanizing Japanese materials.

In Melvyl, WorldCat, etc., click on the REQUEST or UC-eLinks button for Inter-library loan requests. UC Berkeley faculty, registered graduate students, and staffs can also borrow materials from Stanford University Library through Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP). For requesting materials from Stanford University Library, please use RLCP Borrowing Request forms.

For books held by libraries in Japan, use the following databases to locate materials:

Japanese Books on Market

Here is a short list of sources for finding materials available on the market for Japanese studies:

Book Reviews and Criticisms

Here is a short list of sources of reviews and criticims from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. Search Tips: For searching book reviews in Japanese, you might want to include the word 書評 in the query; critical reviews are often found in core journals of specific fields (see "Articles" tab for selected lists of journals).

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