Getting Additional Help

More complete documentation, along with instructional videos, is available at Zotero's web site. The Library sometimes offers workshops on Zotero and other bibliographic management tools. We will do so "on demand" if a minimum of 5 students will be in attendance. You can also email questions to Jennifer Dorner at Doe Library or David Eifler at the Environmental Design Library.

"Zotero Standalone"  also works with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, but is not embedded in the browser. If you choose to download the standalone version, you'll also need to download the Zotero connector for the browser that you are using.


Adding UC-eLinks to Zotero

In the Preferences window, under the "Advanced" tab, add the URL for UC-eLinks as shown: http://ucelinks.cdlib.org:8888/sfx_local. Click on OK.

This will make searching for the full text easier.

advanced preferences

When you want to retrieve an item not already stored in your collection, click on the green arrow above the Item Details window and select "Library Lookup" which will look up the citation via UC-eLinks.

green arrow icon

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