Judaic, Yiddish and Israel Studies

Yiddish Resources

  • Yiddish Book Center
    An excellent resource portal for digitized text, oral history, podcasts, audio books, and other cultural material.
  • The Yiddish Voice / דאָס ייִדישע קול
    Weekly Yiddish language radio show broadcasted from Boston. The website offers recent programs via MP3 download as well as a collection of Yiddish links on the web.
  • Yiddish Radio Project
    The Yiddish Radio Project is dedicated to rescuing every surviving recording from the golden age of Yiddish radio (1930's-50's). "Gems" from the collection available for download via Realplayer.

Hebrew Language and Literature

Practice Hebrew Typing

  • ZigZagWorld
    A great game for beginners!
  • TypeRacer
    A much more challenging game with a focus on typing whole paragraphs and punctuation. Move on to TypeRacer once you are comfortable with ZigZagWorld.
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