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Collection Description

The Library actively collects and maintains a research level collection in support of the teaching and research of the faculty and students of the Spanish and Portuguese Studies Department. The collection offers resources in the languages, literatures, cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world, also including Galician, Basque and Catalan materials. The collections support pluridisciplinary research and cover a wide geographical area. The study of these countries and cultures can be approached from a wide range of subjects. Frequently used collections for research include: Medieval Studies , Latin American Studies, Ethnic Studies (Chicano Studies collection), Linguistics, and Special Collections at the Bancroft Library.

The major part of the collection is housed in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks, with additional materials in the library subject branches, such as the Environmental Design Library (city & urban planning, architecture), Music, etc. Manuscripts, archives, and rare materials are housed in the Bancroft Library.

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