Political Economy

Political & Economic News

Access World News. Provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Offers strong regional coverage for California newspapers.

CQ Weekly. Provides nonpartisan information about US government and congressional affairs and subjects of concern. This online version also provides access to some articles prior to when they appear in the print version of CQ Weekly. Part of the CQ Electronic Library collection

The Economist. General interest news source about current trends in business, politics and economics worldwide. Locations for print magazine can be found via this record in Oskicat.  For historical issues see the Economist Historical Archive which provides the full text of each issue of the Economist from 1843- 2003.

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Profiles and Reports.  In-depth, lengthy reports on macroeconomic, financial, and political conditions in over 200 countries. Also includes reports on monetary structure, business environment, and stock markets in 51 countries.

. General and business news and information from sources in 22 languages, including local, national and international newspapers, business magazines, trade publications, and wires. Includes the exclusive combination of The Wall Street Journal (1979-present), the Financial Times, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and the Associated Press.

Financial Times
.  Access to the Financial Times from January 1998 to present. For historical access see the Financial Times Historical Archive which has the complete run of the daily Financial Times from the first issue in 1888 through 2006.

Lexis-Nexis Academic. Full-text source for business, current affairs, legal information, medical information and news with online access to over 70 million articles appearing in newspapers, journals, newsletters, broadcast transcripts, reference works and other documents.

Nation Digital Archive. Full text access to The Nation, a weekly news magazine covering U.S. politics and society since 1865.

National Journal Group's Policy Central. Indexes National Journal, The Hotline which tracks American politics and campaigns with coverage of each day's events, Congress Daily, Technology Daily, Almanac of American Politics, Poll Track and others to provide a comprehensive resource on politics and policy.

New York Times.  Full-text coverage of the New York Times from June 1980 to present.. For Historical issues see Historical Newspapers (ProQuest).

Project Syndicate. Excellent collection of op-ed commentaries from some of the world's leading economists and opinions makers. Includes columnes from Jagdish Bhagwati, Brad DeLong Barry Eichengreen, Kenneth Rogof, Nouriel Roubini, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Martin Feldstein, Dani Rodrik, and Jeffrey Sachs.

Wall Street Journal.  Via Proquest, also available via Factiva. For historical issues (from 1889) see Historical Newspapers (ProQuest).

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) can provide you a wealth of information from foreign news sources.  The U.S. State Department ran the FBIS to translate foreign language newspapers, wires, and broadcasts into English.  FBIS only translated information relating to U.S. interests, and only distributed to the public a select amount of what was translated.

At UC Berkeley, we have 3 databases for locating FBIS documents:

FBIS Daily Reports (covers 1941-1996, and is full text--Click on the tab "Events" to find news on major world events)

World News Connection (covers 1996-2013, and is full-text, but is not being updated)

FBIS Electronic Index (covers 1975-1996 and is only citations-- though all will be in the FBIS Daily reports database above, use the instructions below for finding the documents "old school" style)

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