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Online Indexes

Paper Indexes

Abstracts of Folklore Studies. Austin, etc.: American Folklore Society, 1963-1975.
Anthropology Library GR 30.A2
Lists articles by the journal in which it appeared. Includes subject indexes.

Asian Folklore Studies Comprehensive Index 1942-1991.
Anthropology Library GN 1.F6; All but most recent 5 years on JSTOR.
Several indexes to the first 50 years of Asian Folklore Studies.

Internationale volkskundliche Bibliographie. International Folklore Bibliography. Bibliographie internationale des arts et traditions populaires. Berlin.
Doe Reference GR 30 .V6 1917-1999
Continues Volkskundliche Literature des Jahres 1911.
Especially strong for European ethnology and folklore but international in scope.

Journal of American Folklore Centennial Index 1888-1994.
Anthropology Library GR 1 .J6
JSTOR and Project Muse.
Covers everything published in the journal. Also available through JSTOR (vol. 101, issue no. 402). Has author, title and subject indexing for the first decades of the journal.


Motif Indexes

This is a representative list; please send suggestions for additions to it. The first two are classics in the attempt to classify folktales.

Aarne, Antti. The Types of the Folk-tale: A Classification and Bibliography. Helsinki, Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1964.  2nd rev.
Main Stack and Doe Reference GR 550 .A2
Classification by tale type of oral narratives from Europe and Western Asia.

Thompson, Stith. Motif-Index of Folk Literature; a Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Mediaeval Romances, Exempla, Fabliaux, Jest-books and Local Legends. Rev. and enlarged ed. 6 v. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1989.
Art History/Classics and  Doe Reference  GR 72 .56 .T48 1989
Classic work of the classification of folk motifs. Also available on web (UCB). The online Guide for Using Stith Thompson may be helpful.

Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: A Handbook.  Ed. Jane Garry and Hasan El-Shamy.  Armonk, N.Y.: Sharpe, 2005.  Anthropology and Doe Reference GR72.56. A73 2005.  Also available online from ebrary

Azzolina, David S. Tale Type and Motif Indexes: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Pub., 1987.
Anthropology, Doe Ref, Moffitt GR 74 .6 .A12 .A981 1987

Baughman, Ernest Warren. Type and Motif-Indexes of the Folktales of England and North America. The Hague, Mouton & Co., 1966.
Anthro Ref and Doe Ref GR 67 .B3

Uther, Hans-Jörg.  The Types of International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography Based on the System of Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson.  Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, Academic Scientarum Fennica, 2004.  3 vols.  Anthropology Reference GR72.56.U84 2004

El-Shamy, Hasan M. Types of the Folktale in the Arab World: a Demographically Oriented Tale-Type Index. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2004.
Anthropology and Doe Ref GR 268 .A73 .E42 2004

Goldberg, Harriet. Motif-Index of Folk Narratives in the Pan-Hispanic Romancero. Tempe : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000.
Main Stack PQ 6091 .G57 2000

Goldberg, Harriet. Motif-Index of Medieval Spanish Folk Narratives. Tempe, AZ: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1998.
Main Stack GR 230 .G57 1998
Covers a corpus of materials not indexed thoroughly by Stith Thompson.

Jauhiainen, Marjatta. The Type and Motif Index of Finnish Belief Legends and Memorates. Helsinki : Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 1998.
Main Stack GR 1 .F53 v.267
Created out of the belief legend and memorate card file of the Finnish Literature Society Folklore Archives as it stood in 1997.

Keller, John Esten. Motif-Index of Mediaeval Spanish Exempla. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1949. Anthropology GR 67 .K4
Main Stack GR 67 .K4

Wilbert, Johannes and Karin Simoneau.   .Folk Literature of South American Indians: General Index.  Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, University of California, 1992.   Main  F2230.1.F56.W56 1992  Cumulative motif index to the volumes of the series Folk Literature of South American Indians          

The Yanagita Kunio Guide to the Japanese Folk Tale. Translated and edited by Fanny Hagin Mayer. Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 1986.
East Asian Library GR 340 .N52213 1986
Main Stack GR 340 .N52213 1986
Moffitt GR 340 .N52213 1986



Dundes, Alan. Folklore Theses and Dissertations in the United States. Austin : Published for the American Folklore Society by the University of Texas Press, 1976.
Anthropology GR 65 .A12 .D8
NRLF GR 65 .A12 .D8
Music Library Reference GR 65 .A12 .D8

Gillis, Frank. Ethnomusicology and Folk Music: An International Bibliography of Dissertations and Theses. Middletown, Conn : Published for the Society for Ethnomusicology by the Wesleyan University Press, 1966.
Music Library Reference ML 128 .E8 .G5

Kerst, Catherine Hiebert. Ethnic Folklife Dissertations from the United States and Canada, 1960-1980: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. Washington, D.C.: American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, 1986.
Main Stack GR105.A12.K471 1986

Dissertations and Theses (Dissertation Abstracts)   Indexes dissertations and theses from over 1000 North American and selected European universities.  Entries for dissertations published since 1980 and master's theses published since 1988 have abstracts written by the author.

Dissertations and Theses (University of California)  Full text of UC dissertations filed since 1996 and citation for earlier dissertations. 


Peek, Philip M. and Ywesi Yankah, eds.  African Folklore: An Encyclopedia.  New York: Rougledge, 2004.   Anthropology Library Reference and Doe Reference  GR350.Ass 2004

Brunvand, Jan Harold, ed. American Folklore: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland Pub., 1996.
Anthropology Library Reference and Doe Reference  GR 101 .A54 1996
North American folklore and does not include Native American folklore. Scholarly, signed articles with information about contributors. Most articles include a bibliography.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Online access to over 17,000 articles about myths of many countries.

Encyclopedia of Folklore and Literature, ed. Mary Ellen Brown and Bruce A. Rosenberg. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 1998.
Anthropology Library Reference and Doe Reference  PN 41 .E48 1998
Signed articles of varied quality and depth.

Brunvand, Jan Harold. Encyclopedia of Urban Legends. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2001.
Anthropology Library Reference and Main GR 105.34 .B78 2001
Brunvand has published several volumes on urban legends; this volume has over 500 entries and 150,000 words and summarizes a multitude of legends and also has articles on related topics about legends in other countries and collecting legends.  Most entries have bibliographies.

Enzyklopädie des Märchens: Handwörterbuch zur historischen und vergleichenden Erzahlforschung. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 1977-
Main Stack GR 72 .E58
Will be complete in 12 volumes. Long, signed articles with bibliographies.

Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music, and Art. Edited by Thomas A. Green. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 1997.
Anthropology Library and Main GR 35 .F63 1997
2 volume collection of signed articles by experts on the topic. Included bibliographies.

The Folklore of American Holidays. Edited. by Hennig Cohen and Tristram Potter Coffin. 3rd ed. Detroit: Gale Research, 1999.
Doe Reference GT 4803 .F65 1999
Arranged in chronological order, this volume describes 140 holidays celebrated in the United States and gives the folklore associated with each.

The Folklore of World Holidays. Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald. Detroit: Gale Research, 1992.
Main Stack and NRLF  GT 3930 .F65 1992

Clements, William M., ed.  Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife.  Westport: Greenwood, 2006.   Anthropology Library and Doe Reference  GR35.G75 2006

Bächtold-Stäubli, Hanns et. al., eds.  Handwörterbuch des deutschen Aberglaubens.  Berlin und Leipzig, W. de Gruyter & Co., 1927-42.
Main Stack BF 1434 .G4 .B3

Lexicon iconographicum mythologiae classicae (LIMC).  Zürich: Artemis, 1981-2009.  8 vol. and 2 index vols.  Covers the iconography of Greek, Etruscan and Roman mythology from the post-Mycenaean period to the early Christian period.  Art History/Classics  NX650.M9.L48

Medieval Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Myths, Legends, Tales, Beliefs, and Customs, ed. by Carl Lindahl, John McNamara, and John Lindow. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 2000. 2v. Reprinted in 1 vol. in 2002 by Oxford University Press.
Doe Reference GR 35 .M43 2000
Focus is on European folklore of 500-1500 A. D. Over 300 signed entries written by experts in the field, including Berkeley’s internationally known expert, John Lindow. Each article has a bibliography.

Mercatante, Anthony S. and James R. Dow. The Facts on File Encyclopedia Of World Mythology And Legend. 2nd ed. New York : Facts on File, 2004.
Doe and Moffitt Reference BL 303 .M45 2004
Covers over 3000 myths and legends from around the world, though the preponderance of entries are on those arising from Europe.

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.  New York: Putnam, 1968.  Anthropology Library  BL311.N43 1968.  Articles on the mythologies of many countries.

Ó hÓgáin, Dáithí.  The Lore of Ireland: An Encyclopeaedia of Myth, Legend and Romance.  Rochester: Boydell & Brewer, 2006.   Doe Reference GR153.5.O156 2006    Over 350 entries ranging in length from a short paragraph to several pages.  Does not cover the contemporary.

Prahlad, Anand, ed.  The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore.  Westport: Greenwood, 2006.  3 vols.   Anthropology and Doe Reference  GR111.A47.G74 2006  

Slatta, Richard W. The Mythical West: An Encyclopedia of Legend, Lore, and Popular Culture. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2001.
Anthropology Library Reference and Doe Reference GR 109 .S53 2001
Articles on the West as mythologised in literature, art, Hollywood, television, and on the Internet.

Seal, Graham.  Encyclopedia of Folk Heroes. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO , 2001.
Main Stack GR 35 .S4 2001
Emphasis on heroes from Europe, North America, China, Japan, parts of Africa and Australia. Excludes gods and goddesses but includes real people when larger than life and heroes and heroines of fairy tales and story cycles. Four indexes and a bibliography.

Thompson, Sue Ellen. Holiday Symbols and Customs. 4th ed. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2009.
Doe Reference  GT 3930 .T48 2009
Arranged alphabetically by the holiday or event. Each entry includes information about the holiday, the folklore associated with it, and list of resources for further research.

South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.   Ed. by Peter J. Claus, Sarah Diamond, Margaret Ann Mills.  New York: Routledge, 2003.   Anthropology Reference, Doe Reference, South/Southeast Asia Library  GR302.S68 2003

Walker, Barbara G.  The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.  San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1983.  Doe Reference BL458.W34 1983   Over 1300 entries with bibliographical notes for each.

Haussig, H. W., ed.  Wörterbuch der Mythologie.   Stuttgart: E. Klett, 1965-       Main BL300.W6



Companion to Literary Myths, Heroes and Archetypes.   Edited by Pierre Brunel; translated from the French by Wendy Allatson, Judith Hayward, Trista Selous. London; New York : Routledge, 1992. Main  PN56.M95.D4813  1992

 Mythologies. Compiled by Yves Bonnefoy; a restructured translation of Dictionnaire des mythologies et des religions des sociétés traditionnelles et du monde antique prepared under the direction of Wendy Doniger; translated by Gerald Honigsblum et al.  Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1991.  2 v. Main  BL311 .D513 1991

 The Oxford Companion to Australian folklore.  Edited by Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal.  Melbourne; New York : Oxford University Press, 1993. Anthropology and Main  GR365.O94 1993

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales.  Edited by Jack Zipes. Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.  Main  PN3437.O94    ebook



Azzolina, David S.  Tale Type- and Motif-Indexes: An Annotated Bibliography.  New Yorik: Garland, 1987.   Anthropology Library and Doe Reference  GR74.6.A12.A981 1987

Baer, Florence E. Folklore and Literature of the British Isles: An Annotated Bibliography. Florence E Baer. New York, N.Y.: Garland Pub., 1986.
Main PR 149 .F64 .A12 .B341 1986
Originated as Berkeley dissertation.

Bennett, Gillian and Paul Smith. Contemporary Legend: A Folklore Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1993.
Anthropology, Doe Reference, Main GR 78 .A12 .B46 1993

Bernardo, Gabriel Adriano and Francisco Demetrio Y. Radaza.  A Critical and Annotated Bibliography of Philippine, Indonesian and Other Malayan Folk-Lore.  Cagauam de Prp Cotu. Xavoer Imoversotu. 1972. Main and South/Southeast Asia Library    GR308.A12.B47 1972 

Carnes, Pack. Fable Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Pub., 1985.
Doe Reference, Moffitt, Anthropology PN 980 .A12 .C37 1985

Clements, William M. and Frances M. Malpezzi.  Native American Folklore, 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography.  Athens, Ohio: Swallow Press, 1984.   Anthropology Library, Native American Studies Reference, and Main  E98.F6.A12.C55 1984

Danandjaja, James.  An Annotated Bibliography of Javanese Folklore.  Berkeley: Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies, University of California, 1972.  Main, Anthropology Library, South/Southeast Asia Library  GR324.J3.A12.D3   Originated as a Berkeley dissertation.

Falassi, Alessandro.  Italian Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography.   New York: Garland, 1985. Anthropology Library and Main   GR176.A12.F34 1985

Flanagan, Cathleen C. and John T. Flanagan. American Folklore: A Bibliography 1950-1974. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1977.
Main,  Anthropology, Graduate Services, Music Reference GR 105 .A12 .F55

Fowke, Edith Fulton Fowke and Carole Henderson Carpenter.  A Bibliography of Canadian Folklore in English.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1981.  Anthropology Library and Doe Reference   GR113.A12.F6

Georges, Robert A. and Stephen Stern.  American and Canadian Immigrant and Ethnic Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography.  New York: Garland, 1982.  Anthropology Library, Ethnic Studies Library and Main   GR105.G43 1982

Görög, Veronika. Bibliographie annotée litterature orale d'Afrique noire. Paris: Conseil international de la langue francaise, 1992.
Main Stack, NRLF GR 350 .A357 .G67 1992

Görög, Veronika. Litterature orale d'Afrique noire: bibliographie analytique. Paris: B.-P. Maisonneuve et Larose, 1981.
Anthropology Library, NRLF GB 353 .A12 .G6 1981

Handoo, Jawaharlal. A Bibliography of Indian Folk Literature.  Mysore : Central Institute of Indian Languages, 1977.  Main  GR305.A12.H3

Haywood, Charles. A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. 2nd rev. ed, 2 vols. New York: Dover Publications, 1961.
Anthropology and Main GR 105 .A12 .H37 1961

Jones, Steven Swann. Folklore and Literature in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies of Folklore in American Literature. New York: Garland Pub., 1984.
Main Stack PS 169 .F64 .A12 .J6 1984

Kirkland, Edwin C. A Bibliography of South Asian Folklore. Bloomington, Indiana University Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore, and Linguistics. 1966.
Anthropology Library, South/Southeast Asia Library GR 265 .K5

Kulikowski, Mark.  A Bibliography of Slavic Mythology.  Columbus: Slavica, 1989.   Main BL930. A12.K85 1989                                    

Melts, M. IA. Russkii folklor. Bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. Akademiia nauk SSSR, Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii dom), Biblioteka akademii nauk. Leningrad: Akademiia, 1961.     
Main Stack GR 30.M4

Mieder, Wolfgang. International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Pub., 1982.
Anthropology Library PN 6401 .M543 1990
Main Stack PN 6401 .M543 1990
Suppl. 1-3, 1990-2001.
Anthropology Library (v.1-3) and Main (v.1,3)  PN 6401 .M543 1990
Annotated by key words.

Mood, Terry Ann. American Regional Folklore: A Sourcebook and Research Guide. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2004.
Anthropology Reference, Doe Reference, Main GR 105.34 .M66 2004
Divided into a section on the U. S. as a whole and then by geographical parts of the country. Each section begins with an overview essay written by a folklore scholar about folklore in that region, followed by a selective, annotated bibliography of books and related resources. Confusing index leads user to entries in the numbered bibliographies.

Nederlandse volkskundige bibliografie; systematische registers op tijdschriften, reekswerken en gelegenheidsuitgaven. Antwerpen: Centrum voor Studie en Documentatie, 1964.
UCLA YRL Z5984 .N4 N28

Niles, Susan A.  South American Indian Narrative, Theoretical and Analytical Approaches: An Annotated Bibliography.  New York: Garland, 1981.  Anthropology Library, Doe Reference and Main  F2230.1.F6.N54

Richmond, W. Edson (Winthrop Edson). Ballad Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Pub., 1989.
Main Stack PN61110 .B2 .R53 1989

Russkii Fol'klor.  Moskva: Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii dom), 1956-       Main  GR190.A45

Schuursma, Ann Briegleb. Ethnomusicology Research: A Select Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Pub., 1992.
Music Library Reference  ML128 .E8 .A12 .S4 1992
Descriptive annotations of nearly 500 publications appearing since 1960.

Simmons, MeF6.N54rle Edwin. Folklore Bibliography for 1973, for 1974, for 1975, for 1976. Bloomington: Published for the Folklore Institute by the Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies, Indiana University, 1975-81.
Main Stack GR 1 .I55 no.33 (28, 29, 31)
Bibliography covers books and articles published in or relating to the folklore of the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Spain, Portugal and other Spanish or Portuguese-speaking areas. Continues the annual Folklore Bibliography (covering 1938-73) found in Southern Folklore Quarterly.

Steinfirst, Susan.  Folklore and Folklife: A Guide to English-Language Reference Sources.  2 vols.  New York: Garland, 1992   Anthropology Library and Main   GR66.A12.S74 1992

Szwed, John F. Afro-American Folk Culture: An Annotated Bibliography of Materials from North, Central, and South America, and the West Indies. Philadelphia: Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1978.
Anthropology Library Reference, Doe Reference, Main GR 103 .A12 .S98
Dated but still valuable because of its broad coverage.

Yassif, Eli.  Jewish Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography.   New York: Garland, 1986.  Anthropology Library, Doe Reference and Main  GR98.A12.Y371 1986



Aldhouse-Green, Miranda J.  Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend.  New York: Thames and Hudson, 1992.  Anthropology Library and Main   BL980.I7.G65 1992

Bell, Robrt E.  Women of Classical Mythology: A Biographical Dictionary.  Santa Barbara: AB-CLIO, 1991.  Doe Reference and Main  BL715.B445 1991

Briggs, Katharine M. A Dictionary of British Folk-tales in the English Language Incorporating the F.J. Norton Collection. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1970-71. 2 vols.
Doe Reference and Anthropology Library GR141 .B69    

Craig, Robert D.  Dictionary of Polynesian Mythology.  New York: Greenwood, 1989.  Anthropology Library Reference and Main  BL2620.P6.C7 1989

Dictionary of Superstitions, edited by Iona Opie and Moira Tatem. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1989.
Anthropology Reference, Doe Reference, Main BF 1775 .D531 1989
Most of the superstitions are from England and Eire. Focus is on 18th-19th centuries.

Ellis, Peter Berresford.  A Dictionary of Irish Mythology.  Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 1989.  NRLF BL980.I7.E451 1987

Dictionnaire des Mythes Féminins, sous la direction de Pierre Brunel avec la collaboration de Frédéric Mancier.  Monaco: Rocher, 2002.   Main BL325.W65.D53 2002

Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend, ed. by Marian Leach and Jerome Fried.  New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1972.
Anthropology Library Reference and Main GR35 .F82   

Gerlach, Walter. Das neue Lexikon des Aberglaubens. Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, c1998.
Main Stack BF 1775 .G47 1998

Gill, Sam D. and Irene F. Sullivan. Dictionary of Native American Mythology. Denver, Colo.: ABC-CLIO, 1992.
Doe Reference and Main E 98 .R3 .G46 1992
Covers 1,300 stories, characters, ceremonies, terms, themes, and symbols drawn from Native American mythology and ritual.

Grimal, Pierre.  The Dictionary of Classical Mythology.  Transl. A. R. Maxwell-Hyslop.  Oxford: Blackwell, 1987.  Doe Reference BL715.G7131 1987

Laurioz, Hubert. Dictionnaire des superstitions. Paris : Albin Michel, 1998.
Main Stack BF 1775 .L38 1998

Leeming, David Adams. A Dictionary of Asian Mythology. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2001.
Main Stack BL 1005 .L46 2001    Oxford ebook  

Liungman, Carl G.  Dictionary of Symbols.  ABC-CLIO, 1992.  Main BL603.L5413 1991  Gives hitory and meanings of around 1500 Western symbols (ideograms). 

MacKillop, James,  Dictionary of Celtic Mythology.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.  Main   BL900.M445 1998  and ebook 

The Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs, rev. by F.P. Wilson. 3rd ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1970.
Doe Reference, Anthropology Reference and NRLF  PN6421 .O9 1970

Sax, Boria. The Mythical Zoo: An Encyclopedia of Animals in World Myth, Legend, and Literature. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO , 2001.
Doe Reference GR 705 .S344 2001
Covers real and imaginary animals from world myth and legend. Comprehensive index.

Scheub, Harold. A Dictionary of African Mythology: The Mythmaker as Storyteller. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.
Doe Reference BL 2400 .S24 2000     Oxford ebook  
Selection of 400 myths arranged by name of principle character. Extensive bibliography.

Simpson, Jacqueline and Steve Roud. A Dictionary of English Folklore. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.
Main   GR 141 .S573 2000     Oxford ebook 
1,250 entries about people, customs, animals, plants, minerals, legends, music, games, places, dates, dances, birds, numbers, gestures, life-cycle events, colors, and other subjects of folklore including modern phenomenon.

Smyth, Daragh.  A Guide to Irish Mythology.  Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1988.  Main and NRLF  BL980.I7.S4 1988

Sykes, Egerton.  Who's Who in Non-Classical Mythology.  Rev. by Alan Kendall.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. 




Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: A Handbook, ed. by Jane Garry and Hasan El-Shamy Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2005.
Anthropology Reference and Doe Reference GR 72.56 .A73 2005 ebook
Articles written by experts on the basic thematic elements universally found in folklore and literature.

Tripp, Edward.  Crowell's Handbook of Classical Mythology.  New York: Crowell, 1970.  Doe Reference, Main  BL303.T75 1970    Classical Greek and Roman myths and their variants.

The Emergence of Folklore in Everyday Life: a Fieldguide and Sourcebook, ed. by George H. Schoemaker. Bloomington, Ind.: Trickster Press, 1990.
Anthropology Library  and Moffitt GR 45.5 .E48 1990
Created by graduate students in the Folklore Institute at Indiana University for use by undergraduates.

Enzyklopädie des Märchens: Handwörterbuch zur historischen und vergleichenden Erzählforschun.  Ed. Kurt Ranke, Hermann Bausinger and Rolf Wilhelm Brednich.  Berlin: de Gruyter, 1977-    Main GR72.E58

Ashliman, D.L. Folk and Fairy Tales: A Handbook. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2004.
Anthropology Reference and Moffitt GR 550 .A77 2004
Succinct and understandable introduction to the scholarly study of Indo-European folk and fairy tales.

Brunvand, Jan Harold. Folklore: A Study and Research Guide. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1976.
Anthropology Library  and Music and NRLF  GR 45.B78 1976a
Older but still useful description of folklore resources.

Steinfirst, Susan. Folklore and Folklife: A Guide to English Language Reference Resources. 2 v. New York: Garland Pub., 1992.
Anthropology Library and Main GR 66 .A12 .S74 1992
Extensive (over 2500 entries), annotated list of many books and articles, most published before 1987. Most of the works covered are written in English, but coverage is international.

Van Keuren, Frances Dodds.  Guide to Research in Classical Art and Mythology.  Chicago: American Library Association, 1991.  Art History/Classics Library Reference and Doe Reference  N7760.V3 1991

Handbook of American Folklore, ed. by Richard M. Dorson et al. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1983.
Anthropology Library, Main and NRLF GR105 .H36 1983

Mintz, Lawrence E.  Humor in America: A Reseaarch Guide to Genres and Topics.   New York: Greenwood, 1988.   Main PS430.H861 1988

Algarin, Joanne P.  Japanese Folk Literature: A Core Collection and Reference Guide.  New York: Bowker, 1982.   Doe Reference, East Asian Reference and Main  PL748.A12.A4

South, Malcolm.  Mythical and Fabulour Creatures: A Source Book and Research Guide.  New York: Greenwood, 1987.  Doe Reference and Main  GR825.M87 1987

Lindow, John.  Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.   Main and Graduate Services and also  ebook

Yanagita Kunio Guide to the Japanese Folk Tale.  Transl. and ed. by Fanny Hagin Mayer.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986.   East Asian and Main  GR340.N52213 1986





American Folklife Center

American Folklore Society

Association canadienne d'ethnologie et de folklore/Folklore Studies Association of Canada

Association of Western States Folklorists

Australian Folklore Network

Baltic Institute of Folklore

Center for Studies in Oral Tradition

China Folklore Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde

Deutsches Volksliedarchiv und Arbeitsstelle für internationale Volksliedforschung, Freiburg i.Br., Germany

The Folklore Fellows (Finland)

The Folklore Society (United Kingdom)

The Folklore Society of Japan


Gypsy Lore Society

Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico)

International Society for Folk Narrative Research

Jewish Folklore in Israel

National Folklore Support Centre (India)

Slavic and East European Folklore Association

Society for Folk Life Studies

Société Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore / International Society for Ethnology and Folklore/ Internationale Gesellschaft für Ethnologie und FolkloreWestern States Folklore Society

Society for Ethnomusicology

Society for Storytelling

Western States Folklore Society


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