Funding for Graduate Students in the Social Sciences

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About this Guide

Resources to search for funding sources for research in the social sciences.

Campus Resources

UC Berkeley's Sponsored Projects Office provides an array of services, including a list of funding resources and subscriptions to Pivot and Grant Forward.

UC Berkeley's Graduate Fellowships Office handles over 600 fellowship funds, each with unique criteria and terms for awarding.

UC Berkeley's Scholarship Connection provides a search engine to non Berkeley awards and grants, including some for graduate students. News Feed


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Who Funded What?

 PubMed provides a very helpful search on funding support.

Funding by Discipline

Some professional organizations have their own search engines for finding funding. Some that might be relevant:

Pivot (COS)

Pivot (formerly COS) is a for-fee database of funding opportunities and profiles of researchers. Berkeley subscribes through the Sponsored Projects Office and  the database has been pre-populated for faculty and some graduate students.

You can use Pivot from any campus-based computer for basic searches without setting up an account. But if you set up an account, you will be able to log in from any location, and you will have access to the tools for managing searches and opportunities including the ability to set "alerts" -- where you are automatically notified of new opportunities that meet your search criteria.An account will also allow you to create, claim, or update a profile.

Searching Pivot

If you want to focus on funding sources for graduate students, in particular for the dissertation or thesis, go to the advanced search, scroll to the bottom and check the boxes next to Funding Type and Requirements.

Advanced search features in Pivot

Saved Search/Alerts

Once you have a search you like, if you've created an account (free to you!) you can save the search and even receive a weekly email everytime a new funding source matches your search.

Edit Alert

More help with Pivot

More help on using Pivot can be found from Berkeley's SPO and from Pivot's online Help.

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