HIST 101: Working Environments and the Roots of Community, 1815 to 1945

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About this Guide

Prof. Robert Chester

HIST 101 Guide

Information useful to all students doing research for a thesis can be found in the HIST 101: What You Need To Know guide. It includes information about:

This guide is intended to provide resources and search strategies specific to your section of History 101. For the best results, you should use both of these guides.

Digital Collections

Specialized Article Databases

California & Historic Newspapers

Please Note: A librarian at Bowling Green University has compiled a guide that, according to her, lists all publicly accessible digitized historical newspapers. This is new, so I haven't had a chance to explore it, but it looks like it might be very useful for some of you.

In News/Micro you will find microfilm of many California newspapers. Few of them are indexed so you should prepare before your visit a list of dates of issues that you want to look at.

The San Francisco Chronicle is available full text online only up to 1922. Indexes for other years are available in News/Micro:
1913-1949 San Francisco Newspapers Index (Also see Microfiche 10904 Guide) MICROFICHE 10904 NEWS/MICRO
1950-1980 San Francisco Newspapers Index MICROFICHE 10503 NEWS/MICRO
July 1970-Sept 1975 California News Index AJ3.C16 NEWS/MICRO
1976- present San Francisco Chronicle Index AJ21. S25. N4 NEWS/MICRO

To find other newspapers, search for them by title in OskiCat. See: Searching newspaper titles in OskiCat:  The Movie!  (40 seconds)

Additional Sources

California Ballot Measures

California Ballot Measures

Finding Local Information

Regional Oral History Office

Chicano Studies Collection at the Ethnic Studies Library 

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

New Bedford Whaling Museum


Institute of Governmental Studies Library

When you search OskiCat or Melvyl for books and reports on public policy issues, you may find that many of your search results are located in thCalifornia state seale Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) Library in Moses Hall. The IGS library is a specialized library that focuses on California's governmental history and public policy, collecting materials like reports (governmental and non-governmental), campaign literature, local newspaper clippings, and more. Many of their items that you find in OskiCat are located on the web; click the title in your search results to see the link to the online version.

The IGS Library's website is a great source for information on recent and past California ballot measures and public policy issues, but sometimes the OskiCat information about IGS materials can be confusing. Here's an example:

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