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About this Guide

History of Landscape Architecture is a bibliographic research guide to UC Berkeley library and Web resources for the history of landscape architecture. This guide will be especially useful for students enrolled in UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture 101 (Fundamentals of Landscape Design), Landscape Architecture 170 (History and Literature of Landscape Architecture), and Landscape Architecture 171 (The American Designed Landscape Since 1850).

Getting Started

View the UC Libraries research tutorial or use the guide on Designing a Research Strategy.

Tips for getting started:

Deconstruct your topic using concept mapping or the Brain Dump worksheet.

Follow these steps to organize your research: 

  1. Define and Deconstruct Your Topic (see below).
  2. See the Basic Resources tab to find initial information about your paper topic.
  3. Refine Your Topic: Using the information you have gathered, determine if your research topic should be narrower or broader. You may need to search Basic Resources again using your new, focused topics and keywords.
  4. See the Searching Tips tab to find books for an in-depth discussion of your topic.
  5. Go to the Articles tab for resources containing current and retrospective information. Use Periodical Indexes to identify articles within periodical and newspaper titles.
  6. Go to the Citations tab to choose a style manual for your footnotes and bibliography.


Your Paper Topic

Define and deconstruct your topic. Plan your search.

Deconstruct your topic to uncover its complexities, to focus your research and to increase your search vocabulary. The more ways you have of describing and thinking about your topic, the more information you're likely to find. One method of deconstructing your topic is to is to fill out the Brain Dump Worksheet created for LD ARCH 170. Another term for deconstructing a research question is 'concept mapping'; see the Rhode Island School of Design Library's excellent slide show, Concept Mapping, for a visual tutorial.

Manuals on Writing a Research Paper

There are numerous manuals and grammar books available to guide you through the process of writing an excellent research paper. The following resources are highly recommended.

A writer's reference Environmental Design Reference PE1408 .H2778 2010 Read at Google Read at Google

The elements of style Moffitt Reserves PE1408 .S772 2007; Environmental Design Reference PE1408 .S772 2000 Read at Google Read at Google

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago style for students and researchers Environmental Design Reference LB2369 .T8 2007 Read at Google Read at Google

Student's guide to writing college papers Bioscience & Natural Resources Ref Shelves LB2369 .T8 2010 Read at Google Read at Google

Connecting from Off Campus?

To remotely access resources that are UCB Only or UC Only, set up the proxy server on your mobile device.

Proxy Server Setup
After you make a one-time change in your web browser settings, the proxy server will ask you to log in with a CalNet ID or Library PIN when you click on the link to a licensed resource. See the setup instructions, FAQ, and Troubleshooting pages to configure your browser.

About Basic Resources

This page is a bibliography of key encyclopedias, dictionaries, and miscellaneous landscape architecture reference materials. Use these to define an unfamiliar word or landscape type, to learn about a particular landscape site or designer, or even to find a specific bibliography on a topic.

Histories and Surveys | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias & Atlases | Landscape Architects  | Bibliographies

Encyclopedias and Atlases

Clues to American Garden Styles Environmental Design SB457.53 F641 1988 Reference Desk & circulating Read at Google Read at Google

Decorating Eden: a comprehensive sourcebook of classic garden details Environmental Design SB469.25 H67 1992 Reference Read at Google Read at Google

Encyclopedia of community: from the village to the virtual world Environmental Design HM756 E53 2003 Reference Desk Comprised of well-written signed articles on such relevant topics as civic agriculture, community gardening, garden cities, and theme parks. Each article includes a bibliography. Read at Google Read at Google

Encyclopedia of gardens: history and design Excellent source for landscape design history. Substantive signed articles are illustrated; each includes a brief bibliography. Chronologies of selected projects are given for landscape designers. Environmental Design SB465 E63 2001 Reference Desk Read at Google Read at Google

European gardens: an historical atlas Chronological arrangement with great illustrations, some color. Index, bibliography. Environmental Design fSB466 E9 V4713 1990 Reference Read at Google Read at Google

Garden history reference encyclopedia Primarily northern hemisphere coverage. Features a glossary, timeline, brief biographies, garden styles, maps, and some images. Environmental Design SB451 G373 2004 Ask at the Circulation Desk for CD. Read at Google Read at Google

Grove art online (now included in Oxford art online) UCB only Electronic version of The 34 vol. Dictionary of art, Jane Turner, ed. NY: Grove, 1996. Excellent bibliographies and links to images and related sites. Print ed.: Environmental Design N31 D5 1996 Reference, Index: v.34

Loudon's encyclopaedia of cottage, farm and villa architecture and furniture # Reprint of the 1846 original edition. Good source for information about 19th century European landscape structures. Environmental Design NA7110 L7 2000 Read at Google Read at Google

The Oxford companion to the garden A one-volume encyclopedia of short authoritative articles on notable gardens, landscape designers, garden features, etc. New ed. of the classic The Oxford companion to gardens. Selectively illustrated. Bibliography: pp.531-538. Environmental Design SB469.25 .O951 2006 Read at Google Read at Google

Wikipedia Web-based, collaboratively-authored encyclopedia. Useful for confirming a research starting point. Reader Beware: Content is non-authoritative, and in some instances has been demonstrated to be deliberately false.

General Histories and Surveys

General Histories and Surveys provide an overview and the context of a topic, with dates, locations, special sites, and the names of architects or designers. They usually include bibliographies. Use the subject headings in the Searching Tips tab to locate additional titles. 
tip To find information about specific places, look at the journals or yearbooks of the local landscape architecture societies.

Great city parks Covers 20 public parks in 14 American and Western European cities. Environmental Design SB484.E8 T37 2004 Read at Google Read at Google

Landscape architecture: an illustrated history in timelines, site plan, and biography Includes an outline of landscape architectural history, selected site plans, extensive biographical sketches, etc. Environmental Design SB469 L3 1999 Bound periodicals Read at Google Read at Google

Timeline of American landscape architecture N: Landscape architecture, v. 89, 1999. A ten-part series of articles presenting, decade by decade, a brief history and timeline of 20th century American landscape architecture. Environmental Design SB469 L3 1999 Bound periodicals

American garden design: an anthology of ideas that shaped our landscape Environmental Design SB472.45 .A54 1994 Read at Google Read at Google

Architecture and landscape: the design experiment of the great European gardens and landscapes Includes some measured plans and topographical details. Western European focus. Environmental Design SB470.55.E85 R44 2003 Read at Google Read at Google

The Art of the Islamic garden Includes an extensive bibliography. Environmental Design SB457.8 .C58 2004 Read at Google Read at Google

The Architecture of western gardens: a design history from the Renaissance to the present day Environmental Design SB466.E9 A7313 1991 Read at Google Read at Google

Books on architecture and garden design - digitized (Univ. of Heidelberg, Univ. Library) A full text collection of historical books (late 15th through the early 19th century) on architecture and garden design. Includes rare editions from Italy, France, Germany and other European countries.

Contemporary history of garden design: European gardens between art and architecture Includes a selection of 20th and 21st century designed landscapes at various scales. Read at Google Read at Google

Eighteenth century collections online Contains over 150,000 full text books and other materials published in Great Britain and its colonies during the 18th Century.

Garden history: philosophy and design, 2000 BC--2000 AD Environmental Design SB451 .T87 2005 Read at Google Read at Google

Gardens of paradise: the history and design of the great Islamic gardens Environmental Design SB457.8 .B76 1987 Read at Google Read at Google

A Genius for place: American landscapes of the country place era Environmental Design SB469.9 .K37 2007 Read at Google Read at Google

The Golden age of American gardens: proud owners, private estates, 1890-1940 Environmental Design SB466.U6 G75 1991 Read at Google Read at Google

Great gardens of America Environmental Design SB466.U6 G73 2003 Read at Google Read at Google

Grounds for change: major gardens of the twentieth century Environmental Design SB465 .A33 1993 Read at Google Read at Google

History of garden art Environmental Design SB451 .G6 v.1-2

The history of garden design : the Western tradition from the Renaissance to the present da Environmental Design SB465 .H673 1991 Read at Google Read at Google

History of parks and recreation: tracing three streams of the movement - parks, planning and design; organized recreation; and forestry, wildlife management and related natural resources Environmental Design SB481 A1 A4 no.56

Illustrated history of landscape design Environmental Design SB472.45 .B68 2010 Read at Google Read at Google

Invisible gardens: the search for modernism in the American landscape Environmental Design SB470.5 .W34 1994 Read at Google Read at Google

Landscape design: a cultural and architectural history Environmental Design SB470.5 .R64 2001 Read at Google Read at Google

The Landscape of man: shaping the environment from prehistory to the present day Environmental Design SB470.5 .J43 1995 Read at Google Read at Google

Landscapes in history: design and planning in the Eastern and Western traditions Environmental Design SB470.5 .P74 1999 Read at Google Read at Google

Modern garden design: innovation since 1900 Environmental Design SB472.45 .W39 2003 Read at Google Read at Google

The Park and the town: public landscape in the 19th and 20th centuries Covers the development of public parks in the U.S. and Europe. Includes illustrations and a bibliography. Environmental Design SB481 .C47

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Use dictionaries and glossaries to verify concepts, terminology, definitions and spelling. Specialized dictionaries give the history and illustrations of building elements.
For basic landscape architecture dictionaries see Landscape Architecture Reference Sources.

Dictionary of gardening Primarily an encyclopedia of plants. However, includes substantial articles on the landscape architecture and gardening traditions of 12 countries or regions, as well as 173 brief biographies of landscape architects and gardeners (e.g., Roberto Burle-Marx, Thomas Church, Beatrix Farrand, and Hermann Puckler-Muskau). Environmental Design SB450.95 .D53 1992 Reference Read at Google Read at Google

Dictionnaire historique de l'art des jardins Environmental Design Reference SB469.25 .C66 1997 Read at Google Read at Google

A Glossary of garden history Environmental Design Reference SB465 .S99 1993 Read at Google Read at Google

Landscape Architects

See the bibliographic guide Biographical Information on Landscape Architects (UC Berkeley, Library) for a comprehensive listing of biographical resources.

American landscape architecture: designers and places Environmental Design SB470.53.A441 1989 Read at Google Read at Google

Dictionary of today's landscape designers For 86 international contemporary landscape architects and designers, engineers, artists, and more, provides a biographical note, a list of works and related bibliography, and color photographs of significant designs. Environmental Design SB469.37.D53 2003 Read at Google Read at Google

Influential gardeners: the designers who shaped 20th-century garden style Includes illustrated biographies of 57 international landscape architects and designers. Environmental Design SB469.9.W55 2002 Read at Google Read at Google

Pioneers of American landscape design Contains excellent biographical essays about 160 American landscape architects and designers and their work. Each essay includes a brief bibliography. Illustrated. Environmental Design SB469.9.P56 2000 Read at Google Read at Google

Shaping the American landscape: new profiles from the pioneers of American landscape design project Contains excellent biographical essays about 160 American landscape architects and designers and their work. Each essay includes a brief bibliography. Illustrated. Environmental Design SB469.9.S53 2009 Read at Google Read at Google

Women as force in landscape architecture, 1893-1942 Environmental Design SB469.375.W39 2005a

Founding gardeners : the revolutionary generation, nature, and the shaping of the American nation Environmental Design SB451.3 .W85 2011 Read at Google Read at Google


See the bibliographic guide Biographical Information on Landscape Architects (UC Berkeley, Library) for a comprehensive listing of biographical resources.

Tips for Searching the Library Catalogs

In the Library's catalogs use keywords or subject headings to search for title, subject, author, or corporate author.

Use truncation or wildcards (* or ?) for variations of words (e.g. vatican*).

by time period:
Architecture, Postmodern
Gardens, Renaissance
Landscape Architecture, 20th century

by type of landscape or site:
Gardens, Islamic 
Landscape gardening
Urban parks
Water in landscape architecture

by location by city, state, or country:  
Landscape Architecture--New York

Search for a specific landscape architect or designer:
Burle Marx, Roberto
Gustafson, Kathryn
Kiley, Dan

by specific project or site:
Biltmore Estate--North Carolina 
Golden Gate Park--San Francisco, California 
Taj Mahal--India

by firms or organizations using corporate authors such as:
Hargreaves Associates 
American Society of Landscape Architects
Olmsted Brothers

Finding Books

Note that for many topics you will not find an entire book; instead, you may find a chapter or an essay in a book focussed on a general aspect of your precedent (refer to your Brain Dump worksheet for ideas). Example: a book on urban parks might include information about Golden Gate Park. Check also for other useful subheadings, such as Bibliographies, History, Handbooks, etc. Guidebooks to cities may also have sections on parks, recreations and public gardens, so check subject headings such as Berkeley, Calif.--Description and travel.
Consult the Basic Resources tab for general information. For in-depth information about your topic, search the Library's catalogs using the tips below and your notes on specific building names, designers, location, and date built.


Article Indexes | Related Links | Selected Journals | UC-eLinks and Citation Linker | NewspapersAdditional Resources


For historical local and major national newspapers and media, visit the Newspapers and Microforms room in the basement of Doe Library.

Google News also contains a wide range of national and local newspapers. Remember: be specific when searching on your topic and take advantage of the limiting features.

Recommended Article Indexes

Related Links

Additional Resources for Articles

British Architectural Library. London: RIBA Publications. Searches books and articles.
Online ed.: 1984--present; Print ed.: 1972--present; EnvDesign NA8 A73 Index

Databases by Subject (UCB) - select "Architecture" or related discipline.

Google Scholar - focuses exclusively on scholarly literature in all disciplines. Can be linked to Berkeley's collection through "preferences."

Selected Journals

Garden and forest, a journal of horticulture, landscape art, and forestry, 1888-1897. The the first American journal devoted to horticulture, botany, landscape design and preservation, national and urban park development, scientific forestry, and the conservation of forest resources.
Online ed.: 1888-1897; paper ed.: EnvDesign SB1 G2 Bound periodicals
Index: Poole's, 1892-1897; searchable full text: found here.


Garden history - UCB Only, [London]: Garden History Society, 1972--. Cumulative index, v.1-27 (1972-1999), EnvDesign SB403 N55 Index.
Online ed.: 1972-varies; print ed.: EnvDesign SB403 G28 Current & bound periodicals
Index & full text: JSTOR

The Garden magazine, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1905-1924. Absorbed: Farming. Continued by: Garden magazine & home builder.
EnvDesign SB1 G24 Bound periodicals
Index: Reader's Guide, 1915-1924; Reader's Guide Retrospective, 1910-Oct 1925

The Gardener's magazine and register of rural & domestic improvement. J.C. Loudon, ed. London, 1826-1844. First English magazine devoted exclusively to horticulture and gardening topics.
EnvDesign SB4 G45 Rare

Garten und landschaft, Munich. Published 1890--. The German equivalent of Landscape Architecture (ASLA).
EnvDesign SB469 G36 1957-- Unbound & bound periodicals
Index: Avery, 1984-1991

Horticultural register, and gardener's magazine via ProQuest - UCB Only, Boston. One of the earliest American horticultural journals.

Online ed.: 1835-1838; paper ed.: 1835-1838; Main SB1 H545 In storage (NRLF)
Index & full text: American Periodicals Series Online, 1835-1838

The Horticulturist and journal of rural art and rural taste via ProQuest. [Albany, NY: Published by Luther Tucker], 1846-1875. Vol.1-7 ed. by A.J. Downing.

Online ed.: 1846-1875; paper ed.: EnvDesign SB1 H63 In storage (NRLF): 1(July 1846)-23, 25-26(1871);
micro. ed.: News/Micro MICROFILM 4004 AP reel 656, 890-893, 1846-1875
Index & full text: American Periodicals Series Online, 1846-1875

Journal of historical geography - UC Only, 1975--.
Online ed.: 1993 (v.19)--; paper ed.: 1975--; Earth Sci G141 J6
Indexes: PIO, 1975-1995; Amer. Hist. Life, 1978--; Expand. Acad., 1989--; Geography, 1990--; Period. Archive Online, full text, 1975-1995; ScienceDirect, full text, 1993--

Journal of the New England Garden History Society, Boston: The Society, 1991--.
EnvDesign SB1 N49 Bound periodicals

Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, London. 1846--; several title variations. Currently titled The Garden.
EnvDesign & BIOS SB4 R8 Holdings & shelving locations vary
Indexes: Biological Abstracts, Forestry Abstracts

Journal of urban history - UCB Only [Beverly Hills]: Sage Publications.
Online ed.: 1989 (v.15:2)--; paper ed.: 1974--; EnvDesign HT111 J681 Current & bound periodicals
Indexes: Amer. Hist. Life, 1974--; Avery, 1981--; Period. Archive Online, full text, 1974-1995; Sage Urb. Studies & Plan., full text 1982--; ProQuest, full text, 1989--

Landscape architecture, American Society of Landscape Architects. 1910--.
EnvDesign SB469 L3 Current & unbound periodicals
Indexes: Cumulative index, 1910-1987: EnvDesign SB469 L3 Reference; PIO, 1910-1995; Art, 1984--; Avery,1985--

Landscape history: journal of the Society for Landscape Studies, Wakefield [Yorkshire]: The Society. Abstracts & tables of contents. Annual.
Online ed.: 1979--; paper ed.: 1979--; EnvDesign QH75 L33 Current & bound periodicals
Indexes: Avery, 1979-1995; PIO, 1979-1995

Landscape research- UCB Only Manchester: Landscape Research Group.
Online ed.: 2000 (v.25)--; paper ed.: 1976--; EnvDesign SB469 L27 Current & bound periodicals
Indexes: BHA, 1990--; Informaworld, full text, 1968-- IngentaConnect, full text, 2000--

Parks & recreation - UCB Only, American Institute of Park Executives, et al. 1906--; several title variations.
Online ed.: 1992--; print ed.: call numbers & holdings vary, EnvDesign SB469 A35 In storage (NRLF), EnvDesign SB469 P35 Bound periodicals, EnvDesign SB469 P36 Unbound & bound periodicals
Index: Avery, 1943-1991; Research Library, 1992--, full text

The Playground. NY: Executive Committee of the Playground Association of America, 1907-1929. Continued by: Playground and recreation

Main GV421 R4 In storage (NRLF): 1908-1929
Index: Reader's Guide Retrospective, 1919-May 1929

Studies in the history of gardens & designed landscapes. Formerly Journal of garden history. Washington, DC: Taylor & Francis, 1981--.
EnvDesign SB451 J65 Current & bound periodicals
Indexes: Amer. Hist. Life, 1981-1994; Avery, 1982--; Art, 1986--


Once you've searched a database to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks orange logo to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database isa bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the Uc-eLinks icon click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

UC e-Links image

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.

Citation Management Tools

These tools help you manage your research, collect and cite sources, and create bibliographies in a variety of citation styles. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses, but all are easier than managing citations manually!

It's always good to double-check the formatting—sometimes the software doesn't get it quite right.


Formatting Citations: Style Manuals

The Columbia guide to online style Environmental Design Reference Desk PN171.F56 W35 2006 Read at Google Read at Google

MLA style manual and guide to scholarly publishing. Environmental Design Reference Desk PN147 .G444 2008 Read at Google Read at Google

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Moffitt Reference BF76.7 .P83 2010 Read at Google Read at Google

The Chicago manual of style Environmental Design Reference Desk Z253.U69 2003 Read at Google Read at Google

Cite it right : the SourceAid guide to citation, research, and avoiding plagiarism A guide to citing bibliographic data according to MLA, APA, and Chicago style guidelines also discusses how to conduct research while avoiding plagiarism. Doe Reference Reference Hall PN171.F56 F69 2007 Moffitt Reference PN171.F56 F69 2007 Read at Google Read at Google

Finding Visual Resources

This section lists sources for different types of images, including photographs, plans, drawings, and maps. In addition to the books and other sources already listed, landscape images and plans may be found in specialized books and on the Web. Note, too, that images can be found in unexpected places, for example, in seemingly trivial or 'popular' books, such as Beauty in gardens; a tribute, by Roger B. Whitman, published in 1928, and which consists primarily of black and white photos of the work of selected American landscape architects, including Marian Coffin, Jens Jensen, and Charles Downing Lay. The archives listed in this guide are also potentially great sources for images.

Images, Maps & Plans Online | Using Images | More Resources | Archives & Historical Societies

Archives & Historical Societies

Architectural archives sites (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Directory of links to architectural archives Web sites in the United States. Remember that architecture collections often include landscape architecture materials. 

Archives of American gardens, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Contains thousands of photographic images, searchable through the Smithsonian's archives and manuscripts catalog. The major collections in the Archives are: Garden Club of America Collection and others.

C19: the nineteenth century index - UCB Only Some full text. Index of 64,891 19th century archival collections and many other sources.
Coverage: Varies

Central Park (New York City, NY) Catalog-index of Central Park drawings, 1857-1934: an historic preservation project of the Frederick Law Olmsted Association, NY: Frederick Law Olmsted Association, 1981. Catalog of the archives of Central Park; includes plans. These materials are part of the municipal archives managed by the New York City, Department of Records and Information Services, and form a portion of of the records for the Department of Parks, 1850-1960.
Envirnomental Design Library SB483 N5 C38

Environmental Design Archives (UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design) Includes archives of San Francisco Bay Area architects and landscape architects, among others. Open by appointment only. Noncirculating collection. Environmental Design Archives Finding Aids are available through the Online Archive of California.

Minerva online catalog (California State Archives) Descriptive catalog of the archival records of California state agencies, legislative committees, the state Supreme and appellate courts, etc.

Municipal archives: Municipal archives can be a fabulous source of primary research material. Many cities, counties, etc., maintain archives of historical municipal records, ranging from meeting and office records to maps, vital records, photographs, plans, parks and recreation planning, and much more. These archives are managed in diverse ways: as a separate department, as a function within an individual department, as part of the public library, etc. Search H-Urban discussion logs for "municipal archives" for a sampling of the type and quality of municipal archives available.

Online archive of California. Brings together historical materials from a variety of California institutions, including museums, historical societies, and archives. Includes more than 120,000 images. The California Heritage Project is one of many searchable archives containing photographs, pictures, and manuscripts from the collections of the UC Berkeley Bancroft Library, including many historical images of San Francisco Bay Area places.

Repository of primary resources. Lists over 5,000 Web sites describing the holdings of archives and manuscript, rare books, historical photograph, and other primary source collections. International.

See Archival Collections & Primary Source Databases for additional archival sources.

Images, Plans & Maps Online

Many, but not all, images, plans and maps can be found online.

ArtStor - UCB Only Digital library of more than 1 million images including architectural images.

Avery index to architectural periodicals via CSA - UC Only - Architecture and Landscape Architecture journals are highly visual. Therefore, you will often find relevant visual material accompanying an article on your subject. Avery indexes articles in 1,000+ periodicals in architecture, planning, urban design, & related disciplines. Check out the Video Tutorial on how to use it. 

Image sources for the built environment (UC Berkeley, Library) A selected list of books and Web sites that provide views, plans, sections, elevations, or details of important buildings and sites.

SPIRO, Architecture Visual Resources Center, Univ. of California, Berkeley. The visual online public access catalog to approximately 16% of the Architecture Visual Resources Center's collection of over 200,000 35mm slides. The collection is available to UCB faculty and graduate students.  

Catena Digital Archive of Historic Gardens and Landscapes

Luna Commons

Digital Sanborn maps, 1867-1970 (UMI) UCB Only Site provides digital access to more than 660,000 large-scale maps of more than 12,000 American towns and cities. The maps "are large-scale plans containing...information such as the outline of each building, the size, shape and construction materials, heights, and function of structures, location of windows and doors. The maps also give street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, building use, and house and block numbers."

Fire insurance maps (UC Berkeley, Library) Links to description of and indexes to fire insurance maps.

More Resources for Images

American designed landscapes: a photographic interpretation Beautiful black and white photographs of 18 significant American designed landscapes, including Middleton Place, Biltmore, Mount Auburn cemetery, and Cranbrook. Includes plans for each landscape. Environmental Design f SB457.53 .W27 1998 v.1 Read at Google Read at Google

American landscape and architectural design, 1850-1920 This collection of approximately 2,800 lantern slides offers views of cities, specific buildings, parks, estates and gardens, including a complete history of Boston's Park System. Views include photographs, plans, maps, & models. Private American estates are represented in the collection through contemporary views of their houses and gardens. Also indexed in the American Memory project.

American memory U.S. Library of Congress. Multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound, moving pictures, and text from the Library of Congress' Americana collections.

Great European gardens: an atlas of historic plans Brief narratives and chronologies accompany beautiful color reproductions of original plans of 68 European gardens and parks. Bibliography. Environmental Design Reference f SB466.E9 A5351 2005

Image sources for the built environment A selected list of books and Web sites that provide views, plans, sections, elevations, or details of important buildings and sites.

Index to Italian architecture: a guide to key monuments and reproduction sources Environmental Design Reference Desk NA111 .T4 1992 Read at Google Read at Google

A Photographic garden history Environmental Design SB465 .P45 1995 Read at Google Read at Google

Fire insurance maps (UC Berkeley, Library) Links to description of and indexes to fire insurance maps.

Insurance maps of Berkeley, California Sanborn Map Company. NY: The Co., 1911. Includes Albany and parts of Emeryville and Oakland. Environmental Design fffG1529 B6 S3 Rare v.2 only, 1911 corrected to 1933

To scale: one hundred urban plans See the online table of contents for a list of cities and public spaces included. Includes plazas. Environmental Design Reference NA9070 .J46 2008 Read at Google Read at Google

World architecture index: a guide to illustrations Indexes images published in books, by place, project, designer, and project type. Environmental Design Reference & Reference Desk NA202 .T4 1991 Read at Google Read at Google

Using Images

Eyewitnessing: the uses of images as historical evidence Environmental Design H61 .H83 2001 Read at Google Read at Google

Visual methodologies: an introduction to the interpretation of visual materials Environmental Design P93.5 .R67 2007 Read at Google Read at Google

Visual methods in social research Environmental Design HM500 .B35 2001 Read at Google Read at Google

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